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  1. Mate gets Corprate a couple of times a Season in the Thornton Suite and generally takes 2 mates and a customer. Its the way to watch football. Up the marble staircase into the bar for drinks then through to Suite for a top of the range meal. A snack and a beer at half time then more beer at full time all on his company. I would recommend it to anyone.
  2. Why fo celtic fans put Scottish plave names on Irish tricolours ? Carmyle for instance. Pick an Irish town. Maybe the one your great great great great great grandparents left to come to Scotland in the 1830s
  3. Too many dire performances like this cost us the cost us league
  4. Ridiculous. Nothing game petering out OF match next week. Lost for words.
  5. That article is a really poor show.
  6. Its 3am in Orange County and brother in law is waiting up for match. Just phoned. He is completely p!shed. Wont see end of match. Not a snowballs.
  7. Nicky being investigated for attack on woman apparently
  8. Watched it in Rangers SC in Blackpool. Something like a Wheeltappers and Shunters Club.
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