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  1. Tarrier Tickets

    Ted Wong. Aye you fuckin are pal!
  2. Marathon Challenge

    Donated. You need to get on the pitch at half time for a game, raise the profile further
  3. SL Benfica Game Cancelled/Club Statement

    Will this be shown on Rangers TV?
  4. Tonight's response

  5. Tonight's response

    Kenny is not in the Canada squad. Says it all. Time for the board to act and get him out.
  6. Fair enough. I thought windass was better than Pena when they came on last weekend. There is definitely a player there in Pena but still settling in imo. Needs to calm down a bit, hopefully the goal will have done that for him
  7. Move dorrans in the middle and windass out left and it's the best we have at the moment
  8. 3-4-3

    Since 433 isn't working as we are getting overrun in midfield, but Pedro seems determined to have three up top, would a move to the fashionable 3-4-3 be a way to go? you have Alves in the centre of the three directing bates and Cardoso. Wallace and Tav, who are poor defenders have more freedom as wing backs. Two in the centre. And three up front more narrow to work off each other. possible starting 11 as things stand Wes cardoso alves bates Tav. Wallace Jack Pena Candeias Herrera Morelos with miller and rossiter coming on as subs. Obviously if we get Dorrans and walker they could replace a couple Grasping at straws after last nights disaster but if these are the players we have I think this is a way to go
  9. Nah I can't accept that. 4 of the back 5 played together last season, we had "better" players in all positions than them. And we had a lead to hold on to. Just an absolute shit show regardless of how long people have been in
  10. I fucking expect us to beat a part time team that has never won a game in Europe before and has scored 1 goal in 20 games
  11. Another season ticket renewal I'm regretting already
  12. Rangers radio

    http://rangersradio.online/misc.php?page=mp3-archives or if you download the Mixlr app to your phone the showreel section has the old shows