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  1. Hope they watched our game today and think that's our 'strong' team
  2. Wouldn't be too critical of any of our player on that surface,even Defoe missed a sitter 'cause it bobbled up as he hit it.
  3. He did have a choice iirc,his Grannie came from Bangor NI,he could have played for them.
  4. BT usually rerun their live games,check their listing.......or Sportscene,yuk
  5. Shows how important Davis and Jack are to us.
  6. Can we ban your Auntie who's your Uncle?
  7. Will SG rest/protect players against the plastic pitch?
  8. Aye the kid who got the ball,then the bigger kid rips it from him then kicks it into the tide,wee scumbag.
  9. Stewart can do nothing but be neg about all things Rangers,bassa.
  10. This is true,dry plastic pitches and the ball sticks,maybe if the rain comes on we'll get moving? Here's hoping. We look like we're in a practice game ffs.
  11. need to up the pace,the rain should help YYEESSSSS Wrong thread lol
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