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  1. I am looking for us to get forward far quicker. Pass through teams. Width. Deliveries and someone on the end of them. Not Buff until his future is settled. One thing about Them is they do all of the above much better than us at times. Goldson is so pedantic in possession I end up shouting amy head off !!! He is a good defender though. A win. Any win will do though.
  2. The Magnificent B@stard all day long for me
  3. I am a mixture of excitement, fear, trepidation and expectation. Football team is having a barbecue at a players house starting at Noon for the game. Maybe 18 - 20 incl coaching staff will be there I have counted 6 bluenoses. A few of them have come out of the closet btw. Come on the Gers I cannae wait. Dont let us down.
  4. The fact we have signed a couple or 3 players but we will be fielding a team exclusively from last seasons players doesnt fill me with a huge amount of positivity for tomorrow. Mon the Gers.
  5. I was at a positive thinking course today. It was sh!t
  6. Maybe to give Greg Stewart a game up front as he might be required ?
  7. I am a Chartered person and have run large contracts as well as Supporters Clubs and other clubs. I have never known a set of minutes not to be adopted. Ever. Sometimes they need changed to reflect someones opinion of the meeting but 15 unapproved !!! What do they say that nobody will propose and second ? That has the potential to reek.
  8. No. Only for government or Local Authority not private.
  9. I agree. Was Doncaster truthful ? He lied to Sottish Govt is a possibility but ultimately the process was ended and SPFL won. Not a good day but hey ho we move on. We need to keep our eyes on them but looks like they can get away with not far short of anything.
  10. If we were innocent we would have officially denied it by now.
  11. If we were not guilty our Club would have issued a statement. Thankfully there were no positive tests or we would know. What will our punishment be ?
  12. Yep. I expected a statement by 9am
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