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  1. A deserved win but there is no doubting that we need some more creativity, a RW must be signed.
  2. If we want to have any chance of winning the league we require... at a bare minimum— 1st Priority: Starting RW or similar quality to Kent & Hagi. 2nd Priority: Backup Striker to Morelos but young and with the potential to become our number 1 striker if Morelos leaves. Not a Dykes/Kamberi level player we need much better than that. 3rd Priority: another winger/attacking midfielder. Ideally we would play a 4-2-3-1 with Hagi in the middle so if Hagi/Kent/New Right Winger got injured we would need greater quality than Brandon Barker to replace them. Ideally we would also get... 4th Priorty: a Centre Midfielder.
  3. McGregor Hutton Weir Daily Wallace Naismith Ferguson Thomson McCann Boyd Miller I only really remember watching Rangers from the 2002/03 season. Its not exactly the strongest team! picking a CB to partner Weir was almost impossible I was stuck between Bob Malcolm, Danny Wilson and Christian Daily but the laters role in getting to the UEFA Cup Final sealed it.
  4. The fact is if we don’t sign a quality right winger of a similar quality to Kent/Hagi then we ain’t winning the league we have nowhere near enough creativity in our squad and that was proven last season.
  5. I’d say it’s only part of the problem, the drinking culture is nowhere near what it used to be in Scotland. The whole Ned culture has been slowly dying away in Scotland and is nothing like it was when I was a kid/teenager. The vast majority (if not all) of the teens that you will find in SPFL Academy’s these days especially Rangers (and the scum) won’t be going out on the lash like they used to. Yet even the ones that appear be totally dedicated to making it only have a small chance of breaking through.
  6. How would you rate Robby McCrorie in comparison to Liam Kelly? I’ve seen it said on here many times that the reason we were happy to let Kelly go was because McCrorie was a better prospect. Obviously Kelly has made a bigger impact In senior football so far but McCrorie is far younger and has shown you well so far on loan.
  7. He looked fat and away better than the rest of our youngsters at the Alkaas tournament thing so I have big hopes for him.
  8. McGinn, Fraser & McCarthy anyone with a brain could have seen they had something about them. McCarthy left Hamilton incredibly highly rated although he would never have signed for us due to being a fan of the scum. McGinn’s talent was clear to see he was by far Hibs best player, people denied it on here because he’s a scum fan and out of staunchness to show their hatred of Hibs. Fraser was also very good from a young age. Those players were far better than the shite people on this board link us too. Dont get me wrong we shouldn’t rule out players from Scotland but the only ones who might have the talent for us are probably McKenna, Porteous & maybe Ferguson and they would either be far too over priced or they just wouldn’t sell to us in the first place.
  9. I find it fascinating; what is it that gives the player the boost to push into the senior game. Whilst other supposedly better players fall away into mediocrity or out the game all together. As we can see in all of these posts your making there are players that are absolute stand outs as a youngster but then can’t even make a career in the lower leagues (see Islam Feruz). I think you could break it down into the following factors... -The players born talent. -The players work ethic. -The players Family, Friends & Surroundings. -A manager taking the risk and giving the opportunity to play senior football. -Career Choices -Good coaching & mentorship. -Injuries & Body Development -Luck I would say that whilst at a young age 17-22 players career potential can change hugely during this time as a result of all of the things above. There also seems to be a trend of youth players coming through and making an immediate impact but then tailing off dramatically as things progress I.e. Gregg Wylde, Glenn Middleton, Danny Wilson, Rhys McCabe, Ryan Gauld at Utd, Tony Watt at the scum etc... Case in point being someone like Jamie Ness he looked great in his early cameos and had all the talent & abilities needed to succeed for us, he was regarded as one of the top youth players in Scotland but a combination of Injuries at key times, bad career choices and maybe some of the other factors has meant he’s spent a career in the lower leagues of England. You could have said the same about John Fleck huge hype and potential and his career has so far been spent as a decent Championship midfielder. He seems to have turned it around now and worked his way up-to the EPL where he’s making a big impact but he should have been there far earlier in his career. Someone like Barry Ferguson or Billy Gilmour who appear as an absolute standout for the youths and then seamlessly make that step up to the Senior level seem to be few and far between (especially in Scotland).
  10. Only problem is; he was never “steady” he’s made a number of absolute clangers far more than Tav or Barisic. When Flanagan was bad we all knew about it he just fell to pieces. He had a number of games where he did appear “steady” but he was never consistent with it, he had just as many absolutely shocking games. I think it was to do with his confidence (the same issue most of our players seem to have). So if he can’t be relied on to be defensively solid and doesn’t provide the attacking outlet that Tav or Barisic do then whats the point of him.
  11. It seemed to work fine in the 1st half of the season. The issue we had was pretty much our entire squad fell out of form and we didn’t have the strength in depth to change things up.
  12. People are being delusional by suggesting we get rid of half the squad ffs, Even in a normal season we couldn’t afford to do that but with everything that’s going on there is zero chance of it happening. The squad was proving in the first half of the season it has the potential to win the league if managed correctly and not mentally fucked we would obviously also need a few QUALITY additions not the shite being spouted on here filling our squad with more gash SPFL players just because “they get stuck in” players that get stuck in won’t help us break down 10 men behind the ball. Unless we receive big money offers both Tav & Morelos should be kept although both players should have proper competition so if they have dry patches or discipline issues then they are replaced straight away and we aren’t reliant on them, selling them now they are at their lowest possible value and is essentially throwing away millions because you lot are “sick of his shite” the fact is if it wasn’t for Morelos we would have been double the points behind and wouldn’t have gotten out of the Europa League groups / even made it to the group stages.
  13. Don’t miss it at all, watching Rangers from January onwards was a chore (Braga aside) it was ruining nearly every single weekend ffs 😂. More than happy to reset and try again in August or whenever the new football season is gonna kick start.
  14. The Flu doesn’t result in hospitals being completely overwhelmed in a 1st world country like Italy.
  15. If there is a rest of the season we MUST give Kennedy, McPake, Patterson, Mebude, King etc... varying amounts of game time.
  16. Hopefully the second leg gets shit canned due to Corona I can’t be arsed watching another game against this mob just get this season to fuck.
  17. Have you completely missed the numerous games this season that a referee has fucked us over in a game where we have either lost by a single goal or drawn?
  18. If we had VAR in Scotland we would be about 7 points closer to the scum.
  19. Let’s be honest with the sheer number of players out of form we had very little chance of winning this, we will do well just to avoid a pumping. We have clearly tried to sit back and stop Leverkusen the same way the Scottish diddy teams do against us but our defenders are incapable of actual defending so that doesn’t work.
  20. Fucking idiot Edmundson why the fuck would he raise his arm there ffs.
  21. Kamara is unbelievable gash this season as is Davis this half of the season.
  22. Just print out copies of this letter and place them on every seat 😂
  23. I don’t watch sportscene or anything he may be on so I can’t have stolen it from him 😁 I genuinely can’t remember the last time we scored from a penalty ffs.
  24. A clear penalty but we probably would have missed it anyway!
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