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  1. Genuinely shocked at BBC. Nobody is perfect and Fernando was more perfect than most. Surely our National Broadcaster could have girded their loins and kept it to platitudes. I cant believe they would ever print a negative comment about an ex celtic player on the day they died.
  2. If the manager thought we were better than them he would have played 2 wingers as usual. Especially at home. Gutted at the team selection. International break coming up cant believe we didnt play our best team. We needed to put down a marker but they did.
  3. Team selection was very poor. They played 2 wingers at our place and we had a team of defensive players. Says to me SG knows they are better than us. And that's worrying Went ballistic when he brought on Ojo instead of Jones.
  4. I cant do 19th. Is it too late to ask them to change ? Seriously hacked off tbh.
  5. Morelos goal ruled offside at 3 2 up when at least a yard onside.
  6. UEFA dont care about songs about IRA they aren't sending bombs to Switzerland
  7. Google BT Sports Bars in Edinburgh. I thought that I was going to be in Auld Reekie today. Murrayfield Hotel is one that brings a bell. Also the Irish Bar next to The Liquid Rooms in Victoria Street.
  8. Tbf how much time have the club had to sort this. My ticket would probably have been in that area through bus. Was last week. Funny thing is I haven't sung a naughty word inside Ibrox for years. We are where we are as.y boss used to say when things were going tits up. Let's get ourselves sorted and move on. We have a great songbook that doesnt use religiously offensive words. We are in a world where singing songs in support of a proscribed terrorist organisation is acceptable - in the country they are bombing. We need to live with it and move on.
  9. We have known this day had been coming for years. Other clubs have been hit and we wont be the last. I am annoyed because I might not see next Thursdays match. The line must be drawn on the sand we know what we shouldnt sing so we dont. In future I hope we can all get to Ibrox and watch the footie.
  10. Guys are picking good teams not including any of the guys who played midweek. Squad is much stronger. This hasn't happened for years.
  11. My sons was the same. Thankfully he had to shave it for face fitting for his RPE this week.
  12. Just said that to the wife. Ourfans were destroyed on evening news and briefly turned on radio to hear Stewart with his anti Rangers take on yesterday. celtic would have been all over the story from first thing this morning making sure their story was put forward as fact.
  13. When Killie scored we started getting at them. Why not from the start
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