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  1. #MORALINTEGRITY #LETTHEPUNISHMENTFITTHECRIME All we heard was strip the titles & sporting integrity for a couple of years, lets see how they like the shoe on the other foot. They truly are 'A club like no other'
  2. Good call but change the 'ra' to 'na' please....
  3. Beat me to it!!!
  4. Broonaldo off
  5. Let the punishment fit the crime. Look what happened to us for exploiting a legal tax avoidance scheme for fucks sake. #MORALINTEGRITY
  6. Hibs didn't sack him after all, they made out they did...
  7. Davie Coopers free kick in the Skol Cup Final. I was directly behind it about 150 yards away! Still got my ticket stub btw. Never seen a ball struck harder or more perfectly in my life, nor will I. Jorg Albertz scored some screamers, no doubt about that, but that Davie Cooper free kick was just something else. The anticipation of it, then hearing the ball struck, nanoseconds later seeing the net bulge followed by the slight delay & the total bedlam & cacophony of noise. Did we just witness that?? Yup - we did... Oh, ps - Big Mark Hateleys goal at Ibrox last game of the season always sticks in my mind too. Not the best, but very important nonetheless. Helicopter Saturday before Helicopter Sunday was even contemplated...
  8. Words. Fail. Me. http://www.andymuirhead.co.uk/now-time-scottish-football-unite-child-abuse/ Point scoring doesn’t help the victims Pitiful point scoring is not going to help anyone, let alone the victims and it certainly won’t help the Police in doing the unsavoury task of investigating such crimes. We all know, however, that there are people out there – who also happen to be fathers and mothers – who will take pleasure in this latest arrest simply because of who the person was employed by. Sadly, for some this is the measure of certain individuals in society today and it is sickening to even believe that anyone would take such pleasure in the news of such crimes being committed. Does this help those abused to come forward? I certainly don’t think it helps at all. When you have some individuals online implying ‘our abuser isn’t as bad as your lot’ then you know some people need a reality check – and that is putting it politely. I have said it time and again, Scottish football and its clubs should not investigate itself. It must be left to the Police to get down to the bottom of it all and weed out the abusers for the victims sake, as much as future generations of our children. A grown man spouting hatred about a rival club and singing songs and chants about them being paedophiles in front of his children at games is not doing anyone any good is it? Time that these neanderthals grew up, realise that some things are best left off the terraces and let those whose job it is to catch these scum, do their job and allow the victims the courage to come forward – without having to see and hear comments the next day from faceless individuals online or in the stands gloating about ‘another’ child sex abuse crime taking place. No matter who they are or were employed by, they must be weeded out and punished accordingly by our legal system to the full extent of the law. It is time that Scottish football and its fans grew up and unite behind a single banner to rid our game and society as a whole of child abusers and put them in jail where they belong. I'm so glad I get up in the morning and look at my big handsome Protestant mug in the mirror & thank my lucky fucking stars I ain't one of those despicable job dodging, wean touching, bead rattling, benefit claiming, giro cashing, tarmac laying, lawnmower sharpening, caravan dwelling, pikey cunts!!!!!!!
  9. Catholic Church & priesthood riddled with paedophilia and child molestation. Celtic football club, formed by priest from Catholic Church - riddled with paedophilia and child molestation. Paedo ring since 1888
  10. A few days after my dog Monty had to be put down, I backed Monty's Pass in the National. He romped home while I was crying my eyes out in the pub...
  11. Great price....
  12. Hey Davie, fancy moving to Nottingham Forest? The Bears have realised we haven't a fucking clue what we're doing...
  13. Great post, just read that with a big smile on my face 👍🏼
  14. I fucking like this guy. Also think he's got a bit of presence about him too. The players haven't had that since Walter Smith retired. 144 & 54 giruy timmy bonus!
  15. Hopefully by the semi... Martin Mcguinness sucks cocks in hell ...will be appropriate 👍🏼