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  1. Last time I saw him was at least 25 years ago and he was selling sports gear at Ingliston Car Boot Sale
  2. That is shocking he should be on the Register as a minimum. Is he allowed near children unsupervised at training. What does his PVG check look like.
  3. When is Forest up in court for getting his knob out in a public place. Think it was a disco and might have been twice in the same night
  4. For the money we are spending I don't think we can expect world beaters but I expect them to be far better than we have. Also Pedro intends getting the ball forward far faster than under Warburton. I anticipate pushing them this year.
  5. What's French for en route
  6. If we provide chances he will stick them away
  7. There was a team from Luxembourg or Liechtenstein play in Swiss Div 2 and beat a Scottish team a few years ago mate but if I was you I would get the tin hat on. Incoming!!!!
  8. Meant after tomorrow before first round.
  9. Which bank
  10. It's important we get as many players as possible signed up before European deadline. Only one allowed after that
  11. Hoping Bruno plays as long as he doesn't get injured
  12. Surely there must be a sub editor at DR that has the brains to say non story bin it!!
  13. The game needs changed but not too much. I would go for the 2x 30 mins but would prefer 2x 35. If not going down that route then max 30 secs to take a free kick or corner and no opponent to be within 10 yards at any time or a bookong to stop the fannying around. I would also allow trainers on to deal with injuries at all times and the game continues like rugby.
  14. Was on his CR7 bar in Funschal half an hour ago. Heard he has a big court case coming up and he could be on his uppers so me and the missus popped in for a few. No more than 5 there thought the locals would have rallied round the poor bugger
  15. Who knows how good he could have been with decent service but on all honesty never looked the part. All the best Joe you are one of us now.