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  1. Was Liewell the Cellic Financial Controller when they installed their EBT and phantom Film Company schemes and why was this never investigated by HMRC?...............as if we didn't know🤮
  2. Hard watch indeed,seems he's going down hill quickly now. He made a bold statement on the drug companies too,saying they wouldn't make enough money out of his illness for them to develop a cure. God bless Fernando.
  3. Good luck Lee,hope it works out for you.
  4. Can we get this topic back on track lads,we have a thread on the rancid behaviour of CFC.
  5. She's now supporting a non Protestant for Tory leadership/PM 🤮
  6. Watched the NI game lastnight,Jones had another good game,can beat FBs and crosses wi either foot,he's good at holding the ball up if needs be and tracked back to make a couple of cracking defensive tackles.
  7. If the Rangers Board don't want to get involved in the child abuse scandal they could at least raise the matter of possible/probable money laundering/tax evasion but then again,we don't have Dr John Reid on our side.
  8. They had a 3 in a bed so to speak,both were Ulster players at the time and were hounded out of Ulster by libtards and sponsors,even tho they were proved innocent and did nothing illegal,3 consenting adults and still it continues.....compare that to the scum who would rape children and those who would cover it up,authorities have a lot to answer for aswell?
  9. 🤣 Mate rang me,said the story is in the Belfast Telegraph
  10. Rangers supposedly in talks wi Bolton over signing of NI's striker Josh Magennis.
  11. Only ONE Davie Cooper. Legend.
  12. It annoys me that the U20's World Cup is underway aswell but is mainly ignored for this sh*te🤮
  13. 100% mate,would make one think that she is the front line in the 'establishment' cover up 🤮 ....her position is untenable imo.
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