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  1. I'm a great fan of the chap. I hope he stays.
  2. So you didn't watch the video collection of clips from games then? Seemed too good to be true....but it was.
  3. It is an HONOUR to be on the donation list. Such a small thing to do to support so much good work.
  4. Nice clear instructions . The necessary done as a transfer.
  5. Seems to be more polis around as well which cost the club. A few staring at us in the main stand today, keeping an eye on us buying pies - who are we going to riot with?
  6. Its the Orange top what did it. Great Top that.
  7. Not been near the team all season, so assuming Gerrard was doing the right thing and letting the fans give him a farewell. But think he could have been useful as an attacking alternative breaking down some of the defences we faced.
  8. jamess


    One of this season's positives. A bargain.
  9. Only one of the last games has any significance, and this ain't it.
  10. The picture of Greig and him in the centre circle at the cup final is more than enough.
  11. Clearly the better team, which is pleasing.
  12. Nah. When you get to the lowest of the low...…...you have reached the bottom.
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