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  1. Would only keep Jack and build the midfield round him.
  2. We have supporters from all club's still singing 'you're no Rangers anymore' on a weekly basis Fuck em Hope the rest crumble and we are finally invited to join a British league
  3. Clutching at straws here No more daft than handing the tarriers the title right enough 2019/20 season should be scrapped if it can't be finished.
  4. If any titles 'won' are actually given to club's they will forever be known as 'the title that never was" by most sane sport fans
  5. Liverpool are potentially 1 game away from winning if man city lose a game if they lost twice it's Liverpools. Fenians have blanked helicopter Sundays out of their tiny little minds.
  6. Remember .... King Billy's on the wall.
  7. Must be nine very short stories you have replied to every comment 🤣
  8. @The Dude thought you said you were full time journo? You've been on this thread for 9hrs solid
  9. It's been the tarriers goto for the past 4 decades throw enough shite and some will eventually stick
  10. That you know the same as the rest of us fuck all, got ya
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