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  1. Rangers home top £25

    Just ordered the home top on the jjb website this morning, £25.49 including delivery. Not bad;)
  2. Amy Macdonald

    It's about Scotland. When she sang it at T in the Park she said how she wrote it after singing the national anthem at the Scotland v Spain game. Sorry to disappoint some people
  3. Ian Black: I'll be a Div 3 star

    If we can afford him then I'd take him no bother
  4. 3pm Every Saturday

    Our home and away games should be at 3pm every Saturday now so I'm looking forward to it:) Although there could be a chance if they don't change the original fixtures that some home games will get moved to a Sunday if they clash with the tarriers.
  5. Giovanni Di Stefano coming out with some more interesting comments.

    He's on Talk FM at 5.05pm later so will be interesting to hear what he's got to say on there.
  6. Another Group?

    Yes. Rather than have only one wee corner signing at one end, why not have one at either end so the atmosphere is better heard at all parts of stadium.
  7. Open Letter to Naismith

    Hadn't seen that before but totally agree with it. Good letter;)
  8. Di Stefano makes offer

    GIOVANNI DI STEFANO FORMAL OFFER TO ACQUIRE THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB PLC 11 July 2012: ------------------------------------------- FORMAL OFFER TO ACQUIRE THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB PLC ------------------------------------------- Mr John Paul Clark/ Mr David John Whitehouse Duff & Phelps 43-45PORTMAN SQUARE WH1 6LY LONDON 11th July 2012 Dear Sirs THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB PLC I refer to our telephone conversation on the 9th July 2012 and my letter of same regarding the above. I refer also to my telephone conversation today at 11.02pm to which I still await a response. I have now ascertained from the English Football Association that The Rangers Football Club PLC is indeed eligible to play either in the Premier League or the Football League decisions that are those entirely on either of those two bodies. As I understand matters although your firm filed an application with the SFA when you were appointed as Administrators and also an application with UEFA according to those that advise me and my agents you did not consider the option of the Premier League or the Football League. The Rangers Football Club PLC is still de facto an active company and only de jure in administration still permitting the company to trade. I am aware that the assets of the company were sold and I have now received a full report on the per se liabilities and contingent liabilities. I have to say that prima facia in February 2012 based upon the balance sheet that I have seen I am somewhat surprised that Craig Whyte deemed the ‘company’ insolvent. However, those matters are of course no concern of mine and will be aired by the Prosecuting Authorities in due course. What concerns me solely is the status of The Rangers Football Club PLC. I am aware of the purported liabilities and am fully aware the assets were sold and do have a list of such. The way things remain at present is that in short HMRC and creditors will receive nothing once the company is formally dissolved. I HEREIN offer you the sum of £1 (ONE POUND) for the majority share capital of The Rangers Football Club PLC. As stated the sale is on the basis that I am aware of the liabilities both actual and contingent. It seems to be incongruent to liquidate a company that has seen two centuries of life and existence when there is a real possibility that such company can be used to participate in the English Football League or Premier League based upon its previous admission. This was not considered by your firm and as I understand it (although I have not received formal confirmation from Charles Green) neither by him or Sevco 5088 Ltd. By selling the company to me any remaining creditors are in a no worse position than by liquidation and if I am successful in any application to the English Premier or Football League there may well be a good chance that creditors will be repaid more than what was offered in the CVA. In any case at the moment they stand to receive nothing further than the proportion they received from the sale of assets. There is a school of legal thought that by virtue of the sale of assets and rejection of the CVA the company The Rangers Football Club PLC is now a company with no assets or liabilities but with a real option of subscribing to the English Premier League or Football League. It follows that time is of the essence and I urge upon you an immediate response. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely GIOVANNI DI STEFANO