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  1. 50 pence Heid was one I remember, as the ball either went in the direction it was supposed to off his big napper, or away up in row z when it hit one of the angular bits...
  2. Love the fact that we’ve won more league titles at Tannadice than they’ve won league titles...
  3. Surely it could be argued that the rule that allowed punishment of any club that covered up the sexual abuse of children, was in place when the majority, if not all of the crimes were committed?
  4. celtic Football Club unreservedly condemns and apologises for the behaviour of the player Boli Bolingoli in travelling to Spain without informing the club and in failing to observe quarantine restrictions. It is difficult to imagine a more irresponsible action in current circumstances and we find it beyond explanation. The Club will take immediate action through our own disciplinary procedures. celtic are in touch with every SPFL club today, and with all relevant authorities, to apologise for the fact that one of our employees has created so much additional difficulty through his act
  5. Surely they would have noticed his tan when he came back? oh wait...
  6. Where the fuck has this appeared from?? I think I’ve read literally everything that’s been said on the subject over the past days.
  7. I read that as - the cheating & lies have being going on for years.
  8. I’ll repost the one I did a couple of weeks ago... https://captiongenerator.com/1767642/Lawwell-hears-SPFL-vote
  9. 17 for me. I’m hoping for a very rash application of common sense in some of the wee clubs.
  10. My go to movie/documentary when I need inspiration. What a man, what a fighter. A legend in every sense of the word.
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