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  1. I think there’s a lot more trust in Halliday there than Flannigan not knocking the lad because I thought he done ok against Hearts tbf to him.
  2. They deserve a whole lot of retribution for the quarter final replay at Ibrox. 4-0 Rangers McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Halliday Davis Jack Camara Candieas Arfield Defoe
  3. Imagine .fuck me there would be mass suicide 🤣 I love the optimism but hoping for the Manks to fuck it still leaves us needing to win every game, which won’t happen if there is any sort of pressure on us to win. the season has gone and its disappointing because they are barely better than us. we only have ourselves to blame for not raising our game against shite teams.
  4. I took my boys to their first game in the 3rd div and they still loved it, I don’t have a season ticket but we only missed one home game that season. they both live in England and both have an English team Man U /Man City 🤮 Which is more concerning for me.
  5. Haha brilliant bud!
  6. Liked and followed great idea GOAT not that I’m ever on fb nowadays.
  7. Fuck dolly and fuck cel*ic lets hope super caley go ballistic
  8. Progress was our worst European defeat in our history bar none.
  9. 🤣 who is Ron Jeremy then? Is that him from ‘Boogie nights’ the porn star with the big walloper? I’m sure @coopsleftboot will be happy with that
  10. Ron Jeremy done quite well tbf if that is your looky likely in the picture
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