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  1. Your Husband's no mug Jinty 🙂
  2. Am hoping when the teams come out on Thursday Ibrox to a man and woman are singing A_L_F_R_E_D_O to let him know we back him 100% 🙂
  3. This is a timely re-emergence of a great thread,especially after this past week 🙂
  4. Pity tho,suppose they'd be accused of being pro-Brit 🙂
  5. Maybe that's the answer to this bias,bring English Refs up for these big games?
  6. Some of the crap he was spouting after they went in front was ridiculous,every minute he was demanding Morelos be booked for something or other,b'tard.
  7. Watched the hi-lites of the Aberdeen v Hibs game lastnight,the sheep were pulling out of tackles all over the place,especially Ferguson and their big mutant up front,what a difference 😞
  8. Never took a penalty in my life in a competitive game and defo wouldn't have volunteered to take that one yesterday but it's something we need sorted and quickly. Having talked to keepers over the years,the consensus seems to be that keepers hate lefties taking pens???
  9. They're all gloating because they know they got out of jail bigtime yesterday....the fear is rising in them 🙂
  10. Haven't seen/heard that,what a bunch of wankstains 😞
  11. Don't let any of THEM kid you on,they know they were horsed yesterday and were gifted the trophy. We're not coming anymore,we've arrived.
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