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  1. Having scanned this epic, this about best sums up my feelings. Expected better of him, and his recent actions obliterate his previous achievements. Even seeing his name annoys me.
  2. Fine lack of popery up there north of Benbecula.
  3. He's has 2 bad games, but he's not the only one. Hard to give pass marks for anyone tonight.
  4. I only partially agree. We may not have been winning leagues, but we had very good players in the team with Greig. Do we need a stronger leader or a flair player to unlock defences? The latter.
  5. Blood, sweat and tears for the jersey.
  6. Too easy - Laudrup. In a class of his own even in teams that were full of stars.
  7. Fancy a 50/50 - no chance with this boy.
  8. Morelos is over rated and Kent has no end product. We played well, but just ain't good enough in the penalty box.
  9. He's a worker, he's a provider, but he scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Kamara is as solid as a brick wall. Wins every 50/50.
  11. Keep playing this shower off the pitch - but goals win games. F'in score Rangers.
  12. Yes, good start but we know we can get to the 100 then the 200 if we keep it in people's minds. If you haven't joined have a look at where the money goes.
  13. We are playing quite well and they ain't very good so it can only be one result. I'd hope them being at home would stop them trying to park the bus. If they come out to play we will murder them.
  14. Agree, agree, agree, then disagree. Need to be smarter in the way we hate our enemies.
  15. Tracks back well to defend and great passes to set up goals. I can forgive him when it doesn't work every now and then.
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