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  1. North Rd

    Sad news -- Bear passing

    Believe it is D'Art ! Was in his Blood, Condolences to all, Family and Friends
  2. North Rd

    New Daily Record blog.

    Hope it goes well for you @The DudeKnow you didn't even get an interview for the RFC media position, which while you go to all the U20 games etc and report on it , should have at least gave you a chance. No lover of That paper either, but your correct, we all have to pay bills. Just don't pander to them and write your own reports without it getting edited ..
  3. North Rd

    Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    That snake Houston
  4. North Rd

    Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Thanks for everything you have done D'Art and you can walk away with your head held high And with that, I'm out
  5. North Rd

    Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    @Weerthepeople @Snagsy1980 @Club1872rfc @4thProtocol @cocobelle79 @JoanneRST they have 6 mnths to go , either co-opt or hold an election
  6. North Rd

    ***The Official Hearts V Rangers Thread***

    any links guys
  7. We'll learn from this.... We go again next time
  8. North Rd

    ***The official Rangers vs. St Johnstone match thread***

    Post match: Postives to take. Learn from it. Train well, prepare well.
  9. North Rd

    *****The official Rangers v Them Match Thread****

    our midfield is anonymous
  10. Very poor second half, in fact, crap
  11. we always seem to be lost in the final third
  12. North Rd

    ***Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread***

    When you shop in Poundland
  13. North Rd

    ***Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread***

    I'm quietly confident