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  1. Tim in talking sense shocker!!!
  2. Sports Direct?? 😬
  3. Saw this & thought I'd share it. Hope it's decent quality for £16 though...
  4. Do you know what year that was mate?
  5. Been saying it for years, everything we have achieved in Scotland for 100+ years has been played out fairly against these cunts, like it or not. Their 9 in a row, won fair & square against us and the rest of Scottish football, then our 9, exactly the same way. Dave King is spot on in what he is saying, 2 in a row is all they should be crowing about. The whole world knows that the Scottish league is all about Rangers & Celtic for fucks sake. Anything won without both sides playing in it is pretty meaningless to most people. Thats why the tims are going bananas over this 'invincible' treble, they know they should have had 4 straight trebles by now but they've fucked up big time. Who's more gullible? The bears on here thinking that Dave King is trying to use smoke & mirrors to buy more time? Or the delusional fuckwit inbreds who think that this 10 in a row bid is actually what it says on the tin. Well played Dave in my book 👍🏼
  6. John McGovern was wearing one that day...
  7. Fucking outstanding post Sir....👍🏼
  8. http://captiongenerator.com/520682/Peter-Lawwell-reacts-to-Mark-Daly-documentary-
  9. If this doesn't work properly on phones...go to...settings, general, accessibility, media...then switch captions on 👍🏼 http://captiongenerator.com/520682/Peter-Lawwell-reacts-to-Mark-Daly-documentary-
  10. "Your Club let its staff molest your children" nice wee idea for a banner 👍🏼
  11. We should embarrass them & the SFA by singing... Justice! for the celtic kids.. as per the Liverpool chant for the 96. Let's see them fucking squirm...
  12. Well said wee man.