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  1. Paddy power sponsor do it Motherwell, Huddersfield and Newport are sponsored by them, no logo on the top. ‘save our shirts‘ campaign
  2. @tannerall has let himself go imo.
  3. This is fabricated but yes
  4. I really hope an anonymous donor can help Stranraer out and pay their costs. I saw a clip of the Stranraer chairman saying doesn’t matter what happens, Stranraer will not fight it, there is no chance they can afford to even think about taking anyone to court. They will have to take what’s coming even if they like it or not.
  5. No chance bud, I could watch that wand of a left foot for hours. even in streams of tears. If you really watch him closely he barely touched the ball with his right, and of that era he was one of the best dribblers and close control technicians in the world. Up there with Maradona for me, even if Maradona was two footed.
  6. Plus the fact every team knew before a ball was kicked that season. ‘sporting integrity’ was also the buzz word /phrase in the Scottish media from 2011-2014, but let’s just skim over that. don’t know why ppl feed the troll tbh he’s had the same stance on here since he joined. He always goes for what the minority of Rangers fans want and has to go against the grain of the majority.
  7. See that’s the difference, we don’t give a fuck about them, but their obsession for anything Rangers related eats them up inside. Would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.
  8. This rabid fenian bastards, we were up to our knees in the waters of the Boyne and the Foyle flowing with fenian blood. YASS
  9. Too late mate my hollandaise was embarrassing so I threw it at a passing tarrier
  10. Never heard of it being ‘up to our knees’ until the internet arrived. Thats the tarriers objective tho throw enough shit until it sticks. Always has been
  11. Helmet is a good idea, should be mandatory at the piggery anyway good post
  12. Disgusting behaviour Im away to make eggs Benedict and throw it to the pigs
  13. Cheers for that, nearly greetin now best left footed player ive ever seen, bar none.
  14. Tight lines shortly tho bud, all your troubles will be eased. mad we were talking about fishing and my boy phoned me today out the blue to go with him on Sunday.
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