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  1. He needs a mask, otherwise he's a repulsive looking fud.
  2. More chance of them being investigated for paedophilia.
  3. Three of them offside before the ball was even placed and were never onside at any point, I want the linesman's head
  4. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the new rule about the ball striking the ref yet. Hearts played a nothing ball into both our ch's and because the ball brushed the ref on its way through they got a drop ball we couldn't contest and they gained 20 or 30 yards.
  5. He must not have heard about the 2 young teens crushed to death outside of a hotel in a crowd of a couple of hundred.
  6. Not very comparable reasons for getting a ban but I'm sure you already knew that.
  7. They will pay the bbc a set fee which won't change even if thousands cancel their Netflix but I'm certain you already knew that.
  8. Should get banned for posting shit like that especially as it downloaded
  9. Great start, hope Higgins gets back to 12 each.......and then humped 18 12
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