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  1. When I played I was called a futility player because I was crap in every position
  2. A fantastic intriguing story destroyed by a cold hard fact
  3. Saw a Facebook post by one of Them with Jock Stein standing behind a table with some trophies on it. Actually turned my stomach. At some point they will have to change the name of that stand.
  4. The only thing I would say is that most Rangers fans still hold him in reasonable/high esteem and that most would support Ally being at Ibrox. My opinion having spoken to Bluenoses at work. Lower Middle Class chaps don't tend to do much Social Media and if they do have their own opinion. Just saying as a Lower Middle Class chap
  5. I actually feel for referees where do they go from here? They have been completely undermined
  6. This must be a wind up
  7. Was slower than me and I am 53
  8. This is my stance. I only talk football to mates who are. Gers fans.
  9. Your getting the hang of this.
  10. It's a long story relax enjoy the chat and accept you will get ripped a new one every now and then
  11. If there was a bias then the appeal for Scott Brown would have been brought forward. Wait a minute there is a clear precedent for that and it didn't happen. Danny Wilson has laughed off the elbow in the face he took v Aberdeen. If that had been the other way round it would have been trial by television and a retrospective red card and he would be missing for Sunday.
  12. Is it still not possible for them to arrange a last minute look at appeal like Kevin Thomson. I hope the club will have something to say about this but won't hold my breath tbh.
  13. It's desperate. The wee man appears to be a decent sort but he is being used as a marketing tool and that is shameful
  14. That must be pish the game is next Sunday and only Monday is a holiday