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  1. A very valid point Sir...
  2. Rest easy Captain, you were a warrior on & off the pitch. You faced an evil disease with nothing but bravery, humility & class. Fernando Ricksen - No quarter asked, no quarter given. RIP
  3. No confidence or swagger, we bossed them better last season with lesser players. What. The. Fuck. happened today?
  4. Spot on. There’s never been a better fucking time to get it out there. Ban our songs? Fine. Let’s see you squirm when 45,000 bears are highlighting in a completely non offensive way the sordid crimes committed over at the piggery.
  5. Perfect time for a new chant to be introduced. Imagine the whole of Ibrox roaring Justice for the celtic kids... Justice for the celtic kids... as per Liverpool (Justice for the 96) All eyes are on us, every bastard and their dog will be listening for naughty words. Nothing offensive at all about this, but it shines the spotlight right back at these horrible cunts & highlights the stinking cover up & there would be absolutely nothing they could do about it.
  6. 7 & 30 for me please - can you send me the PayPal link 👍🏼
  7. You can literally smell their fear mate. As you said - 55 will absolutely finish them.
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