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  1. I'll preface this by saying it probably won't make any difference to the emplhoyees at GCC. But after receiving an email from club 1872 I sent off an objection to the council at saferparking-ibroxstadium@glasgow.gov.uk regarding the implementation of a parking ban around the stadium for next season. We need to start pushing back on every issue that affects us. Otherwise, as has happened, we lose so much ground to the bheggars in terms of influence. Here is what I sent, minus the name, if anyone wants to use it as a template. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Sir/Madam. I am writing to state my objection to the match day parking restrictions that will be enforced around Ibrox stadium. The current level of public transport around the stadium is already inadequate and a ban on parking will only exacerbate the situation. Currently, the subway is already overcrowded and has long delays pre and post match time. Further, the bus routes are infrequent and do not cover the destinations required by the majority of the supporters. I believe that there are no plans in place to address the public transport levels so I fail to understand how a ban on private transport parking will in any way alleviate the congestion for residents during match days which apparently this scheme was intended. I note that residents will be able to apply for a free permit for every vehicle they own. And that they will be able to apply for passes for registered visitors at a one-off cost of £10 which will not carry vehicle registrations. This seems to get at the crux of what this proposal is about, namely a way to collect more money from the residents surrounding the stadium when apparently this was suppose to make their lives easier. Do you not think that there will suddenly be many "friends" of these residents who happen to visit on a match day? The proposed scheme has a one kilometre exclusion zone around Ibrox. Have the residents living at this boundary been consulted on the inevitable rise in footfall at their houses? I believe that this is a poorly thought through scheme and should be rejected. It hurts mostly those fans who cannot walk 1 kilometre to the edge of the exclusion zone or wait for extended periods of time for inadequate public transport. I look forward to a response to this email.
  2. Ted Wong. Aye you fuckin are pal!
  3. Fair enough. I thought windass was better than Pena when they came on last weekend. There is definitely a player there in Pena but still settling in imo. Needs to calm down a bit, hopefully the goal will have done that for him
  4. Move dorrans in the middle and windass out left and it's the best we have at the moment
  5. Nah I can't accept that. 4 of the back 5 played together last season, we had "better" players in all positions than them. And we had a lead to hold on to. Just an absolute shit show regardless of how long people have been in
  6. I fucking expect us to beat a part time team that has never won a game in Europe before and has scored 1 goal in 20 games
  7. Not enough ability fair enough. But there's been no fight, that's the real problem
  8. that guy can't DIFFERENTIATE between a child and a woman
  9. want a kid? become a maths teacher
  10. This. Daly was proved to have done good work after the last documentary so this time I think we should take on board what he's saying and direct our anger towards the people with the real agenda, those running the club
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