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  1. Another one of those games where we could play all day and not score a second.
  2. Weir - someone who has managed to stay below we radar while seeming to do FA in improving the team.
  3. Owners of clubs down south are all fine upstanding fellows. Take that Ashley chap for instance.....................
  4. With all that's going on, I actually forgot Wallace was taken off injured.
  5. But you could say that about a manager - employ one that has the club philosophy. The main thing I worry about a DoF is that it must cut down the managers you can choose from - some won't want to work under a DoF, or they won't get on with the particular DoF. I understand the theory, but is it right for us?
  6. This continuity when you have a DoF would only work if the DoF stayed long term. I can't see how you could guarantee they stayed any longer than a manager. Understand the idea, but in reality?
  7. Seems to be ruling out an interim manager their.
  8. We can only have ambition if we have money. We need to look at ourselves. I put 3 season tickets and albion car park fee into the club. I put 18.72 into rangers first, that maybe should go straight to the club. We ALL need to put in more, so we can have greater ambitions. But at the moment, we just don't have enough for those big ambitions.
  9. Quite. Some people just don't recognise where we are right now. Keep it simple, put a bit of steel in the team and finish second,
  10. You can do anything with statistics, and its never a level playing field. Having said that, Warburtons record has been poor
  11. I would argue that we were unorganised - we had some, but it was simplistic and easily spotted. He spoke well, but time showed there was no substance behind the 'new thinking' - amateurish. We were out thought a few months into his tenure and have been flat lining ever since.
  12. Sounds fine, talking about the actual football game, and recognises the weaknesses. And no surprise he sees Miller and Hill as the important players.
  13. We don't have the money for a big name, or someone who is use to buying success. We don't have the time or the appetite for an experiment, so no unknown or untried managers. The likes of McLeish don't fill me with excitement, but this type of appointment gives you something important at this time - getting exactly what you think you are getting.
  14. Been quite obvious that tactics were just not right for a number of games - and this info probably just confirms what a lot suspected. We have had two 'extreme' managers. Ally's team looked as though they had just met in the car park, and had no understanding of each other - looked uncoached. And warbs team was coached in a vacuum oblivious to what they were to play against.
  15. Hopefully - someone to think about how to score and someone to think about stopping giving away our usual bonus for the opposition.