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  1. Stevie G doesnt need money. He wants the Liverpool gig which is cool. I dont think he will leave us.
  2. Their manager wont be telling them to get the ball down and play pretty football. Win the battle then go out and win the war.
  3. I have managed and run football teams for years and I will say now what I have said to every defender and defensive team. You are judged by the number of goals you lose. Not the number of 40 yard passes you make onto a sixpence Today Tav had a mare.
  4. Absolutely desperate performance. Gobsmacked at that. We are not nearly as good as I thought we were.
  5. This has been feckin desperate. Not good enough and a real eye opener. Lennon was maybe right about the number of away matches because I am genuinely surprised at this performance. Their goallie has had a day off.
  6. I agree but was it just a junior reporter expanding the story ? I dont read much into this at all. What they supposed to say it was the word of a young boy v grown man.
  7. Why would the club have reported anything to the Police. His father was there for goodness sake. Legislation requiring the club to act surely came much later ? If something had happened to my son at Livingston FC I would have gone straight to the Police and not gone near the club.
  8. I say again. Why haven't the club issued a statement. This reeks of gross incompetence. Tomorrows papers will be getting printed. I feckin despair. It's simple. Not Rangers responsibility to report. The boys father was there for goodness sake.
  9. I suspect They would have had a response out by now. This needs put to bed and quickly.
  10. I dont necessarily get it why a football club many years ago should report anything to the Police. That is the parents responsibility. Nowadays I recognise that's different. But I believe no sexual assault took place ? Certainly one was threatened and thats bad enough.
  11. Threatening to or did ? Did he actually do anything physical ?
  12. It's not a step down for him because he is going to get a game on a Saturday.
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