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  1. I dont have that many friends ­čśŽ
  2. A lot of guys in here would be surprised how many Bears follow Scotland. I know of 3 that were in San Marino.
  3. Good bluenose but not happening. Too slow.
  4. Kazhakstan 0 Russia 4 just now. Shows how poor Thursdays result for Scotland was
  5. We still paid him and his attitude was cr@p if you read between the lines of what Gerrard said. Cant have that in the first team squad or club at all. Best way to let him know he isnt wanted and should move on.
  6. For me he is a guy that doesnt score goals is 34 years of age Middlesbrough dont want him and neither do I. How many wingers do we need. Murphy, Middleton, Grezda, Jones, Kent (on loan i suppose ) Candeias and potentially the boy Hastie from Motherwell ? I cant believe we are interested.
  7. Described as a "no trick pony" not for me unless Murphy is done.
  8. If evidence is lost it is very serious and there must be a top level investigation. I await the outcome.
  9. In 20 years he will be 15 stone sitting in a bar regaling stories of the time he megged John Terry in training.
  10. Ref was really poor. I dont want to be a Tim I am going crap not corrupt. Tims get a ref like that questions in Parliament tho.
  11. Ref was crap. Gave Morelos hee haw incl possible pen probable free kick at edge of box.
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