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  1. David Templeton tore us apart on numerous occasions it means nothing, it's one thing standing out at an average Scottish club it's quite another doing it under the intense pressure and scrutiny at Rangers. See Ian Black, Sandaza, Kyle, Holt, Wilson, Clark & MOH as just a few more examples.
  2. There should be an IQ test when you join this site, it will stop retarded posts like the OP's.
  3. Fleck Wilson Ness Feruz Gauld Harper and now Gilmour A long list of overrated Scottish youth players made out to be world beaters when in reality they are nothing special. He will end up in some shit Scottish Championship club or English lower league. Anyone who thinks Chelsea is a good move for a young player is a deluded moron it's one of the worst options he could have chosen.
  4. That game was not only my first old firm game but my first Rangers game live. I was 7 years old and from that point on I was hooked for life incredible game. Ferguson was immense that day.
  5. Let's be real we aren't going to get rid of 90% of the squad it just isn't feasible. keep-- Foderingham Alnwick Tavernier Wilson Hill Wallace Beerman (maybe loan him out though) Rossiter One of Windass or Holt McKay Dodoo Miller One of Garner or Waghorn The idea that we could keep like 4 players and then sign a entire new squad on our budget is ridiculous.
  6. Credit to both boxers Klitschko looking the best he's been in years far better than he was in the Fury fight. Joshua was in untested territory people doubted his chin and stamina and for a moment it looked to be correct but he recovered brilliantly and kept a little left in the tank to finish it near the end he's definetley learnt more in this fight than the rest put together. He should probably loose a tiny bit of that muscle though. Fantastic fight.
  7. I guess he was reading RangersMedia whilst boxing😂
  8. Joshua needs to explode now
  9. Joshua's Dead on his feet
  10. Load of shite. Warburtons biggest mistake was his signings they were good for the Championship but not adequate for the SPL and his signings this season just didn't come off whatsoever. In what way is he a 'conman'? Just because he (and Pedro) use sports science and tactical training rather than the stone age Scottish methods of 'the team that drinks together' type stuff it makes him a conman? Its not fair to judge Pedro on players he never signed you can't polish a turd! Sure Murty managed a draw with the same players but I think that's more to do with the scum team that turned up than how we performed. There is very little to do with our squad no matter what players are selected they still aren't going to be good enough.
  11. Every time we get the ball within 4 or 5 touches we have given it away again! The majority of players are hiding from the ball as seen from when we get a throw in no one moves into space to get the ball as they are all to scared to get on it and then loose possession, absolute shitebags! Then when someone does reluctantly receive the ball they have no support because everyone is hiding we loose the ball
  12. Fuckin hell😡 I think we we just need to accept the fact that the scum have a much better squad than we do. Our players just aren't good enough I don't think its necessarily down to lack of effort or willingness to win it's just complete lack of ability. Pedros biggest challenge this summer is the signings he makes because at the minute we are miles away from them.
  13. To think this guy played in the Champions League😂
  14. What's the score with Liam Burt? Not long ago there was talk of him knocking on the door of the 1st team now he can't even get into the youth side?
  15. Well we've had people on here saying we should get him in the first team as soon as possible to keep hold of him but there is not a chance he should be rushed in.