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  1. I agree, those folk at grenfell tower don't know how lucky they are.
  2. It's not my cup of tea either but I'm sure it is for others. I'm also assuming the profits/proceeds of this goes to club 1872 too.
  3. Remember the stories about them giving cska food poisoning? I'm sure we took our own chefs to france @Perth_Campsie_Ger should know :)
  4. It was some squad, even though tapie and the other bastards were cheating, it was a great team.
  5. boksic, pele was some player too
  6. Aye but Miller scored
  7. Really the thread should have been locked after this, it says exactly what's needed and no need for further discussion with the trampy obsessed cunt.
  8. Aye but the boy BEE knows (who works at the club btw) said he saw him training (hopefully longer than 20 minutes), that's enough for me. Plus his mate laughed at him when he said sometimes players aren't good at training. What about Alves? He's not even arrived for training, he could be utterly fucking shite. I'm pretty sure BEE's taking the pish here
  9. We'll just get hammered by limassol anyway and earn a few pounds from a much lower crowd
  10. Even worse than that, the players look rubbish too.
  11. This will be their first win in europe ever, 3 draws previously. Unacceptable
  12. That's fucking embarrassing, fucking cunt of a team
  13. Long way to go till we've anything like team for this season but we look as ineffective as we've always been.
  14. Is this what WAGS mumsnet looks like?
  15. It's mental there's still over a month till the season starts considering this is probably the shortest preseason we've ever had. We'll be fit and ready to go when it starts but even starting back so early, europe will be difficult for us. It's a new team again and it's a while off ready.