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  1. Haha i was waiting for the bight, The forum's hypocrisy knows no bounds, all these Uber posters and "die hard" fans slagging Scottish nationalists and everyone else for not being real Rangers men yet are the ones who continually talk about them, that thread yesterday was an actual embarrassment on a Rangers forum, if we had a thread dedicated to them it would be he longest on this forums history. People need to get a grip, fuck them
  2. Good group for Celtic, AC Milan and Barca actually Ajax aswell will be under pressure as they have all been beaten at CP. Good luck to them, keep our coefficient up, good for Scotland.
  3. Listen guys some of you are going over the top, if Celtic and us were in england then yes I don't think we will ever catch them, but the fact that they play in the spl means they will never get big. They can earn all the money they want but players aren't going to want to come to play in the spl, if they fail to make champs league for 1 year it will come crashing down, why do you think they haven't spent before tonight? Champions league is everything so they rake in their money and buy their players, but as soon as a player gets good he is gone and the cycle starts again. They will not get better than they are now with the exception of a few players who after a good season will leave (Wanyama/Wilson) That is the shit thing about Scottish football, but right now it is the beauty and judging by that team struggling to beat a bunch a sheep shaggers i reckon our team right now could give them a run for their money. Fuck them. We will be back
  4. Everyone thinking it i'm just saying it, we need ashley to come and buy us, fuck this everyone owns a share pish, everybody are just greedy bastards who can't agree.
  5. Whats a shame is Brown was actually a good player at hibs, good going forward etc, but the bigot has just turned him into a clone of himself. Both don't belong anywhere near a football team
  6. Haha i love how they slag us for celebrating goals in the league 1, christ they celebrated a goal against Kazak sheep shaggers like they had won the thing. Also Lennon seriously has to be the most undignified and ned/thug like manager in the game. I mean you get the mind game and bad tempers you see from top class managers, but he really does look like a guy you have picked up from the east end and shoved in a dug out, looks like a fucking orc!!
  7. He is an incredibly frustrating player, and personally i think he tries too hard, but there is being a frustraing player and there is being a player who puts in no effort, and i think temps does have effort his talent just needs coached
  8. I think you must be watching a different game to me, Templeton didn't stop running, he just fucked up every time he got the ball, the fact that you are all talking about him shows that he was getting around the pitch but things just weren't hapening. Compare it to Shiels who you hardly saw. The criticism is extremely harsh imo. How exactly can you claim from a 15 minute period in a game that Mckay is more willing to work his ass off?
  9. Bazza played well when he came on he is still young and learning, thought we were pretty poor but thought the two in the middle did ok. Also for people saying temps was poor i think you have to remember he was coming back from lengthy injury, the talent will always be there as you saw from the goal that should have stood on friday, he was just understandably off the pace
  10. what do we want?! friday night football!! When do WE want iT?! nnow!!! I'm off out for some clunge i love you all x
  11. Not a bad shout actually, after seeing oscar play for Brazil i reckon he could easily fit into the Lampard role, good going forward but his engine is absolutely brilliant. The only reason Moses will stay now is for his big wages
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