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  1. So long as he doesn't give a vicky to the crowd,aul Brian will be OK 😉
  2. Is Dobbie a bear? Strange to have a positive article written about us 😉
  3. He must be showing potential in training or he'd not be offered a contract.
  4. It's the voices,the voices say back Rangers for the cup,nanananana
  5. When it's patently obvious the game is being geared in favour of one club,then yes,it's verging on match fixing.
  6. Agreed mate,I think it's time Rangers were going above the SPFL/SFA.The bias against our Club is clear for all to see,from Referees to Administrators. A book is being written right before our very eyes on the behaviour of the Scottish football authorities to protect and promote ONE club over and above every other team in the land and most pointedly Rangers who would be their main rivals. SG won't be here for ever and I'm sure he'll have a best seller in the book stores very soon after moving on.
  7. They must mean all the time their keeper spent retrieving the ball for goalkicks ffs
  8. Ring rusty doesn't cover it,poor finishing,not much down the left but we'll take the win,roll on St Mirren.
  9. Wi Jones playing the way he is it looks more like 2 up front ffs.He needs to get out wide and Halliday needs to use him.
  10. Young lads not hiding,well up for it,doesn't look out of place at all 😉
  11. Wish we could ban all the whores,all games exclusively thru RTV and news thru Rangers Media 😉
  12. Except Morelos gestured to his own bench,not the crowd 😞
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