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  1. The obsession with Alfredo is at least odd and potentially verging on sinister. The last time I remember something similar was with Djouff and he was also a black Rangers player.
  2. Thousands of celtic fans gave up singing songs in support of a proscribed terrorist organisation responsible for thousands of deaths to be offended by a hand gesture. An organisation that sent bombs to the same city as the football match less than a year earlier. You couldn't make it up.
  3. I am presuming Morelos was informed at the time.
  4. Wow just wow. Holy crap is that really the level of journalism in this country.
  5. I have been in his company twice. My pal is involved in football. Yes he is a bit arrogant. No surprise there there are a few like that in football. Came across OK in general (sorry) My overriding memory though is thinking that he wasnt that bright !!!
  6. He has tickets to tour of celtic pubs to sell.
  7. In a nutshell. If we win the league there could be civil war
  8. celtic learned they only have to convince their own. The fact that we can see through their charades means nothing.
  9. Not exactly subtle but they dont have to be
  10. I am concerned about Alfredo now. Christie 2 game Aye. Opens door for Citing Alfrefo.
  11. When Edu scored the winner at Ibrox I jumped up and got the elbow of the guy behind on the top of my head. Feckin concust.
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