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  1. Top Looks nice. Doesn't look same as bunnet to me. More Dundee utd to my eyes.
  2. Great enthusiasm from the wee man. Note to parent - colour check leaving house needs reviewing. Wrong colour of bunnet.
  3. jamess


    He has obvious quality and would not be out of place with better players around him. I don't understand the negativity towards him.
  4. His first interview when he signed he mentioned working on his lack of end product. This for me is what I will be monitoring. The downfall of many a fancy footed footballer.
  5. Always worth at least a goal a game.
  6. Any mention of this will always make me cheer out loud. Goal tonight was up with that, just not as significant.
  7. I'm heartened that against these teams away from home we look a better team.
  8. Nothing special apart from the big kick out, but a long solid servant of the club, so remember him with fondness.
  9. Any more funds for the fund is by definition a fine idea. But sometimes not telling the other half is an option as well .
  10. Can't resist the sales pitch, and the shame that Mrs jamess has not donated, so donation in from her just now. Time for those who haven't donated to get the finger out now for this worthy cause so you can relax and enjoy the pictures of what your cash does.
  11. I'd trade never winning the league cup ever for the League this year.
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