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  1. To me Mr Vallance was the 5th Pioneer
  2. Well don't fecking buy it next season, in fact don't go back (tu)
  3. c'mon James your being a tad hard on the guy IMO , you've never streamed a game ?
  4. any links guys
  5. My thoughts are with my fellow Bear Get well soon..
  6. He is 54, And sad to say, can't see him making 55 with Rangers in both sense of the matter
  7. We'll learn from this.... We go again next time
  8. Post match: Postives to take. Learn from it. Train well, prepare well.
  9. our midfield is anonymous
  10. Who really gives a feck who gets booed, been going on between fans of Rangers/them for a long time
  11. Never noticed this last night, but clocked it this morning on my Twitter timeline: Shannon Elizabeth @shanna**** RIP Ryan Baird. You will be missed big man! You saved my mum and other people on that bus I wish I could thank you for that ? This guy saved others, RIP Big Man ......
  12. So sad, RIP to a Fellow Bear
  13. Very poor second half, in fact, crap