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  1. trueblue 64


    He probably only travelled to get some legal weed.
  2. trueblue 64

    Maribor Charged By UEFA

    Greegs is a fucking grass as well as a Judas, great game but.
  3. trueblue 64

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    Good of them to acknowledge its green and 'grey'
  4. trueblue 64

    James Bay - Simply The Best

    Get him on at half-time first home taig match.
  5. trueblue 64

    Ryan Jack speaks on Tackle by Kipre

    Tom Miller on RTV called it correctly as soon as it happened, I was busy doing something else but knew by his reaction that it was a horror tackle so I came back to watch the replay.....and he wasn't wrong.
  6. trueblue 64

    Who’s going to Turkey this summer?

    Just back from Kusadasi on Sunday but never saw the Orange tops unfortunately. Our resort was that good my 7 yo son didn't want to go into Kusadasi town so I went to a local bazaar to get my granddaughter something for her 1st birthday. The designer fakes were such good quality and value that I went to the ATM and got a few hundred to top up my suitcase. Our resort was well under 10% British so I doubt Kusadasi would have them, I have been to Marmaris before which is more popular with the British.
  7. trueblue 64

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Even with their removable supports that are removed/replaced every home match. What happens when high winds coincide with a match? Shut the shitehouse down I say.
  8. A really genuine guy gets assaulted at his work and gets ridiculed for speaking up for himself, would they treat an assaulted shopkeeper in the same manner, fucking pondlife cunts.
  9. trueblue 64

    Rangers hanging their fans out to dry (part 2)

    The day after the final I started the thread "so proud of the bears who confronted them" or words to that effect. Iirc, I considered posting the thread for a few hours but had reservations about publicly defending actions which could be considered illegal. I am pretty certain I started the thread within minutes of reading the boards statement. I spent a lot of that week watching videos posted by fans and I have no doubt in my mind that had the bears not went on to the park, they junkies were coming into our end. I still stand by the statement I made that day, it's a great pity the board don't.
  10. I can tell you what I do in Canada & Mexico.

    Chrome with Hola (I choose the US for VPN) works for me & my RTV subscription when I am here in the UK.

    It is better than trying to search for a stream that works. RTV is a lot more stable and compared to the price of a ticket ................... a great deal (don't care what anybody says) even if it is not HD quality LOL


    1. trueblue 64

      trueblue 64

      I used hola with a puffin browser, but it did not give me an option for country, I haven't signed up yet as was not convinced I had done it right. I will try as you advised and thanks very much for replying, 

  11. Only from the auld fat bird with the hoops top on.
  12. trueblue 64

    Rangers FC statement

    Great statement, but missed out criticizing the playing of their songs on the PA, and the decision by Edinburgh Council to allow the rioters to have a procession in the capital city today.
  13. trueblue 64

    Glasgow Boyne Celebrations and Central Scotland

    Just got back from Coatbridge with the family, everyone had a brilliant day . Thanks to dunny for the tip about Gartsherrie bridge, the place was bouncing. My two year old is running around banging his drum he got from the walk. Great day out.
  14. trueblue 64


    Times and dates prove you drove this, i was always playing catch up till you got me to -4, so i went on the offensive. I tried to speak to you by PM but all you did was search out weeks old posts and add taig comments to them, part 2 of your plan to discredit me.
  15. trueblue 64


    I originally neg repped you along with 5 other people because i did not agree with your post, you neg repped a 2 week old post in retaliation and started tit for tat. 2 of the 6 who neg repped you had low rep so you went after us 2 knowing if it went tit for tat you could destroy our rep then start calling us taigs. There is nothing taigy about any of my posts, prove me wrong or shut up with the taig pish. Anyone checking times and dates will see who started this and also that i've pos repped you before so it's not personal on my part. You drew me down to your level with the repping so i'll refrain from name calling.