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  1. KyleBJK

    Goal song

    So when it was getting played before all the shite happened you didn’t like it naw? You didn’t clap or sing along? You must’ve magically seen into the future and tarred it with all the Carry on. as 52 said, you’re aff your tits pal
  2. KyleBJK

    Goal song

    100%. In a way it’s a shame what that song has become; tedious ear sore because it was class when we first played it and it could’ve kept the gem around it if it was used for big games only etc. Instead they insisted on playing it twice before every home game, even in the lower fuckin leagues and it just became boring and annoying for everyone
  3. I feel gutted for the wee man. He needs to come back stronger from it. I feel like the problem with him against them is that he’s almost trying too hard. He’s getting caught up in the not scoring against them nonsense and it’s becane a big thing for him, he needs to play his own game
  4. Just watched the highlights and all a can say is if you haven’t the don’t. Am absolutely freak result in terms of football, it genuinely looked like they bastards couldn’t even believe it
  5. See to be honest a couldn’t give a fuck about Thursday after today. Even a victory won’t help the nightmares and after thoughts of today
  6. Jack. Big clubs such as us have whipped the armband off a player before as have we done previously, make the change now it’s doing him more harm than good
  7. KyleBJK


    Decent games from captains don’t win games but do they? Fight and dig does, of which he doesn’t seem capable of showing. But that’s sound mate, al see you in here on the 29th when he hides again and you defend him cause your too staunch to dare slag a Rangers captain
  8. KyleBJK


    You’re a fuckin helmet man
  9. KyleBJK


    A was sat 4 rows from it pal, he was all too happy to pass the buck. morelos didn’t need that added pressure. Funny how he passed the buck with that but won’t give up a free kick for love or money
  10. KyleBJK


    Flash your mind back to 2002 and Amo demands the free kick. Our captain literally tells him to fuck off, steps up and sticks it away. We now have a spineless bastard all too happy to have the pressure removed from him. I have defended him to fuck against all the Rangers da’s And spit the dummy out crew but today was unforgivable
  11. Mate fuck up. It’s shite like that that’s letting them sleep walk to another wipeout
  12. There can’t be any other approach to this game than to come out the traps at 100 mile an hour and press them to fuck. if we try and be clever and sit in and frustrate them then hit them on the counter it just won’t win and they’ll eventually grind us down and win. Really do feel how we start will determine the outcome
  13. That one he skied into our box I actually struggled to believe what I was watching. If you don’t that on a Saturday morning grassroots you’d be slaughtered never mind a pro. fuck all this about him marking Forrest and what not, if barasic is even half fit he plays every time
  14. And even that came from a brain fart from Jack with a shitey short pass. we are killing ourselves with individual errors time after time and sadly it comes down to the weak mentality we have.
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