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  1. That made me roar because it happened to me and just to spite me,she said the eggs didn't taste right,ffs,mental.
  2. Now that would be a competition worth the winning
  3. Hadn't realized it had been released already,can it be bought online? No doubt Lieswell will be trying to have some sort of embargo put on it's release :-(
  4. If I was a lawyer/QC representing either side in court,I'd make sure I'm paid up front first
  5. Now THEY are trying to paint themselves pretty in the public eye wi charity efforts but how much of the money actually comes from 'the club like no other' rather than their fan base?
  6. People used to get dressed up to go to Ibrox ;-)
  7. Can also play MF.maybe he'd be our hard hitting DMF some are calling for?
  8. For me he's being a wee bit snidy there,might be wrong but no bluenose would ever truly feel sorry for THEM.
  9. Same guy won't give a sh*t Well said big Gareth
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