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  1. What, discovering Santa is Argos?
  2. jamess

    Hamilton Presser: Gerrard and Halliday

    Yes, a great man of class fits nicely into the manager of a great club who have standards.
  3. Numbers are important - Planck's constant, the national speed limit and the paid up fund members. Only 2 of these are known. The fund member total is a known unknown.
  4. Thought southern Germany was timmy, with the prods in the north. Or are Bayern an island of enlightenment?
  5. jamess

    55 is on the way

    If we are to win the league we will need additional quality creative players that can hit the ground running in January. I have no idea if this snooker player will be one of them.
  6. jamess

    Stewart Robertson - Fair Play

    We need to chase this down and not let go. They think they can get away with anything.
  7. jamess

    Our crowds early 80's

    Wit? I'd rather people stay to the end, but can't say a bad word for anyone who sticks with the team when we have a low point.
  8. jamess

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    Nice to have friends, especially if they have Rangers in there name.
  9. jamess


    I think Wes is a good keeper. but you can instantly see McGregor s a step up. When a shot comes in, he seems to fill the goal.
  10. jamess

    Morelos Goal

    Totally amazing finish. He scores the difficult ones and misses the sitters. Didn't see exactly what he did at the game, but you knew it was special.
  11. jamess


    I'm glad most seem to agree that he is one of the first names you'd put on the team sheet. You know what you will get - 100%.
  12. jamess

    The hype around the club and new fans

    Either defiance through the dark days or new fans now, I don't care how we do it, just great to see the stadium full every week.
  13. jamess


    Sums him up well
  14. If the pledges come in, were up to 96 then.