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  1. Nah they wouldnt use that if it is behind closed doors. It is too big so would cost too much when there are no fans. The spfl will no doubt opt for Hamilton and have the entire season played on that utter joke of a plastic pitch.
  2. Jaws. When you think about it, to make a film that iconic about fishing, it has to be number 1.
  3. I think the SPFL will offer up a resignation from Doncaster. The other two will stay. We will probably take that as a win, but I suspect they will just put someone in who is Doncaster mark II.
  4. Do you think we are going to take it further, or do you think we are done now? I have a horrible feeling that we will get a statement about considering options and hint at going down a legal route, but nothing will materialise.
  5. As long as he isnt throwing Rod McKenzies weight behind it. We would be utterly fucked.
  6. The SFA have control over any professional football played in Scotland. We would need to have their permission, unless we were to up sticks and move the club to south of the border. Its not happening.
  7. I actually dont think there is any kind of evidence that would be strong enough to bring these fucks down. The appetite is just not there. There could be video evidence of Lawell and Doncaster paying Dundee money to change their vote and buy the title, and I genuinely think that it would not be enough to get anyone to care enough to change anything. They could come out and just hit Rangers with a 40 point deduction for next season, and no-one would care, they would actually probably applaud them. I genuinely dont think we can win this in this fucking country. If we produce something valid, and nothing is done, if fucking done with it all to be honest. Football in Scotland is a fucking joke.
  8. To be honest, im not fussed. It has completely tarnished their 9-in-a-row. I genuinely think that every time it is brought up in the future, it will be mentioned with the caveat around it being the Covid title. As far as I am concerned, ill just laugh at any of them who think they still maintain their run. Its so devalued its untrue. The in-a-row thing is purely something that matters to us and them, no-one else in world football gives a fuck. The very fact that it now has this title in it means it is much less valid than any other previous run. If it means nothing to me, then none of them can wind me up about it.
  9. celtic are going to be awarded the league, that is 100% certain. No-one should get their hopes up on anything otherwise. The thing Rangers are playing for is to remove the corrupt individuals at the top of the SPFL. That is the prize we are after.
  10. Would also be hilarious for the fact Scottish football has been in the gutter for two generations because of computer games, if it moved online, Scotland would probably win the world cup, with the Spaniards and Brazilians being utterly shite.
  11. Honestly surprised e-sports are not taking off and getting more exposure during this. Twitch and the likes are doing very well, but with a bit of effort, I'm sure sky and the likes could organise an EPL/SPFL competition. Have players of FIFA etc do try outs for their favourite teams and recruit an online roster. Then have Saturday matches and hold a league etc. Obviously a piss poor equivalent to watching the real game, but would at least give some form of live event for watching.
  12. Just watched it. Dear god, you dont realise how much football has moved on from this period. Game is so much faster now.
  13. I'm worried I'm having a stroke or something, but my brain cannot for the life of me work out the logic behind the numeric part of the OP.
  14. They will just tell us to fuck off. That SPFL guy could come out and say "I hate you bastards, I'm not giving you anything, celtic will win 10 in a row and we will help them" and we still would not be able to garner enough support to have him removed.
  15. Sounds like the start of a climb down PR piece from us. New PR guys has come in and tried to make a name for himself and completely fucked it. Absolutely no mention of a whistleblower, which pretty much confirms it was the leaked WhatsApp messages, and is now a damp squib. Basically now begging for an independent investigation and saying they might look into the legalities. Absolutely fuck all is coming from this and we are probably now in a weaker position than we ever have been.
  16. To play football at professional level in Scotland, you have to have the blessing of the SFA. We could not resign and move to England or anywhere else, even if the English were willing, unless the SFA also said that it is okay.
  17. It is getting to the point where I just dont think it is a fight that can be won to be honest. If it gets to the crunch, Doncaster will be given a huge fucking payout and retired. They will then claim Rangers forced out a good man, and then they will appoint Lawells next puppet to take over from him. The whole set up is just too fucking corrupt now, and they dont even hide it, it is being rubbed in our face. The issue is that we cant do anything about it.
  18. Rocket League is decent, but I dont know if that would qualify! You can get fifa and PES etc. The Golf Club 2 is also decent, but does not have the polish of the old Tiger Woods games.
  19. It will be done on the provision it will be reviewed in a year or so. Will cost them a couple of hundred grand at the very most.
  20. Trust me, its happening, and it will be nauseating. They will cut up the prize money even more so that the diddy teams get more.
  21. Partick are not being relegated. They will fall into line when the reconstruction comes around. Anyone who doesnt think that all the clubs will vote for it are crazy to be honest. Only we wont, and we will be crucified for it.
  22. To be brutally honest, this outcome is actually just about the fairest way to do things as I was arguing with @The Dude weeks ago. Could not call the leagues as they stood and relegate people who could have avoided the drop. Put it to a vote and get reconstruction on the table. This way you will find that no-one who was relegated unfairly, no-one missed out on promotion who was in the places to get it automatically. The one fucking thing they should have done to make sure it was fair all round is state that although a club is in the first spot in their league and they will get the benefit of that, they would not be considered champions. Dundee Utd get promoted and celtic get a shot at the CL. Bit shit as we could have been the ones earning that, but I could just about swallow it. None of this excuses the way the SPFL have behaved here though. Rangers must go after them and have their heads removed. If they fail in this, then im probably done with the game to be honest.
  23. Whats the betting Dundee get a friendly off of Hearts and celtic now?
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