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  1. HuistraHairDo

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    I hope we beat the cunts next week imagine the headlines for deflection... Anything from- Rangers fans shat in my kettle! to Rangers fans poison hoopy the hound YASS!
  2. HuistraHairDo

    We've now started to ruin birthday parties

    No ...no care homes no sandcastles to sadden my eyes no hauf bottles of glens we fuckin hate all old men And every days like the 4th of july. We know why it was cancelled....No pyro no party obvs, I have it on good authority that there was and able seaman with the UB lads, Captain beaky , apparently he fell in a puddle right up to his middle and needed lifeboat assistance.
  3. HuistraHairDo

    Can Dude defend this

    Too far
  4. HuistraHairDo

    Can Dude defend this

    Dude took the picture
  5. HuistraHairDo

    Saturday night cultural thread

    Correct. Or Monday morning ..fuck
  6. HuistraHairDo

    Saturday night cultural thread

    Can’t believe we’re two days in to prob the thread of the weekend, and if I wasn’t as wrecked as I am I would post a tune u fine folk missed, but I am unable!. Unfortunately . ... so I’m just gonna start it it off and some kind gentleman type of the right persesian will post said vid and I’ll just listen to it on yt....... Oh daddy whats that uniform in the wardrobe over there........... fucking amateurs fri sat sun on it ...work in the morning Fuck you world 🌍 The Rangers won! Up the YOUF
  7. HuistraHairDo


    No where near really Kilmarnock scored 😂 I had Goldson to score two goals last week at 100/1 he scored and hit the post so close yet so far.
  8. HuistraHairDo


    Too far.
  9. HuistraHairDo


    Midge yer own business
  10. HuistraHairDo


    👏👏 touché
  11. HuistraHairDo

    Strongest team for big games

    Big laffbo
  12. HuistraHairDo

    An anthem for Stevie G?

    It’s fine we’ll go with yours on the premise you start it against the great unwashed.
  13. HuistraHairDo

    An anthem for Stevie G?

    Broke more like 🤣 unless you rhyme taig and brick
  14. HuistraHairDo

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    Too many to list, suppose the game at Ibrox against Marseille always sticks out, I was in CR and when we equalised I was nearly on the pitch! Hugging folk about 10 rows away, brilliant. We were easily one of the best teams in Europe back then and we had a team full of Scottish/ British.
  15. HuistraHairDo

    Not sure if this is genuine, but

    My eyes are burning