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  1. A goal keeper is unhappy about being dropped so that makes him a mercenary? I would be worried if he wasn't gutted about being dropped. Also Waterrus was a decent goalkeeper but he should never have been kept in place of Klos, Klos showed that when he got thrown in the deep end in Europe with zero match practice. Stefan Klos is one of our most under appreciated players in recent times.
  2. agree with what your saying but the transfer fees are way out.
  3. 'He fell after attempting a hand stand thankfully for his family he is ok but he is clearly a full on spastic.
  4. Fuckin laughable, apparently 2 games is enough for some to right players/managers off as not good enough! sure it's only Hearts and I couldn't give a fuck how they get on, but it's the same on here regarding our own players/managers some people are so short sighted they can't seem to look past a few games at a time. No wonder Scottish football is so backwards, boring and utter shite with attitudes like you see on here cunts can't seem to move on from the 1980's/90's.
  5. This forum is bipolar as fuck people can't seem to see past two or three games at a time apparentley our players are quality footballers one week and absolutely shite a few weeks later and the cycle just keeps repeating itself. McKay & Keirnan will be the boo boys again at some point in the next month you can guarantee it.
  6. I'm stuck in the middle of the fucking desert in a shithole of a country surrounded by cunts! and the wifi is hardly fast enough to load RangersMedia never mind stream the game, will be the first game against the scum that I have missed in years.
  7. 1. It wasn't Khan's fault in any way both players were perfectly entitled to go for the ball and unfortunately Mols just got unlucky these things happen in football. 2. People forget Mols was 29 when he got injured. He is made out to be a young wonderkid robbed of his prime, but he was already playing at his very peak it was going to be downhill in form from there regardless.
  8. It's not liking or disliking the article/story. People are making comments in the comments section sending their condolences and saying how sad it is which the majority of people are "liking" the comments yet there are quite a few dislikes that you wouldn't normally expect on a similar article where somebody has died, which means there are clearly scum fans (and probably quite a few from the other Rangers hating teams in Scotland no doubt) showing how they truly feel, yet they haven't got the balls to stick their head above the parapet and make a negative comment.
  9. anyone got a cough that isn't jumpy as fuck
  10. Thank fuck for that
  11. Fucking this I can just imagine the looks of pure confusion and retardation on their faces as they don't quite know what to do.
  12. That disgraceful article cannot be allowed to fly! The Herald should be made aware exactly what 'Gerry' has said and with the publicity that will come from it I can't see him being in a job for very long. As for the 'lawyer' I don't know who he works for but I'm sure whoever they are they won't like the publicity that will be coming their way either when it gets out they have a hate filled bigot working for them. Rangers need to highlight this disgraceful article with a statement on the official website Gerry Braiden cannot be allowed to escape justice by quickly deleting the offending text.
  13. .
  14. Yeah true but you would have expected based on last seasons form that Hill, Miller and Barton especially to have been more than good enough for Scottish football it just didn't turn out that way.