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  1. This is exactly the kind of thing we should be doing and also stating failure to take action will result in contacting their sponsors to make sure they're aware of where their sponsorship money is going.
  2. Great start, hope Higgins gets back to 12 each.......and then humped 18 12
  3. He's been at it all season, the pussy must be drying up.
  4. Where's this white gonna end up, almost like he was willing them in off, prick was daeing ma heid in
  5. Tenerife, magaluf and Marmaris, best was an old firm on a 6inch black and white tv while trolling on loch tay in my cabin cruiser.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-47678711 Torbett refused appeal Hopefully the beast spills his guts now.
  7. I think he was telling the ref that toe crusher Broadfoot had just pulled off the save of the match
  8. I agree it's a little hard to read mainly because it's the brutal cold truth.
  9. If anything stops good foreign players coming here it wont be a few naughty songs or coins being thrown it will be the treatment the best player in the league has received for daring to be foreign and head and shoulders better than everyone else.
  10. If I was putting it on social media yes but I'm positive everyone in here knows the countless reasons why.
  11. It's time to get rid of this republican hypocrite. https://www.change.org/p/everyone-remove-james-dornan-from-all-influence-involving-the-national-anti-sectarianism-group-2034d722-f8e7-45f8-a87a-ba1b0ba6a5d7
  12. Hopefully he needs to add SG to it soon.
  13. Last year c1872 set up a separate news company for releasing statements because it is now a major shareholder and needed to protect the club legally from anything controversial that they released, I suspect Traynors interview was released through them for the same reason and also he is not an employee of the club, he is a freelance consultant.
  14. Especially after the coffee shop in Edinburgh debated the sectarian attack on tlb in a match played in Edinburgh between hearts and hibs.
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