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  1. The Hibs final and the first 5-1 last season. That oddly got to me more than the one in April, I had hopes for the side we build etc and it it was a total reality check and a warning for what was to come along.
  2. Couldn't care less if he's had to balls to come and face the fans or not, if that shambles out there put together by him hadn't occurred he wouldn't have to. He can get to fuck.
  3. Probably won't happen and I hope it doesn't as he is a player and a half
  4. Right, as much as I'm loving aw this transfer news I'm starting to struggle keeping up with all these players!
  5. Really like big Clint. He's never really put a foot wrong, just been unfourtunate to be playing in a defence with a bunch of no good bastards. looks like he's took the club to heart and knows what Rangers is all about. Aw the best big fella.
  6. Well we were more or less QP Rangers this season with Barton, Niko and Hill haha.
  7. Cummings and Walker, that's about it in all honesty
  8. He's an arsehole opportunist who has waited his time to try and get to us in this manner. We never ever seen him doing this when we Walters team of Ferguson, Davis, Thomson et al. When he finally piped up (the celebration against Diouf) even then he was made to look like the useless bastard that he is, Diouf walked away with 2 trophies and mocked the cunt. He knows as much as the rest of us that we have a team of shitebags, shitebags with no bottle or ability and has took it in his stride.
  9. I still can't get my head round that one where he ran it out of play, it was harder to do than keep it in! I was sitting about 5 rows up from down the side it happened and that big dick Lustig turned round and actually laughed like fuck at Waghorn's attempt, the sad part is you couldn't even get annoyed at this cause that's what it was; laughable.
  10. I know Del, albeit not that well. Him and his family all big Rangers fans. For the cup final last year he was sat next to me and my mates, can tell he'd have played for us for nothing
  11. Lee Martin
  12. All booked up. 6 of us going on the Friday and back the Monday. The flights are £120 which I'm not too fussed about but it's the hassle I'm a bit wary off. Fly from Glasgow to Amsterdam, then from there to Berlin... followed by an hour train journey to our digs in Leipzig. Should be a cracking trip right enough.
  13. Fair enough, I loved it but I do get where you're coming from to be fair. Germany as a whole is great, cologne is an absolutely amazing place
  14. I love Hamburg, only thing I'd maybe be critical about it that it's a tad pricey, but being a bear in pubs like the tankstelle etc they are brand new and really welcoming.
  15. Well done those men ?