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  1. I heard King had Chicken Tarka. Its like Chicken Tikka but a little Otter
  2. Journalists in Scotland seem to be halfwits. He clearly wasn't offered job.
  3. His legendary status could be severely tarnished. He should go now.
  4. Awful news. RIP
  5. Aguero just scored
  6. 100%correct they are pish
  7. She's a Rangers fan who is perfectly entitled to her opinion. The folk on here who spend time trashing Rangers players ex players and fans does my head in sometimes.
  8. They rolled out Griffiths to speak today. For goodness sakes he is a known moron. It must be great to live in a reality where any success can always be put down to bias against you. They are unbeaten in Scotland this season and claim bias against them. Even for Celtic that is mental.
  9. Rising Sun in Bridge of Allan. For some reason the calmest I have ever been.
  10. That's crap you obviously know nothing about being a goalkeeping coach. You make no mention of cones or fast feet or dominating the penalty box. Which includes staying on your line and shouting at others. Or slightly outside it for Fod.
  11. Was he supposed to say GIRUY
  12. The big clubs such as real Barca Bayern and Man Utd have just about kicked the backside out of Champs league in Europe. Next step is China Japan USA teams to get involved. Maybe even Middle East. Teams from Scotland Holland Belgium etc won't get a sniff.
  13. Very similar incident in Aberdeen game Sutton will be all over it
  14. Bates is 20 I worry if he was any good he would be playing by now
  15. They have been fined so often its thread is only half a page