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  1. It's fucking reeking in here.
  2. If he was involved in any way he would never be admitting it. I'm even more certain now that he's not involved.
  3. John Greig, mate.
  4. You're okay. Every support needs a cheeky chappy or two.
  5. He's a brilliant salesman but as long as what he's selling is a successful club and a stable future I'll be a happy buyer.
  6. Fucking show us them then.
  7. Nail on the fucking head, mate.
  8. Anyone there over the last 10 years needs to stay the fuck away from the club. Now that Green's in charge he hasn't given us a reason to think he has anything other than the clubs best interests at heart. Any talk of whoever wanted to buy the club needs stop as everything seems to be heading in the right direction. As for him wanting to buy Leeds before us, so what? He never said he was anything other than a business man so I don't see the relevance.
  9. We're fine with the money going to the Oldco to pay creitors. We're not fine with that corrupt shower of SPL cunts keeping our money to pay their own debts.
  10. They'll probably sanction us for it.
  11. Thousands of paedos?
  12. My biggest laugh of the day so far. Have a rep mate.
  13. Option 2 for me. We enter the SPL with all 54 titles intact or we tell them to fuck right off.
  14. Bears den. JK, what a cunt he is though.
  15. Fucking cracking.