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  1. fuckin fuck fuck fuckfuckedeyfuckfuckfuck. On the other hand fuck fuck.
  3. Its painful viewing. Mon tae fuck Rangers. Look around yi!! Yir playing in a shite hole get the fucking job done and lets get oot of here wi 3 points!!!
  4. Spot on mate. Same goes for our whole team.We sit a mile of the opposition then wonder how they can pass the ball past us like traffic cones.
  5. Cany wait till this is done and dusted. Its just fucking boring now. And in the cold light of day is he really worth all this hype. Decent player, but me personally i wont lose to much sleep over him going to rot on the bench at blackburn rovers.
  6. HAHA at 1.07 the wee lass makes a run fur it and the wee guy's like fook and is stuck wi his life of abuse fi uncle declan.
  7. Defo be buying it and anybody who doesnt is aff there heed!!
  8. Roughy talks some pish eh. Just trying ta get a rise oot us ta keep the phone lines busy.Fat prick.
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