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  1. Think we may regret it as well
  2. Bates is off

    We bought Bates
  3. Which he doesn't, he's put us together well But, I don't think we can progress further with him.
  4. Alfredo Morelos

    Surely will recoup Pedro's wasted millions and more
  5. Christmas card emails out

    Clearly not, I replied to mine " thank you but I really wanted a Manager " No answer.
  6. This squad

    Collectively, fucked up the whole weekend, Christmas and New Year
  7. Ross McCrorie

    I am old school very old school, the days have gone where we The Rangers, can pick and support players, on non football grounds. Having said that I have not seen any support for thumbheid from Rangers players, doesn't mean it never happened, and if it did he needs to be told.
  8. Ross McCrorie

    Barjonas would come straight in and do a fine job he is also a top prospect, Beerman a bit older but good young player needing games.
  9. Ed House/Marshall/The Louden

    it didn't went quiet, its being kept quiet.
  10. Ryan Jack

    Does he get sine die,after 4 reds, if so his season is finished
  11. Butcher

    Avoid it altogether by,getting a login for RTV,download the Opera browser,it has a VPN,buy the match and there you have it a hate free commentary, only drawback,no Sutton Butcher or Craigen to slag post match.
  12. I cracked open a bottle of 15yr old malt,not for sharing Greedy cnut loyal.
  13. Hibs: Statement

    Never saw that coming,slant eyes on his own.
  14. Rangers Fans Supporting The Gypsy

    Got up for a P at 5.15, switched on my dodgy box and there he was getting battered,BTW saw Mayweather in a Rangers shirt, on twitter.