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  1. Honestly man? Gee it a fuckin rest haha
  2. That St Mirren free kick seemed to give him so much believe. He does look very much the type of player who relies on confidence. His decision making and everything is better and bolder now. now seeing the player we all thought we had we got last year, keep it up big man.
  3. You can tell there’s a player in there just waiting to burst out of his shell but my god I’d love to know what’s stopping it, at times today it looked like he literally hid and avoided been available for the pass
  4. KyleBJK


    He clearly has good technically ability but he always wants a lifetime on the ball and gets caught off guard as a result
  5. Werder Bremen at home was brilliant. even the away leg with Mcgregors save, after that game was probs when we all started to realise we could actually do it.
  6. This was actually infuriating me last night. There was one in the second half we broke away 3v3 with Ojo on the ball. He’d have been as well as walking backwards it was that slow and it defo looked like he done it to avoid trying to take his man on. And don’t even get me started on the one in the first half he passed back to jack when Arfield and Morelos were in the middle. No wonder Alfie looked totally dismayed at it
  7. That’s got to be the worst man united side I’ve seen in my lifetime
  8. Gutting news. Warrior as a man and as a player from 2003 to 2005 he was excellent. Never hid and he got what it meant to play for Rangers
  9. Wit was his username on here?
  10. Wish him well but had to be done, no room for sentiment now. Was never gonnae get near the side
  11. KyleBJK


    Looking back on it mate that set the tone for the game. That’s what happens in this fixture, Halliday/n’tcham at new year for example.
  12. See you and your daft wee immature posts mate a can’t stand another one of them, reek of the fat wee virgin you are. Even every match thread when you pick Fod, have a fuckin day aff. Davis and Flanagan were best of a bad bunch, others were miles worse but don’t let that get in the way of your shitey agenda
  13. Sick of people that love to rave about Glen Kamara too btw. Every bit of a 50k player today, been pish this season, always wants 5 minutes everytime he gets the ball played to him and holds on to it far too fuckin long
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