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  1. Ah you ken something good luck with that.
  2. Well that's great but there are 4 players in that line up that don't play for Rangers.
  3. so what team would win
  4. In at 52 mins well worth the watching
  5. Been at since 13.20 that's almost an hour will stick to kodi in future.
  6. Anyone
  7. One of the reasons I was against the mergertI have no wish to be in his presence,so will give this event and all future events a miss
  8. Yes,we have some quality,Tav,Alves,Cardossa,Rossiter, Jack,Dorrans,Krancjar !throw in Walker and Beerman,there is 9 players given the correct management who would do us credit.
  9. Should have been sent off !
  10. That's Malcolm Murray domain.😀
  11. Can't help thinking of one of our own,whilst not a veteran,a great Ranger now sadly the only thing he remembers of a great career is,never being booked. Eric Caldow
  12. Great post from the OP, it saddens me to see how Rangers standards have disappeared (when SDM walked in), journalists had to get articles or stories approved by Bill Struth,before getting past the sports editor of the now known Rhecord, a guy whose pseudonym was Waverley,the whole Country spoke in a whisper of awe when talking of Rangers, in my travels,before reputable car radio,I would ask any random passer by,you get the football scores? Invariably the most common reply was Rangers won. I am of the opinion that those days will never return but, as the OP indicates we must get the club back on the rails.
  13. The path is straightforward 1.appoint a Nomad 2.register on the appropriate market an EGM to pass resolution 11 4.have a share issue 5 simples
  14. ER,I have called him worse,well it was worth a ban on FF
  15. Was half expecting that as I am so anti c1872