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  1. jamess

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    Correct. And some have mentioned the tracking back as a negative wrt attacking football. But quite often it is to cover Tav being so far up the pitch....attacking.
  2. jamess

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    A player to trust to put in the team. You know what you will get. Does a lot of tracking back and I find myself applauding his efforts more than most. I appreciate him and am always glad to see him on the team sheet.
  3. jamess

    From now till may

    We were unlucky in the semi final as well. Just need a bit more quality in the box. Interesting to see how Gerrard sets up the team with the additions.
  4. jamess

    From now till may

    Not just the minnows. 4 points dropped against hivs in a week. That still sticks in the throat.
  5. jamess

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Time to move on and see if he performs on the pitch. Nothing else matters now.
  6. jamess

    From now till may

    We have better players and if we are up for it there is no reason not to win. We need to start scoring goals again, and hopefully the new signings can hit the ground running. No time to play themselves in. I really think this will be the best chance we will get to 55. Half a season left, we are only just behind and we have shown we can play them off the park. If he players don't believe they can do it, then they never will.
  7. jamess


    Wow, looks like a player indeed. Can tackle and looks very comfortable on the ball. I've went from 'who?' to get him in now.
  8. jamess

    Ryan Hardie recalled

    We must give the boy a chance. We need to put teams away when dominating them. We should never risk being in that semi final position of having no available recognised striker.
  9. jamess

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    I'm starting to feel a bit more confident of 55 this season. This may be the year, not next. Hope the board keep digging deep to achieve what seemed a distant dream.
  10. jamess

    Will there be a replay of the game on Sky etc

    jack I think. Big 45 ahead.
  11. jamess

    Will there be a replay of the game on Sky etc

    Were playing well. Looks promising.
  12. jamess

    Morelos - Outstanding display

    Ran them ragged, but you know all that is in his mind is to get a shot off, no matter what the options around him are.
  13. jamess

    Will there be a replay of the game on Sky etc

    There too busy working on the timmy disaster trilogy - big timmy, Edinburgh timmy and Dundee timmy all slain.
  14. jamess

    Will there be a replay of the game on Sky etc

    Yeah, difficult to enjoy when your expecting the sucker punch that always seems to spoil the party. Will enjoy watching it again without the worry.