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  1. Tbf am just aff a ban so it was probably just me that got it 😂
  2. Part of the problem if you believe this pish. He signed O’Halloran anol.
  3. Floating about your heid wae the rest of your madness 😂
  4. You honestly saying we don’t need Hagi cos Greg Docherty & Kai fuckin Kennedy are at the club already? Some of our fans are fucking roasters.
  5. Where did ye see this? Considering the season only finished yesterday.
  6. Overcome with pride listening to that.
  7. Get it up me? 😂 don’t think that was a point scoring situation mate
  8. They know yer talkin pish that’s how. £5mil
  9. Remember quite a few of them, Alex Hauser is it Rangers in champ manager and he played both centre mid and centre forward.
  10. Hahahaha you’re a fuckin wanker btw 🤣🤣
  11. Here he comes, almost like clockwork.
  12. Hmmmm. Where was he in 2012? Where was he when we had half the Newcastle u-21s in our 1st team. Where was he when the tims were putting 5 past us every time we played?
  13. Ye know what you do, you’re a fud.
  14. Aw aye you’ve moved onto the podcast wae the tims 😂
  15. How is he even still on here man?
  16. you know fuckall same as the rest of us, yet you’re going on as if you’re the centre of all knowledge cos you write a pishy blog for the rebel. Fucking beat it man, scaremongering dobber.
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