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    If they have anything to do with Chivas Regal I'm in.
  2. Transfer Window

    Sounds about right, that shit I'm smoking is stronger than I thought.
  3. Transfer Window

    Pedro slapped the "itk guy" doon by making him look stupid, a wee bit like he slapped Sutton doon.
  4. Welcome to Rangers John

    It's hard to trust a guy with a first name as a surname, it's even harder to trust a guy named Declan, but I trust this guy to add something to our team, welcome to the best squad in the country......Billy
  5. A Bear friendly munchie box

    Errr yurrr lighters 3 furra pound.
  6. New goal music?

    We had different tunes for different scorers last season IIRC.
  7. Don't sing add on's they might offend...

    We just put traffic cones on the dugs where I live.
  8. When the Rangers players did the huddle at the savilledome the ref broke it up and the taigs went mental, the rags wanted us punished as well, somehow it was sectarian and bigoted.
  9. Congratulations DaMarcus Beasley

    Fuck you and your likes
  10. NOW TV Subscription For Sunday

    Cheers mate, the fucker is going to switch off before the barca game, most sites you join pester you to upgrade.
  11. NOW TV Subscription For Sunday

    I got a day pass, great quality picture, does anyone know if you can upgrade it to a week?
  12. Have the board played a blinder

    That must give you some dunt.
  13. The devil...... I hope he doesn't bring religion into Scottish football
  14. Sky sports let Brown off the hook?

    Rangers TV showed a good angle on it, blatant forearm smash
  15. Support Pedro

    I'd rather have a Pedro than a tranny