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  1. If you are reading this " Barry ", I have you down as a bull shitter.
  2. I've had a look on Google. A lot of these articles seem older. There is nothing that I can find that is up to date. The guy is from , or says he's from bearsden and has never mentioned the Cayman Islands. He did mention the isle of man where he negotiated the David Templeton deal.
  3. Had you heard of this guy before? He has never mentioned the Cayman Islands that im aware.
  4. Have any of you heard of this guy or know him. He says hes from Bearsden. He was on " Ibrox Radio " the other night ( He has been on a few other times too) He claims to know Ross Wilson from when he was an agent at Southampton and Stewart Robertson from University. He has also name checked ex player and now agent Neil Murray and Gordon Smith. On the face of it he seems very well connected and is giving listeners snippets of information like Gerrard being in talks with James Milner. Part of me wants to believe some of the things he is coming away with but on the other hand he could be just spinning a lot of shite. Have any of you had dealings with the guy or maybe even know him to ascertain if he is genuine or just another Walter Mitty?
  5. I have a share certificate with his signature on it from 1899
  6. If you were updating this picture, who would you put in? The most recent entry in the pic looks like PLG
  7. Welcome Brother Nomad. Whit school did you go tae?
  8. Both of his accounts get banned on a regular basis. One gets banned the other pops up. So, if it is a banning offence then one would be permabanned. Its not, never has been and never will be. So, to conclude, youre talking shite.
  9. Dont talk shite x 2 two words that dispell that " fact " is russell and nash
  10. It would be foolish NOT to have multiple accounts on FF the way the brandish their infraction of the rules card.
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