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  1. Mark Walters Signed for 500 000, and let’s face it when he signed Scotland in general was a fairly racist place, sounds embarrassing to say now but a lot of ppl thought no way a black man could fill the boots of the magic that was Davie Cooper. How wrong we were. I actually fell in love with the guy, made the left wing his own, and was an absolutely great signing, definitely became a hero of mine, made his debut at the piggery and every Rangers fan had his back after what has been dubbed the worst racist incident in BRITISH football with manky bastards being the manky bastards they are.
  2. Wishful thinking. They’re all for sale if the money is right.
  3. I really don’t know how ppl can judge it or who actually judges it? Is it agents? Media? Managers? Fuck knows he’s no for fuckin sale ya cunts!! Chase yersels
  4. Staunch move, Lee loves Rangers. thanks for the memories and good luck to our ex captain.
  5. As long as you don’t start calling him Ta and we don’t have to read your post twice to figure who you’re talking about 👍 only kidding bud call them and whatever you want if it annoys ppl fuck it I would probably do it more myself. I would much rather keep all 3, as you say they are part of the core but I wouldn’t be panicking if all three went, if MO and TA 😂 did go (and nothing is set in stone as yet) we would get a good price for the two of them and would have to invest in tried and tested players to replace them but there is plenty out there to choose from.
  6. Mo Ross? Or Mo johnston? You are the only person that calls him that, ever. it annoys the life out of me I think they are all replaceable, Jimmy, Rybo and Al would be a big loss to the team but there are players out there who are as good. my only problem going by our signing policy we end up with Alan Hutton, Sone Aluko and Andy Little as replacements.
  7. Pretty disgusted with your lack of a respect in this thread tbh imo
  8. I brought how much he was worth up, you wanted me to compare the two football wise. and personal insults are below the belt imho, should be banned
  9. We’ll probably end up selling him and bringing A Hutton back seems to be the trend, he’s out of contract at Villa.
  10. You did, @Jeffrey asked who was better so I made my comparisons.
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