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  1. Hard for any player training all week and not getting a kick at the ball come the weekend. Sure they're all pro enough to understand football and what the Manager says,goes. The big man will get his chance but as has been said,he needs to be READY.
  2. Blumhoilann


    The STAR is always last on the stage😁
  3. Blumhoilann

    Battle of Arnhem

    I'll go as far to agree that they are trying....if only we had the backbone of our forebears.
  4. Blumhoilann

    Battle of Arnhem

    Belgians do the same for WW1 graves,good stuff.....then you hear that b'tard Brit hater Verhoffstadt re Brexit. Did you know that Tony Blair cancelled the war reparations Germany owed us,which ran into many Billions £s?🤮
  5. Blumhoilann

    Battle of Arnhem

    Might help keep some of the 'invaders' out😁
  6. Blumhoilann

    Battle of Arnhem

    Don't know if it's most ppl don't have the balls to be proud of our boys/girls but the f**king Libtards certainly don't🤮
  7. Blumhoilann

    Highlights against St Johnstone

    Morelos did a lot of unselfish work today,worth the MOTM for me.
  8. Blumhoilann

    5 goals

    Good for us and worrying for the opposition😁
  9. Blumhoilann

    At First

    Let's get thru the first round of games and see where we stand.I think SG and his team have everything in hand so I'm confident,onward and upward😊
  10. Blumhoilann

    Our worst league start since 1989....

    It's not how the race starts,it's how it finishes😉
  11. Blumhoilann

    John Collins.

  12. Blumhoilann

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Thought Dorrans was top notch when he came on,everythings bright in light blue😁
  13. Blumhoilann

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    Great performance today,well do Rangers but don't expect any compliments from Sky Sports,it only happened 'cause St J had an off day..............unbelieveable as aul Victor would say😂
  14. Blumhoilann

    Gerrard wants loanees on permanent deals

    See the colour of Worrell,thought his head was gonna explode😂
  15. Blumhoilann

    Gerrard wants loanees on permanent deals

    LMAO......keep up this European footie,he might just get a tan.