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  1. Yes they have contracts, but most players are payed well compared to everyone else, and I think they have more scope to 'cut back' in these hard times. They are not playing and the club has reduced income. Would another team really take them on now on their wage? We are being asked to give money for season tickets, with not much prospect of seeing live football, with most of that going to the players. I don't think a modest wage cut till we get back to playing is unreasonable. I think with no football, expecting full footballer wage is a bit greedy.
  2. Many including myself park there and pay plenty to the club for the privilege. I hope they get a good price for that big piece of land.
  3. Only fight battles you have a chance of winning.
  4. Blue flag flying high - not heard for years. Of the current song book, the best for impact is Build my Gallows when it catches round the stadium.
  5. Its welcome on here to see a fair minded post,
  6. Being proud to say I come from Paisley I would say you were wrong.
  7. Stop posting pictures of green muppets being morons.
  8. On a particular downer at the moment, but sure I will pull myself together, look in the mirror, and give the club money.
  9. Nice surprise when I got home to find a wee parcel with the Cards.
  10. My event horizon is shrinking and I'm going to jump into my black hole. I can sleep soundly knowing I can missing 40 pages without really missing anything………..
  11. But that was different, but that's not the same. You won't pin down these reptiles.
  12. So many false dawns of calling them out leading to nothing. This time?
  13. I think you'll find Newton, Maxwell, Planck, Bohr, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Einstein and many others will argue with you...……...
  14. Brilliant Lee Wallace goal. Not that long ago and totally forgot this.
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