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  1. And if he comes to glasgow we'll break his fucking legs... Ohhhhhhhhhh collymores a wanker he wears a wankers hat...............
  2. Not ashamed to say the tears are running down ma face min. What touched me most was him being carried round the pitch. Thats what true Rangers do. If your not able we will carry you. No surrender Fernando.
  3. In benidorm on a stag do on the 16th. Golden last it is then.
  4. Been saying this for ages. Its a fucking joke and shows these players have absolutely no professional pride. How far we have fallen when we aspire to match alloa for effort at fucking warming up!!
  5. is he playing along side jig?
  6. fuckin fuck fuck fuckfuckedeyfuckfuckfuck. On the other hand fuck fuck.
  8. get boyd tae fuck
  9. just awful
  10. Its painful viewing. Mon tae fuck Rangers. Look around yi!! Yir playing in a shite hole get the fucking job done and lets get oot of here wi 3 points!!!
  11. Fuck this. im away for root canal treatment!!
  12. Rip young man. So so sad. Puts everything into perspective when you here news like this.
  13. 100% spot on mate. I wasn't one for sining sack the board either but last night i did. Step to far what they have done. Has the beast finally awoken? Looked like it from where i was standing last night.WATP! Sack the board!!
  14. On nail head.
  15. Spot on mate. Same goes for our whole team.We sit a mile of the opposition then wonder how they can pass the ball past us like traffic cones.