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  1. jamess

    What Impressed You The Most?

    Getting plenty players into the box. Were able to pick up the loose ball and score. Been lacking recently.
  2. jamess

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Orange Tap, YES!
  3. jamess

    Players not going to Spain

    The sight of Herrera on the team sheet makes me SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. jamess

    Gerrard interview

    Spoke very well and obviously a smart cookie. Looking forward to what he hopefully delivers on the pitch.
  5. jamess

    Hardie signs new contract

    That's the point. We haven't given him a chance, so we don't really know. In the few minutes we gave him, I saw enough to see real promise. Good in the air and quick.
  6. jamess

    Hardie signs new contract

    We have failed miserably in giving youth a chance.
  7. jamess

    Hardie signs new contract

    Strange question. He would be equivalent to a free transfer. Only wages to pay. So YES.
  8. jamess

    Hardie signs new contract

    So much negativity against the boy. Never given a run in the team. Should have been played last season up front. Better than most of the duds put on the bench. Worth having in the squad.
  9. jamess


    Think the split in the vote is quite apt for a footballer at a crossroads. Clearly has an eye for goal, but can he up his game to make a difference for us? I think probably yes given better support.
  10. jamess

    New video :) Daniel Candeias - Daniel Son.

    Not one of our problems. Not one of our passengers. One of the few i'd be happy to keep.
  11. jamess

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    If true best news I have heard in years. The less the better in our beautiful stadium.
  12. jamess

    Feel good factor coming back?

    Ask us again at xmas. We should know by then.
  13. jamess

    BBC the impartial broadcasters

    This is all its been about for quite some time. We keep wasting time, so are really running out of time. That's the line that can't be crossed.
  14. Well that's a list of money well spent. Over to us all to keep the funds coming in.
  15. jamess

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Our problems are not between the posts. I'm more interested in how we stop teams running through our defence and converting a better percentage of the chances we generate.