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  1. I can’t see us signing anyone at the moment as we have no idea where our income is coming from for the foreseeable future to pay wages for squad as it is never mind forking out money to buy players. every club all over the world will be in the same situation
  2. The games a bogey for fitba for me in this wee corrupt cesspit of a country. truley disappointed in not just Rangers but every single every other club for taking it just to suit one one {wholly} corrupt club.
  3. That applies to every club and not just Rangers.Its a problem worldwide in my opinion
  4. We shouldn’t be even thinking of splashing cash before we even know where our next income is coming from.
  5. I switched on to see what was being said and quickly switched off after hearing that.It was clear to me that the whole show was going to be a mocked up propaganda exercise .
  6. New accounts to me at this time will always be suspect no matter how sensible and well written they appear to be
  7. If our club are not willing to to take this corruption all the way to the road then I am no longer willing to follow them all the way either. We live or die by this and should fight it to the death no surrender! has never felt so real to me
  8. No one cared about us and I sure dont care about them.
  9. Right now this minute I dontgivea fuck.They have just been papped out of Europe and we are still in it. against a far better team too.
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