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  1. SpidermansGaffer

    The Time For Change Has Never Been Better

    Outstanding article, very well written.
  2. As Tannerall said - were they really that blinded with their hate for the most successful team in the world, that they actually couldn't see the big picture?? Get rid of Rangers & you wee diddy clubs will have more chance to win stuff right?? Eh...no. All it actually means is you all get a chance at gloating at the BIG team that's been pumping you all for the last 140 odd years, whilst the other big team that's actually been pumping you all too has a straight run at title after fucking title & champions league money. I'm actually surprised it's not been a Quadruple Treble btw. They all thought we'd walk away. They all thought we'd wither & die. They all assumed that we wouldn't be back. What they didn't bank on was the words that bind this club & support together. Loyalty, Integrity & Strength. We. Are. Back. & they fucking know it.
  3. If I had a hat on right now, I'd take it the fuck off. Well said brother.
  4. SpidermansGaffer

    Andy devlin

  5. SpidermansGaffer

    Radio Scotland

    Spot on. If we announce proper investment on the back of appointing Steven Gerrard as manager, there's nothing surer. He'll be offski down south, he'll get one half decent job, then be found out for what he actually is.
  6. SpidermansGaffer

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Shamelessly stolen off twitter...
  7. SpidermansGaffer

    Herbie Kane

    Squad number 53 obviously...
  8. SpidermansGaffer

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They'll probably have a big banner with... 'No bloodstained panties on oor burds'
  9. SpidermansGaffer

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Listening to it as well, they all seem to be warning Gerrard away. Gordon Strachan, Andy Walker, Alan Brazil, Brendan Rodgers, Davie Provan, Chris Sutton....all been putting the boot in & telling Gerrard what a poisoned chalice it is. Anybody see a common denominator here???
  10. SpidermansGaffer

    Sundays Front Line

    I've gone for a much more radical lineup, with a different approach. John Cleese in goals, clearly for his height advantage & funny walk skills. A full back pairing of Morecambe & Wise brings much needed experience for the big stage, coupled with Bernard Manning & Russ Abbot as no nonsense centre halfs. I went for a tricky midfield with plenty of flair & speed on the wings with Ken Dodd and Benny Hill. Tommy Cooper giving us a bit of dig in the centre, with the sublime guile of Chic Murray. After much thought and deliberation as to who to put up top, I went with the tried and tested double act of Laurel & Hardy. I'm open to suggestions for potential substitutes and manager, and before anyone starts - I have no idea if any of these players are tims...
  11. Must have saved up several weeks worth of unemployment benefit for such a wager...
  12. SpidermansGaffer

    ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

  13. Love that pic 👍🏼
  14. SpidermansGaffer

    After Match Travel Advice For Cellic Fans.

    It's not the same since they installed the tarrier-barriers a few years ago to stop the cunts jumping off after we'd won another title...
  15. Christian Dailly was only here for a season I think, did pretty well for us in 2008/9 as a bit part player.