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  1. If that’s what makes you sleep better at night. I’ll always keep my ticket and go most away games too. Not at any point did a say a didn’t want us to win? What I’m saying is of course a do but in the grand scheme of things it’s no gonnae be able to turn how I’m feeling about things
  2. Sorry but Alan McGregor is probably the absolute least of our worries the now when it comes to playing staff
  3. Mate I agree with this 100% a got slaughtered off the Uber staunch crew on the Leverkusen thread on Sunday for saying so. This game and it’s outcome will not change the absolute distain I have for this shower of coward bastards now.
  4. Tav and Goldson are finished in Rangers jerseys for me. Unforgivable
  5. Fair enough but it’s all about opinions. and to me at the end of the season when they cunts once again lord a treble for the 4th season in a row over us then aye, having a good wee run in the Europa league will be meaninglessness to me
  6. It was made when a was like 17 pal what’s your excuse?
  7. I won’t actually no, I’m on holiday
  8. Yes, telling folk how meaningless it is in the grand scheme of things
  9. Honestly couldn’t give a fuck about this or the upcoming tie against them
  10. KyleBJK


    Captaincy isn’t the biggest thing here however Tavernier is done for me. I’ve backed him to the hilt and was one of the ones that defended him throughout his shite spell earlier in the season however he’s just reverted back to his type A. A player who can’t handle pressure or roll his sleeves up when it’s required. He’s a serial loser. He’s been through all the shambles throughout the last few years and he’s done, nothing can change his mentality
  11. Apparently the squad got told this lunchtime, maybe a lot of shite just passing on what I’ve been told
  12. McGregor, Hagi Jack. I’d drive them all out ASAP
  13. KyleBJK


    Seen a lot of people saying they would cash in on him but fuck me do we honestly think a premier league team will take a punt on him?
  14. Tonight confirmed 9 in a row and to be honest probably 10. Next season going for ten they will be that gunning for it they’ll go all guns blazing, us as a result will shite it once again
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