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  1. KyleBJK

    players to spain

    Folk moaning about that tracksuit being generic 😂 quite literally the same with any sports brand. I had a Nike zipper for the gym and my mate had the same one he wore at 5 expect his was the Man City training zipper. All that was different was his was Man City colours with the badge. The design was literally identical. This has always been the case, look at our 92/93 strip for example, all Adidas sides had that design. People need to have a word with themselves 😂
  2. KyleBJK

    Wee boys and football tops

    I agree. This generation should stop being such shitebags and hounds the tims in non Dom’s then. When I was at school there was maybe 1/2 max in each class and they were constantly getting slated for it.
  3. KyleBJK

    Sir Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish

    Fair play to him.
  4. KyleBJK

    2018/19 Football Shirts

    Puma strips are fuckin tragic. I’ll honestly be glad to see the back of them and their shitey template kits even if it is for Hummel.
  5. KyleBJK


    Spineless shitebag. I’ve also heard from a good source that him and his missus “hate living in Glasgow and all that comes with being a Rangers player” But aye, one of our own and aw that..
  6. KyleBJK

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Forever and ever absoutlely beeling his hatred of Liverpool is getting in the way of being excited about our new manager 😂😂
  7. He won’t get a top six club and won’t leave for anything else. Maybe Everton if it wasn’t for his Liverpool past. As mentioned above he’s here for the short to mid term so we best suck it up and hope to fuck we can get someone to topple him and his squad of bampots.
  8. KyleBJK


    Also heard this mate. It was Cameron house he was staying in before it got closed down at Xmas. A boy from my bus is a taxi driver and he picked Pena up from the town on a Monday and said he was pished. Heard he just fucked about constantly. A signing to sum up our past 5 or so years.
  9. Was saying this to my old man watching it last night mate. On paper City clearly have the better squad but it just felt like as a club, fan base etc Liverpool seemed to grasp what it meant more and rise to the occasion whereas City looked a bit startled from the get go.
  10. Tarriers of England hahaha. The founder was in the Orange order. I’ve been to a couple of Liverpool games, get the tickets through two Scottish boys who are Rangers fans and when you’re in and around the pubs beforehand with them and their mates the scouse boys couldn’t give any less of a fuck about Scottish football. The mhank bus from my neck of the woods runs a bus to some Everton games as far as I’m aware but I doubt they give much of a fuck about that lot either.
  11. KyleBJK

    Cummings is not good enough

    Some folk are batshit crazy 😂. yesterday was dreadful and and I walked out with lots of worries for what’s coming next and Cummings and his overall performance are the least of those.
  12. KyleBJK

    Kris Boyd

    He made an arsey comment about a bid we put in which was wrong aye but fuck me are we really going to hate him for it? I swear some of our fans act really similar to the ways we slag tims for.
  13. KyleBJK

    Kris Boyd

    Jesus, we really do hate ex players eh? Aye his comments about Jones were daft as fuck and totally incorrect but he was a good servant for us. Shite the second time round but who wasn’t that season. Can tell he’s still strives for us deep down whenever he’s on sky etc.
  14. KyleBJK

    Morelos over cummings

    Sick of folks hard on for him cause he runs about and puts himself about. Cummings scores they 2 chances of his, he’s a flat track bully who can’t do it when it matters.
  15. KyleBJK


    Shat it big time for their first. As much as it was a great strike he hits rogic there thaf goal doesn’t happen. Even if he was never winning the ball take him and pick up the card. Set the tone for the rest of his day really.