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  1. Just need the pledges to come in and we are easily over 100 contributers. Good start
  2. BMG is our best song when it catches round the stadium and keeps going.
  3. And we would have our scarf held aloft when we sang that.
  4. Maybe your a computer. How many traffic signs are on this page...………………………….
  5. What tune is that sung to?
  6. Somebody said its boring. Can't remember who.
  7. Best to have first start off the bench for last 30 min to score the last few goals.
  8. But SEMA is a paid up member of the RM Erskine Fund, so I am willing to listen to what he says with an open mind.
  9. Quiet night, nothing else to argue about.
  10. It is time for a to BRU and the fund members . If your not with us ask yourself why not!
  11. Excellent. Maybe more of a guy than the men we have now.
  12. Your just after another banana wave - later...……….
  13. Didn't know that. Always thought she came across as very competent. Better haircut and she should be part of our set up.
  14. Horse for courses. A good coach may like someone else to pick players. Another one may want control of recruits to achieve a goal they have. Isn't good scouting the only thing required by both models?
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