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  1. ...and we're still a Nation of 'lions lead by donkeys' ☹️
  2. PSNI have arrested two,18 and 19 yos,no doubt released by Easter Monday🤮
  3. First I've heard of Dublin being bombed? Gotta thank the Nazis for something then
  4. Keep electing the SNP and their cohorts and the end result could be the same☹️
  5. Seems like they're untouchables in NI aswell mate,the scum lastnight just happen to have 50 petrol bombs at the ready,suppose that's how they celebrate non events🤮
  6. What a w**ker,how did he think he'd get awaywi that one,lmao.
  7. Watched his series where they followed Blithe's 4000 miles boat journey after he was dumped off the Bounty,thought Ant was going to dump the dumb scouser overboard😂
  8. Is that the Army's version of the Bofors gun? Just asking😉
  9. They're a strange breed. Got a pasting for their Easter uprising when Britain was fighting a huge enemy in Europe and they celebrate this? De Valera (Irish American) becomes their Leader and commiserates wi the Nazi's at the death of Hitler. Their country becomes 3rd world as a new Independent state and is largely ruled by the RC Church. Paedophilia is rampant within it's borders and State Church. 'Ireland' to become a vassal state within the EU super state(some Independence eh?) Yip,they've much to be proud of and ofcourse,it's all Britain's fault.
  10. Still on Columbia time,it's 20.14 yesterday😁
  11. What a poster for a kids wall
  12. Last time we had a break,our wheels came off.Bit concerned about tomorrow because of that but I'll keep the faith in Gerrard and the 'Gers,2 nil to the Famous.
  13. An opinion from a blogger and we'll have a full blown argument on reasons why he's right🤣
  14. Good historical arguments to kick off now😉 The majority of ppl in NI have connections to mainland Britain,even the taigs but they would largely refute that fact. The majority of NI Prods are of Pressie stock wi direct connections to Scotland.Long before the Irish got a sense of themselves,Scots and Ulster folk traded and intermarried for generations,indeed the last 'Lord of the Isles' the MacDonald is buried at Ballycarry in east Antrim. WATP together😉
  15. lol,more like rotting and stinking
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