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  1. Brentford v Fulham if you're willing to hang about until Friday.
  2. That's brilliant stuff from the captain.
  3. Ignore him. He's rabid.
  4. You'd be gutted but being part of the English pyramid system would provide them with a chance the next season and the season after that. Something like this although highly unlikely is probably our only chance of eventually getting into the Premier League. Whether I'd want that or not I'm not sure.
  5. Michael Francis O'Halloran....
  6. Big Dunc when he was a young laddie, he was a formidable striker. Also enjoyed watching Frank Sauzee at Hibs but wouldnae say he scared us. Genuinely never felt unnerved by any of the scum. They make a lot out of a few goals Larsson scored against us but looking back I think we always did a fairly decent job of containing him.
  7. If you're not voting for Gough there's something wrong with you. Richard Gough. Edit* Young bears who never witnessed the great man play I'll turn the other cheek.
  8. I still think we can do this. We've not been great but let's believe.
  9. We've been the better side by far. Just need to keep it together and stick to the task.
  10. Brilliant. More like it Rangers.
  11. Jesper Christiansen aye? I'd forgotten all about him. Didn't think we paid that for him right enough.
  12. Shiels to score the winner.
  13. I can't believe this.
  14. That's more like it Nicky son.