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  1. Dickie1963

    Tav better than Hutton

    Thats a good argument for the pub. I think i might go for Hutton.
  2. Dickie1963

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    They are prepared to try to manipulate the powers that be. They now have an inside man on the Owners pay roll to be manipulated in McLellan I
  3. Dickie1963

    Playing out from the back

    I have coached various teams for many years. Playing out from the back and through midfield works against crap teams and you can think you are a great team but fails against good teams.
  4. Dickie1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I think they will probably win tonight but the ridiculously optimistic chuntering from the Tims that sit behind me is ridiculous. Normally they are like that just before another European defeat. They really think they can win Europa League !!! They are bang ordinary in Europe and they cant see it. I really think our expectations are realistic.
  5. Dickie1963

    White socks at home

    I dont particularly give much of a hoot about the colour of our socks but my fav I suppose was the all blue in Souness era
  6. Dickie1963

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Villarreal away in 2006 was my favourite European away gig. Valencia main square was mental all day. We hired a bus at a cost of €450 and told everyone who would care to listen to come with us to match from our hotel. Bus was an hour late I thought we were going to get lynched. Made €10 euros profit between 4 on bus. Flew from Glasgow to Bristol the day before and met the Cardiff lads there off to Valencia in the morning. Plane had to get deiced at Bristol 23 degrees in Valencia. If only Boydy had stuck that chance away at the end !!!
  7. Dickie1963

    *****Villarreal, Spartak Moscow and Rapid Vienna*****

    13th of December for last fixture. I have tickets fir Fisg at O2 in Glasgow that night. Last time I saw him there was the night Scotland beat France away. I hope its an omen although I wont be going in till the game is finished
  8. Dickie1963

    Club 1872 Statement

    I can see 2 things coming out of this 1. The astro will be swarming with kids playing football at our next home game 2. The politicians in question will try to deflect by crying about the social media abuse they will have received. And they will have received abuse but thats the level they are now operating at.
  9. Dickie1963

    Rangers 5-1 celtic (2000)

    My wife was on a bus trip that day and someone shouted out that Rangers had won 5 1. Someone else shouted out that celtic had beaten Rangers 6 2 earlier in the season. The wife shouted out that Rangers won on away goals then. Proud of her.
  10. Dickie1963

    Scottish News on STV just now

    I was just going to say similar.
  11. Dickie1963

    Livingston pitch

    New 3G pitches have too much rubber crumb laid and it settles down after a few plays. IThe pitch clearly should have been finished 2 or 3 weeks ago and had a few matches on it before used for a professional competitive match.
  12. Dickie1963

    Bill Leckie

    He writes childish garbage. No idea why he still has a job.
  13. Dickie1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The arrogance has been fed by The Press as well. I turned on radio as they were suggesting that celtic had outgrown Scotland the weekend after PSG had taken 6 off them !!!
  14. Dickie1963

    36 Games Left

    It's not a secret it's out there bold as brass
  15. Dickie1963

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Katic keeled over holding his side but he was playing for time