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  1. They'd be wanting that awarded to THEM aswell ffs.
  2. You're right but wouldn't tupe over because Rangers weren't Rangers anymore 😞
  3. But he couldn't do that at Rangers when we were broke in 2012 and him a supposed life long bear 😞
  4. How would they notice the difference??
  5. 100% mate...remember Hartson's aul mate Sutton basically saying Dunfirmline lay down to let Rangers win the league on goal difference,scum the lot of them 😞
  6. NO FU*KING SURRENDER Hartson in what is potentially a 4 point league. GTF Cellic,your new spin ain't working 😞
  7. Scummy rhags aimed at scummy fans,it's a wonder they haven't attacked Gregory Campbell MP for being Chairman of the RSC at Westminster 😉
  8. Aye,today's game seems to kill the individual,all about the team. Younguns should look at the Brazil team of the 1970 World Cup 😉
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