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  1. SpidermansGaffer

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    My son saw him in Tesco Musselburgh last night with 3 of his many weans. Wearing fullik sellik training gear. In the bevvy aisle no less. Hows the rehab going then??
  2. SpidermansGaffer

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    I was in Edinburgh airport this morning, quite a few Bears waiting for flights out. Stealth 'I'm off to Fuerteventura post...'
  3. Maybe the potential paper sales outweigh what the sneaky jap is willing to pay (or can't pay because he has some unexpected payments to make elsewhere...)
  4. You were right all along timmy - 'Your day is coming' right enough... Sick fucking bastards.
  5. SpidermansGaffer

    **** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

    He should have hid the £1 for the meter that scudded him on the jaikit...
  6. SpidermansGaffer

    That Was One Hell Of A 0-0 Draw.

    Been saying this for a long time. Can anybody name me a better BRITISH keeper? He's earned his place amongst all the great Rangers keepers of all time.
  7. SpidermansGaffer

    Gerrard: I’ve got two teams in my heart now

    Spot on mate, I don't get to many games due to work, but took my lad to a couple of games this season & when you look down at the dugout and see Steven Gerrard there - it's like the last 6/7 years didn't happen. We are used to World Class managers, players etc - probably what makes the last few years so unpalatable. We all knew we'd be back, nothing surer. Just gutted we didn't get there sooner. The young man is class, it oozes from every pore. Maybe his heart belongs at Anfield, I get that - but until he's ready to move, I honestly think that our magnificent club & support is running it very close. We are lucky to have him.
  8. SpidermansGaffer

    Big Jock Knew

    The old XTC song - Senses Working Overtime works well I think... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....Dirty celtic Paedophiles!! *need to work on the rest but that's a good chorus
  9. SpidermansGaffer

    Lest We Forget

    Lest we forget. My Grandfather Thomas Campbell Dick, veteran of both World Wars. RIP
  10. SpidermansGaffer

    Gerrard should quit

    Sounds like he's hurting. The sordid secret that he's known about all these years has finally come out. He's also probably raging that it's such a massive story and the fact that he's a journalist (allegedly) but can't bring himself to write a damning article about the club that he loves. So what does he do? Writes a nonsense piece about us in a ridiculous attempt to deflect away from his beloved child abusing club. Pathetic little man.
  11. "Supporters of Rangers who were self evidently gleeful at the Torbett case" Damn right Rangers supporters are going to be 'gleeful' you fucking idiot - we have just had 6/7 years of our own version of hell, whilst the holier than thou unwashed pontificated about how we had committed the worst crime the football world had ever seen. Now the boot is firmly on the other foot & the deeds done by Torbett et al are actually worthy of the word 'crimes' Pass me the fucking popcorn ?
  12. Here's the Spiers piece (hidden 3 articles down under the articles about McLeish & Collum. The guy is s total fucking scumbag. celtic need to reach out and offer help to victims of Torbett It has been an atrocious and embarrassing week for celtic FC. The horrors of the Jim Torbett case, and the cruelties he inflicted on young footballers at the celtic Boys Club three decades ago, are scarcely worth repeating here. Suffice to say, with Torbett sent down for a second time, may further justice be delivered. celtic, I believe, need to show more compassion for the victims. It doesn’t seem appropriate to argue, as the club repeatedly has, that the boys club was a separate legal entity to celtic FC. Clearly, in so many other ways — cultural, social, financial and more — there was an association between the two. celtic, at the very least, should be reaching out to the victims and offering as much assistance as possible, including financial compensation. Quite apart from the cruelty inflicted by Torbett on these boys — and they now number at least five, with the likelihood being far more — there remains this harrowing question: how was it that the celtic board of the 1980s allowed this man back inside celtic Park to work again, when many were aware of his previous crimes against youngsters in the period between 1966 and 1974? Torbett was a friend and business associate of at least two celtic directors at the time — Jack McGinn and Kevin Kelly — which makes this case even more uncomfortable for celtic. How on earth was this man accommodated? celtic FC today are paying a heavy price for that terrible negligence of 30-plus years ago. It should never have been allowed to happen, and yet, as in most of these sex crimes against young people in football, they occurred because the monsters at the heart of it all were somehow tolerated. A despicable negligence around celtic back then allowed Torbett to pursue his agenda. There was one other highly unfortunate consequence of the celtic Boys Club case this week: the transparent and disgusting antics on Twitter and elsewhere of certain supporters of Rangers and other clubs who were self-evidently gleeful at the Torbett case. Little wonder many chose not to go near social media while this case was being played out: it became a stomach-churning charade of point-scoring. I never thought I would ever see a child-abuse case causing such excitement. It can assuredly be said once more: Twitter absolutely betrays the darker side of human nature.