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  1. Kris Boyd

    He made an arsey comment about a bid we put in which was wrong aye but fuck me are we really going to hate him for it? I swear some of our fans act really similar to the ways we slag tims for.
  2. Kris Boyd

    Jesus, we really do hate ex players eh? Aye his comments about Jones were daft as fuck and totally incorrect but he was a good servant for us. Shite the second time round but who wasn’t that season. Can tell he’s still strives for us deep down whenever he’s on sky etc.
  3. Morelos over cummings

    Sick of folks hard on for him cause he runs about and puts himself about. Cummings scores they 2 chances of his, he’s a flat track bully who can’t do it when it matters.
  4. Goss

    Shat it big time for their first. As much as it was a great strike he hits rogic there thaf goal doesn’t happen. Even if he was never winning the ball take him and pick up the card. Set the tone for the rest of his day really.
  5. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    I’m quite the opposite to be honest. Usually when I think deep down we will get beat it happens, which has been the case ever since we came back up if truth be told. I just have the same feeling for Sunday as I did for the semi final 2016. Feel like the fans, players and everyone around the club is right up for it. Just hope the outcome is as enjoyable as that one.
  6. Keep Tav as Captain...? Hopefully.

    Wallace is captain so that’s that. long term would like to see Tav take it though.
  7. I've quit watching most football

    Haha agree with that somewhat mate however it’s exactly the type of game I shove on thinking it looks good on paper then either sit on my phone or then over after 15 minutes.
  8. I've quit watching most football

    Rangers for me and the odd Liverpool game and that’s about it. Agree with every word regarding the Premier league now just being like the NFL. Can’t be doing with hipster shite like sitting watching German football on BT Sport every other night either.
  9. Club Deck construction.

    As someone who was born in the 90s I’ve only ever known Ibrox to have blue seats. always wondered why we had yellow red etc? Was there any particular reason or was it just totally random?
  10. Best window since Walter returned?

    On paper, arguably so. Really happy at the additions of Cummings and Murphy although I remember feeling the same sort of buzz summer 2016 with Barton and co and look how that turned out.
  11. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    Same mate ? that tender I’d well up over a brick wall at the moment but that video has set me off, class man
  12. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    No way mate hahaha (not in I don't believe you way), can't get my head round that although that alone sums of those years, tend to cringe and shiver when a think back to it and some of the squads we'd line up with.
  13. Stevie Gerard

    He never actually left though did he? On a side note the Gerrard slip patter is nearly as shite and tiresome as the manky mob with their Wallace is a grass carry on.
  14. Ryan Jack

    Thought he had a really good solid game yesterday. Started off slowly but as it went on got in about everything and was calm and composed when on and around the ball.
  15. Results you never really get over.

    The Hibs final and the first 5-1 last season. That oddly got to me more than the one in April, I had hopes for the side we build etc and it it was a total reality check and a warning for what was to come along.