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  1. Whens the xmas pie coming back again?
  2. I was one of them replying it was pointless. I've been in meetings like this where we agree to have a meeting. Really they've made a bit of a cunt of it by calling that a statement when it's not that informative news. We EXPECT they're asking questions, it's the answers that are more important.
  3. I fucking hate some of our players right now, they are spineless.
  4. Heads gone
  5. Thought this myself. Our whole team smokes a 5 skinner before games, or a couple of temazepam, or jellies.. I reckon there's a good few pros in Scotland sniffing or taking uppers though not during games.
  6. There are 2 sides to every story.
  7. I don't think he's shown anything other being able to get up for headers. He looks to suffer the same problem Waghorn has, they can't fucking shoot.
  8. I'm fucking sick of this shite. The board and every other cunt employed by us right now are taking the pish right out of us
  9. You missed the point but do you think the media don't read this place or FF aye? What about when ahmad was kicking about here? You're serious right :D
  10. Yer fucking right they won't play like that tomorrow. What about sunday?
  11. That season was bad. The Alloa home game still burns a memory.
  12. Must admit my patience snapped recently with the management but I do feel slightly guilty for it. There is a lot of nonsense written about us, probably starting in forums like this and all it does is keep internet chat on it very polar. Watching from the first game of the season it was clear we were going to be inconsistent but the repeated mistakes are hard to take. It feels at the moment we aren't learning or progressing which is also hard to deny.
  13. Uho Ehiogu
  14. Probably scouting for some unheard of wonderkid then.