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  1. Gascoigne ripping him a new one smoking a cigar 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Take the moral high ground & have all 4 stands singing Justice for the celtic kids (like Liverpool - Justice for the 96) Embarrass the SFA into doing something about them.
  3. Would you prefer fellow supporters to just keep quiet about it & hope that celtics private investigation sees justice done?
  4. Maybe, just maybe, other teams supporters are beginning to smell the coffee...
  5. There you go mate... In the light of all the information that has now become available, Rangers Football Club has been in correspondence with the Scottish Football Association in pursuit of the Clubs belief that an independent review should be commissioned to consider the evidence of horrific child abuse at celtic Football Club & celtic Boys Club, including the consequent cover up & the governance issues arising from these events. The Club believes that such a review is essential if a line is to be drawn under the whole sordid affair. On that basis, Scottish Football could learn lessons and move on. The Club consider, however, that failure to carry out a full review of these events and issues, which have been without precedent in Scottish Football, would represent a complete failure, not only to the many victims of these crimes, but also the transparency, accountability and leadership of our game. Rangers consistent objective has been to establish the full facts, which is surely the least that all stakeholders in Scottish Football, including the supporters of all clubs are entitled to, and to learn the appropriate lessons. That remains our position.
  6. My old man always told me that ‘to be a successful liar, you need an incredibly good memory’ Thats the reason all liars eventually get caught.
  7. Good find mate, couldn’t agree more. It’s time to kick these bastards when they are down.
  8. I lifted the following from the above article. Read that again. This is Jackson pushing the darkest of all conspiracy theories; that a paedophile ring operated from inside celtic Park itself. There is exactly zero evidence to support such a fantastical, and libellous, contention. It is a disgusting, and even dangerous, thing to be promoting in a national newspaper, an attempt to toxify the club with innuendo. He then suggests that we should be “apologising to the victims and their families and accepting retrospective responsibility for their collective pain.” Oh really? I can tell you right now that there is no way that this celtic board will, or should, accept any “retrospective responsibility” for any of this. Why should they? Not a single member of the current board was involved in the club during the timeframe covered by these dark events. It’s almost as if he doesn’t fully comprehend the gravity of what he’s writing and so blithely suggesting that we do; that is a monumental admission of guilt where there is none. Unbefuckinglievable...
  9. You’ve got to laugh at poor timmy on social media... “It’s not just us that have sexual abuse at our club” “Why don’t they want to include other clubs in a fully independent investigation” Well ya dirty papish bastards, remember back in 2012 when Rangers had their troubles with the taxman....I don’t remember you lot screaming about other clubs using EBT’s. Nor do I remember celtic fans asking for other clubs to be fully investigated either. Karma, they say, can be a right bitch sometimes...
  10. If we are actually playing them next season I’ll be astounded...
  11. Nah, they are just uneducated cunts mate. Soooooo glad my parents taught me right from wrong at a very early age 👍🏼
  12. I’m off to my scratcher, but I’ll leave this here... Pretty much sums up Paedo Pete’s statement.
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