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  1. Aye but you get shorter with age
  2. You're right, fans are changing for the worse
  3. Is he still a mad man?
  4. I wanted to post a thread just now but really can't be fucked moaning anymore. Like everyone else leaving tonight I was just glad this shite is over for the season, the worry is how much better it'll be next. Good players must be brought in, we'll know fairly soon if next year is going to be tough.
  5. Definitely those 2 have a possible future with us, the rest probably not. Beerman got stuck in a few times, winning some headers for a small guy but with a bit of aggression. The rest of them, the lack of fight was embarrassing
  6. Sorry I hadn't seen that amazing patter
  7. Likey mclikerson is going full pelt now
  8. What stand is she in? I'm in GR, furthest I'll travel would be GF
  9. We were fucked with the 3 player foreign rule at the time, meaning we had to play shitey scottish players. Both italy and france had much better home grown players (or from ex colonies) edit, found an old story and guess who's name is in there http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/relief-at-end-of-foreigner-rule-1526032.html
  10. Haha, had a look at the teams in the final with AC (papin on the bench for ac), I miss those days. Marseille: GK1 Fabien Barthez 70' RB2 Jocelyn Angloma 62' LB3 Éric Di Meco 31' SW4 Basile Boli 56' CM5 Franck Sauzée CB6 Marcel Desailly CB7 Jean-Jacques Eydelie CF8 Alen Bokšić CF9 Rudi Völler 79' RM10 Abedi Pele LM11 Didier Deschamps (c) Substitutes: MF12 Jean-Christophe Thomas 79' DF13 Bernard Casoni MF14 Jean-Philippe Durand 62' FW15 Jean-Marc Ferreri GK16 Pascal Olmeta Manager: Raymond Goethals Milan: GK1 Sebastiano Rossi RB2 Mauro Tassotti LB3 Paolo Maldini CM4 Demetrio Albertini CB5 Alessandro Costacurta CB6 Franco Baresi (c) RM7 Gianluigi Lentini 39' CM8 Frank Rijkaard CF9 Marco van Basten 86' LM10 Roberto Donadoni 58' CF11 Daniele Massaro Substitutes: GK12 Carlo Cudicini DF13 Stefano Nava MF14 Stefano Eranio 86' MF15 Alberigo Evani FW16 Jean-Pierre Papin 58' Manager: Fabio Capello
  11. Marseille were some team, Pele was another brilliant player. That bastard boli was in the same team
  12. 他妈的教皇
  13. 1989 versus the scum, 2-1 the first win at that shitheap in something like 8 years. edit: here's the video
  14. His best games have been when he's in the middle. He's so lightweight though, it just worsens the lack of fight in midfield and at the moment he can't be trusted too much there either. I'd like to keep him, many of his performances this season have been utter gash and knew well before half time he'd be subbed, but I do think with a much stronger defensive midfield and better defence he could be a good first team player for us.
  15. can't believe no one's said it'd be a slippery slope (copyright jeremy clarkson)