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  1. What has Green done wrong?

    Can someone please enlighten me as to how mentioning how many titles we have won makes me a catholic?
  2. What has Green done wrong?

    Bear78 - How dare you call me a trouble maker for mentioning 54 titles. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. Of course we have 54 titles, no matter what company we are we are still the rangers, thats just business... really what the fuck has this come to? And you're calling me a tim? fuck you.
  3. What has Green done wrong?

    Hm.... You guys seem to be just bullying this prodsquad guy. He is making some good points, asking the hard questions and supporting the man who brought 9-In-A-Row to us - Incompetent murray may have been with his management of the club but he did have the best of intentions. He is of course to blame to a great extent but without him we wouldn't be the greatest football club in the world. Like Murray, Prodsquad seems to be a bit incompetent in the way he is putting his arguement across but simply this manticore guy insulting his english rather than responding to his hard cutting points makes him look like more of a clown. Lets use this forum for what it is intended - To discuss things to ensure the future of rangers. We need to start with self analysis and we always need to remember our legacy (and the party certain individuals played in it) 54 titles, still going strong. In short - lets talk facts, make some progress and stop bullying people on the internet.
  4. Important Season Ticket Information

    personally i really dont know what to do about my season ticket. I'm worried about losing my money and getting nothing. I'm worried about getting a season ticket to The Rangers FC when there could be a possible other club ran by a walter smith consortium? I'm worried about watching 3rd divison football (though if i knew that's where we were playing i'd follow and pay my ticket ofc) I just dont know what to do, so if some more bears and true blues can post how they feel it will help me make my mind up.. already seeing a mixed opinion above. p.s. I didnt mean to make everyone rush to cancel their season tickets by my post, just thought it was important information to help make the decision!
  5. Important Season Ticket Information

    Fellow bears, blue nosed brothers and season ticket holders. If you paid by direct debit for your season ticket on full payment or part payment, your direct debit has been renewed. If you phone your bank right now the mandate will be active though they have not yet taken the money. I work at a bank. It takes 14 days for them to be able to take any money from you, so you can cancel it with them or cancel the direct debit with your bank. In truth... I don't know what the best decision here for a true blue to make is, perhaps you can give me some advice on that.. But I thought this would be important information for you all. Regards, Govanfrontman
  6. whitaker looking a player again

    Actually registered to make my point on this subject. Whittaker is a brilliant player. He makes terrible mistakes in defence however a lot of that is to do with walter/ally tactics (playing narrow and forcing teams out wide). We need to get off his back, stop being boo-boys and allow him to be put forward and have free reign and create his moments of magic in 1 in 10 games. Worth it. The space we should have afforded charlie adam.