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  1. We had different tunes for different scorers last season IIRC.
  2. We just put traffic cones on the dugs where I live.
  3. When the Rangers players did the huddle at the savilledome the ref broke it up and the taigs went mental, the rags wanted us punished as well, somehow it was sectarian and bigoted.
  4. Fuck you and your likes
  5. Cheers mate, the fucker is going to switch off before the barca game, most sites you join pester you to upgrade.
  6. I got a day pass, great quality picture, does anyone know if you can upgrade it to a week?
  7. That must give you some dunt.
  8. The devil...... I hope he doesn't bring religion into Scottish football
  9. Rangers TV showed a good angle on it, blatant forearm smash
  10. I'd rather have a Pedro than a tranny
  11. IIRC John Greig originally grew his beard to protect stitches in a facial wound and allow him to keep playing.
  12. Even with their removable supports that are removed/replaced every home match. What happens when high winds coincide with a match? Shut the shitehouse down I say.
  13. Peter nailed him with the elbowing incident, same type of challenge Sutton said Garners was red and the St Johnstone one was an everyday challenge, my 6 year old son spotted it.
  14. Lovenkrands co commentry on RTV is superb and passionate but he is on a club channel, Sutton is on a public PPV channel and drones on and on and is so one sided he should be on sCumTV.
  15. 30k bears sign up, every penny goes to the club, nice wee transfer kitty and would probably exceed what we get from sky and bt.