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  1. I have posted this many times but has anyone denied that Jock knew?
  2. How could SFA strip titles won under SPL
  3. It seems to me that the SPFL are coaching a man with a caution for a Sectarian offence how to strip titles. I am not convinced this isn't a wind up.
  4. Pretty sure he is a Bear who is overcompensating
  5. He is an Ulsterman who captained his country surely.
  6. It's undeniable that he is an odious lowlife but the press will protect him.Just like they protect Jock Steins memory. They probably would protect Ally McCoist too who knows. I knew the story today would be turned to let him be the victim. I don't think he needs pity or Counselling he is just a twisted horrible man who will have trouble following him all his life.
  7. There were times today I struggled to make out what he was saying
  8. I agree a winger who won't wing is useless. Better with a big strong midfielder. Not written him off yet but he needs to pull his socks up
  9. England Germany Spain
  10. For heavens sake. Deflection required Celtic Media Department.
  11. Tainted or not their league wins will always have a caveat against them they can't change that.
  12. Yep scorched earth policy for me
  13. Plenty suspicion but no hard evidence.