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  1. Allyup


    Nothing I’d like better than the scum to have the best striker in the world who never scores goals.
  2. Never watch sport scene these days. the biased anti Rangers agenda sticks in my craw
  3. Thought we were terrific in the second half today and our fans were fantastic,second to none.They made Hamden sound like it had an atmosphere
  4. Some go in and they are miracle goals......the rest don’t.
  5. Allyup


    Best player in Scottish football for a long time. the biased press against him in last few years has kept him with us longer than would have been expected as it drove his worth down and thankfully the board were not willing to sell him for less than his worth. It has worked in our favour though and when he inevitably goes it will be for a club record without a doubt. just love the wee man , Alfie,el buffalo.
  6. I just thought it was a very weird story.I knew it was supposed to be irony but didn’t see a connection of our board trying to make out our support was infiltrated by celtic fans to make us look bad. the celtic board however have very publicly came out and said that their support was infiltrated by rivals of Aik fc to make celtic fans look bad. just bizarre,poor journalism and definitely not even funny
  7. Saw that on FlashScores but thought it must have been flawed. either that or we are a great team who have scored on the counter attack against the mighty st mirren
  8. You are that rabid or drunk that you don’t even realise that I am not a wee man.Im a women who is way more intelligent than you will ever be.
  9. Allyup

    Our Board

    Actually I would . Never heard such a boring dirge if I am honest. to think when I was young I thought it was stirring. I was young and daft then I have much more in common with the English than I do with any other European. biological fact.
  10. If you honestly believe that I am a so called terrier then I understand why my club is under attack. get you to feck please
  11. I’m braced for what I don’t know but Iknow that I will still be following Rangers anyway.I do not want to hurt our club and I was a child of the sixties who just wanted to follow follow Rangers. Thats my team.
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