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  1. Fair enough. I thought windass was better than Pena when they came on last weekend. There is definitely a player there in Pena but still settling in imo. Needs to calm down a bit, hopefully the goal will have done that for him
  2. Move dorrans in the middle and windass out left and it's the best we have at the moment
  3. Nah I can't accept that. 4 of the back 5 played together last season, we had "better" players in all positions than them. And we had a lead to hold on to. Just an absolute shit show regardless of how long people have been in
  4. I fucking expect us to beat a part time team that has never won a game in Europe before and has scored 1 goal in 20 games
  5. Not enough ability fair enough. But there's been no fight, that's the real problem
  6. that guy can't DIFFERENTIATE between a child and a woman
  7. want a kid? become a maths teacher
  8. This. Daly was proved to have done good work after the last documentary so this time I think we should take on board what he's saying and direct our anger towards the people with the real agenda, those running the club
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