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  1. Same crowd would run it. Maxwell binned.
  2. I dont think they have shat anything yet !!! No great rush. As I said in another post. Wait to see what Hearts,Partick,Stranraer and Kelty do first.
  3. I am not sure second vote changes much. It was a vote to agree season couldnt be concluded. Waiting to see what Hearts, Partick, Stranraer and Kelty do I presume. Really surprised they havent given Doncaster a new 4 year contract to make it more expensive to get rid of him unless we can get him sacked.
  4. Get rid of Doncaster. Dossier suggests we have more than enough evidence.
  5. Board has stated categorically that the Status Quo cannot be maintained
  6. Yep. Every away ticket for their grounds will be sold. And they know it.
  7. First bloke in the white sweatshirt that Alex McLeish shakes hands with after getting his medal. That's me.
  8. I suspect the threat Park said he got from Doncaster was in relation to this ? SFA want hee haw to do with it. In return we wont go after them for counter signing the letter to UEFA sent before the actual vote confirming that clubs wanted to curtail league ?
  9. It's about getting rid of Doncaster et al. I refer you to our dossier and Leslie Dean's statement. Thee is enough there to get rid of Doncaster
  10. Yes. Warning this is last chance saloon.
  11. I really expect a prompt robust statement. It didnt take Hearts long.
  12. I think we are on our own. Reconstruction will get everyone else on board.
  13. Cool. I would really like a prompt update from the club.
  14. I agree but its not looking good.
  15. Unfortunately I now agree. Including those expecting regine change.
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