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  1. Is the boy actually any good by the way? Can’t say I’ve seen much of him.
  2. Will the first game against the Tims be at Ibrox seen as it was at the piggery last season?
  3. Leipzig, class trip but absolutely rancid game. Clock watched after 5 minutes because of how cold it was
  4. Funny that cause I’m pretty sure Tav like myself and lots of others has felt the same about Worrall lots of times
  5. Shouldn’t get a testimonial however he served us well I don’t have a bad word to say about him and anyone saying he needs hounded, are in actual fact the ones needing the hounding
  6. It’s been 3 days since I seen that hot tub video and I’ve still got the fear
  7. Torn between emotions when it comes to Ally to be honest. On one hand I see the absolute hero that piled misery on them and loved the club and fans. Then I see the manager who left in the most problematic circumstances and now in media work sucks up to anyone with their links and doesn’t defend us one bit. I listen to that fat prick Brazil’s show in the morning. It’s as if Ally is embarrassed by us, give that prick his due he sticks his colours to the mass while Ally allows him to gloat and talk shite about us.
  8. I actually think that tonight he got tactics spot on. We exploited them like fuck in the first half. He can’t compensate for a full back 4 playing absolutely fuckin woeful. Maybe an arguement Flanagan shouldn’t have started and should’ve been hooked but his players let him down tonight. It was them who threw the lead away.
  9. KyleBJK


    Actually struggling to see what he offers/does. We (rightly) go on about how we write players off too quickly but we’re also guilty of labelling others world beaters.
  10. Frustrating last night but think people are just nit picking moaning about the line up. Go to social media or the match thread on here and it’s pretty much the side everyone predicted/wanted bar maybe Katic for Worrall. is there someone out there’s who’s worked out what exactly we need to qualify and what scenerios can occur etc?
  11. Still buzzing mate. Feel like he’s the man we’ve all been waiting for and needing since Walter himself left. We’ve had false dawns and I’m normally pretty half empty kinda of guy with us in the past few years but you can just feel this is the turning point.
  12. Anyone know if there’s an issue with the postage of these tickets? Ordered last Tuesday when they went on general sale and still haven’t came
  13. Like you said mate. What good was gonnae come from it. Actually a joke that cunts who act like wee fannies ruin it for thousands of others. That article is absolute typical but we’ve gave them the excuse. Played into their hands.
  14. Ironically I reckon the manky bastards will only spend money if they go OUT on Tuesday. The fans will be gunning for Lawwell and the board and a spending what looks like decent dough on a player or two is what they will do to appease and try and win backing again.
  15. City Liverpool Man Utd Spurs Huddersfield Watford Cardiff
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