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  1. trueblue 64

    Levein wants us to pay for VAR

    They could use the money they got from us for Lafferty considering they got him on a free then a matter of months later screwed every penny they could get from us for his signature,
  2. Freesports appear to be showing the first leg at 5pm and the second leg at 8pm, excellent news as I missed the first one.
  3. trueblue 64

    Sasa Papac

    Papac was back in Scotland for Kris Boyd’s testimonial at Rugby Park on Saturday. The 38-year-old played in a Rangers Euro XI beaten 6-3 by Boyd’s Killie Heroes. Papac, who was part of the Gers side that reached the 2008 Uefa Cup Final, sees no reason why the current crop can’t continue making their mark in the Europa League. He said: “It’s great to see Rangers in Europe again. I have watched every game on TV and seeing those matches at Ibrox again is terrific. “I am so surprised by it because we have not been in Europe over the past few years and the lads have coped with it really well. “The team has the opportunity to make that next step and the games against Villarreal and Rapid Vienna are very important for them. “In 2008, we didn’t know that we were going to make it to the final. We just played from game to game and grew with every match. “We weren’t the favourites in many of the games and just tried to do our best job in every match. We will see how it goes. “Gerrard is doing great and has made real progress. I am surprised but so happy to see it. “His background as a successful player can help him. He was a great player and won so many trophies. He can certainly bring Rangers some new power. “Will Rangers get back to where they were? Of course. Why not? If you look at history, Rangers have had gaps without trophies in the past as well. “This is one of those times and you must accept this, but I think the future can be special. If Stevie Gerrard stays, I think there will be progress in future. “And it can be soon. I think that is possible.” But Papac, three times a title winner under Walter Smith, is not convinced Rangers are quite ready to give celtic a serious run for their money this term. He said: “It’s difficult to say as it is too early. The season is long and we will see how this team is playing in February, March or April “That is a very important time and we will see then if they can compete with celtic for the title. “You need a big squad if you want to compete in the league and in Europe, as well as the Scottish Cup. It is not easy to do it. “Everything is new with Rangers. I think everyone is surprised to see them doing so well, so we will see.” Papac was a serial winner during his six years in Scotland and is now hoping he can play another vital role in helping out Gerrard. The former fans’ favourite admits he is only a phone call away if Gerrard wants any scouting advice on the Balkan market he has already sourced to good effect. Papac said: “If I can help, then I am here. Right now players from Croatia are very interesting for everybody because they did so well in the World Cup. “You can find some good players there and they are not expensive. This is important. It can be a very interesting country in future. “Nikola Katic and Borna Barisic came over and, of course, Eros Grezda signed from Osijek “Scouting and watching players is not my job but in future who knows? I have no job right now and I am waiting.” Papac retired from football with a groin injury when he left Rangers in 2012, but he remains a fully paid-up member of the supporters’ club. He added: “I come back two or three times a year. I watch Rangers games every season. “Last time I was here was back in May when we celebrated ten years since the Uefa Cup Final. scoring drought “I still watched the games when we were in the old Third Division. “This is my club. I will support Rangers to the end of my life. “Every game on TV, anywhere, I will watch the games when I have the chance. “I had a great six years here. The best time of my life was here.  “My family also had a great time here and I have great memories that will stay in my heart forever. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/sport/football/football-news/Rangers-can-follow-2008-heroes-13608863 
  4. trueblue 64

    Does anyone care?

    Great save by Bates from forest
  5. Right the wrongs' Speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme, solicitor Patrick McGuire described the official statement as "insipid" and warned celtic not to take "some sort of victim mentality". He said: "We are asking celtic, in their own right, for their own past wrongs, to do the right thing. "The survivors of this abuse have been waiting for a very long time. They won't wait much longer." Mr McGuire, whose Glasgow-based firm is representing 10 former celtic Boys Club players, also questioned celtic FC's claim that it was only alerted to stories about Torbett in the 1990s. He said: "I was very interested, shall we say, in that particular comment. That they would choose to pin their colours to such a mast so factually. "When was it that celtic Football Club knew, or ought to have known, about what was going on and when should that club have taken action? Was it in the 90s? I have evidence to the contrary." Image captionPatrick McGuire has vowed to take celtic to court if it fails to meet his clients celtic FC have repeatedly insisted that the club was a completely separate entity from the boys club. Mr McGuire described that as "simply incorrect". He said: "We say that the two organisations, even if the boys club was a separate legal entity which in itself is questionable, were utterly intertwined. "The connection, both financial and institutional, between the two is a very significant factor." Don't see this going away anytime soon and will gather momentum when the other criminal cases are heard.
  6. trueblue 64

    ***The Official Rangers V Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    That's very risky, we'll probably crash and burn.
  7. Nice one, what you gonna do to the taig?
  8. trueblue 64


    He probably only travelled to get some legal weed.
  9. trueblue 64

    Maribor Charged By UEFA

    Greegs is a fucking grass as well as a Judas, great game but.
  10. trueblue 64

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    Good of them to acknowledge its green and 'grey'
  11. trueblue 64

    James Bay - Simply The Best

    Get him on at half-time first home taig match.
  12. trueblue 64

    Ryan Jack speaks on Tackle by Kipre

    Tom Miller on RTV called it correctly as soon as it happened, I was busy doing something else but knew by his reaction that it was a horror tackle so I came back to watch the replay.....and he wasn't wrong.
  13. trueblue 64

    Who’s going to Turkey this summer?

    Just back from Kusadasi on Sunday but never saw the Orange tops unfortunately. Our resort was that good my 7 yo son didn't want to go into Kusadasi town so I went to a local bazaar to get my granddaughter something for her 1st birthday. The designer fakes were such good quality and value that I went to the ATM and got a few hundred to top up my suitcase. Our resort was well under 10% British so I doubt Kusadasi would have them, I have been to Marmaris before which is more popular with the British.
  14. trueblue 64

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Even with their removable supports that are removed/replaced every home match. What happens when high winds coincide with a match? Shut the shitehouse down I say.
  15. A really genuine guy gets assaulted at his work and gets ridiculed for speaking up for himself, would they treat an assaulted shopkeeper in the same manner, fucking pondlife cunts.