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  1. The woman Hearts fan,beside the gobby one,taking Mo's pic seemed well pleased that he scored😁
  2. Tav = two goals in EL and another f**k up today? If he was a goalie he'd be well dropped.
  3. Can't agree wi you on that mate,hiding the truth is what the Tims have done for years,we have to be open in this case and hope the whole truth comes out. People only need open the BBC football/news app and they'll see this hi-lited,strange there has hardly been a mention about CFC and child rape/abuse for many months and even then it was 'alleged' 😞
  4. NI ran out of steam,draw would have been a brilliant result 😞
  5. Couple of those balls across the box were inch perfect,just needed someone to gamble and they were stick on goals.
  6. Maybe his GF was a Rangers fan....wasit not a Conner McMillan had something to do wi the 'insult' at John Greig's statue a few years ago?
  7. Blumhoilann


    Tam Miller mentions contract talks coming up.
  8. Blumhoilann


    A wee bit of competition between our two main strikers can only be a good thing. Keep it friendly lads
  9. Great passer of the ball too,I like the guy,he looks so solid.
  10. Played really well when he came on,good to see the fringe players getting a run out.
  11. On a day they all wear 'anti-racism' badges,why mention his race,he's a Rangers playing,just use his name.
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