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  1. Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    doesn't deserve a thread, irrelavant selik fan talks utter shite about Rangers shocker, for click bait and the hope that someone abuses him so he can play the vicTIM.
  2. Family Stand juniors will not be able to upgrade

    Far too much sense in that post for our club to pull it off, sadly.
  3. Bruno Alves.

    Like most ppl, I thought we were getting a top class defender when he signed. first few games I thought well not up to the standard but it was early doors in the season give him a chance. Then came the OF game, can't mind which one, but he went off early on and bates came on. i knew he wasnt in this league to fight for honours. from then on I knew he was basically using us as a training camp pre World Cup, don't get injured at any cost, even if the cost is the club team paying his wage. Who were playing shite leaking more goals than most season. I hope we get shot to some American outfit or Far East club with too much dough and they get suckered by a mediocre player playing on a reputation like we did. get him off the wage bill and get players in that want to be winners.
  4. Beggars Allocation Cut

    I don't think it will effect the atmosphere at all, if you can think back 1992 when we played Leeds home and away, at home I still put that atmosphere that night up there in the top 5 in my life time, and we done pretty well in the away game with no fans there.
  5. sfa bigot exposed

    This is my thinking, let's be brutally honest the comment isnt even offensive, it's. an off the cuff remark, it's not as if he said dirty H** scum which is their generic patter. Call me para but this seems to me that after he black balled seliks challenge, they wAnt another comrade for chinky Pete to be his go to man.
  6. Pressure from taigs

    Why not expose them? They have been doing it for 40/50years we know of, and still doing it in 20 fuckin 15! Are we just meant to say fuck all dignified silence or will the authorities investigate what basically looks like a 100 yr old paedophile ring. Wouldnt care if it was any club, it just so happens to be the beggars. dont strip their titles, strip the fuckin hard drives! all paedos should be castrated.
  7. My wee boy knows the score

    You married a Fenian? Is her name McGuire? And did she throw your wind instrument into the flames?
  8. Heart & Hand

    Well he's been sent off for less this season! your right, it's fucked! with wee pansy hipster football fairys who dont want to put in a hard challenge, our be on the receiving end of one. I put Alves in that bracket, hugging and hi -5ing near enough shaggin each other when they make a sub. refs make it worse by being so shite no bias just useless, I hope they bring in VAR just to correct them.
  9. Feel good factor coming back?

    I definitely feel better now than I did after the 2 OF games but the only way I will have a "feel good factor" is when we have the 'fear factor' back. to an extent we saw it up to the championship, but when we got promoted it had disappeared. not one team fears coming to Ibrox anymore.
  10. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    @linfield1690 Sake man tone that doon, not even quoting that
  11. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    When it's Marion.
  12. Bring back the hoops. it would melt their tiny brains.
  13. Heart & Hand

    Could watch that all day, it's a fucking great tackle, gets the ball then through the mickey cunt, then no shit was taken.