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  1. dazbo84

    World cup bets

    lads weekend at a log cabin ? Ul need to win big to cover the damage done
  2. unfortunately I have to agree , this is going nowhere
  3. dazbo84

    Liverpool FC

    Fuck Liverpool fuck Brendan fuck Gerrard Fucking Yaldi
  4. dazbo84

    Liverpool FC

    is that you Alcapone ?
  5. dazbo84

    Liverpool FC

    Squeaky bum time
  6. dazbo84

    Liverpool FC

    u calmed doon yet petal ?
  7. dazbo84

    Liverpool FC

    Wee rino going out to set the world to rights
  8. Treble again this week , Preston , Rochdale ,Falkirk £50 returns £396
  9. nice one mrwin keep them coming