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  1. Real classy player, the sort you would associate with Rangers, as thebluedoo says thought we were getting a similar player in Niko, suppose he's got time to prove himself but I won't hold my breath with this lot.
  2. Sake
  3. Foo kin pish.
  4. Great player, he was our wing back before teams even knew what a wing back was! Probably the fittest player we had at the time, Would run all day. Up there with best left backs we've had.
  5. I'd be shakin all over.
  6. Rositter, windass, o hallaran, crooks, Barton ... the list goes on would you let him spunk anymore money? The board have done the right thing here imo.
  7. He's seems to get worse with every game, I thought he needed a run of games but ffs he ain't doing himself no favours, looks way off the pace.
  8. Hamburger?
  9. It wasn't all bad to be fair, up until we beat the tarriers in the semi he was the best thing since, well sliced bread. He actually turned us into a team we could enjoy watching, and gave us a bit of hope after McCoist. Although in hindsight I think we found his level, or the level of the players, he actually has some good ideas but his stubbornness not to change formation when it was going wrong has cost him too often. I thought he had the class to be the Rangers manager but the way he tried to sneak out the back door when the going got tough has let him down badly. Don't let that door hit you on the arse on the way out mark bye bye now. Ten a penny manager.
  10. Louis Van Gaal I think we need a tried and tested experienced manager and for me Van Gaal ticks all the boxes, if he costs us a packet fuckin pay it! If we want to be back at the the top of the pile and stop those rancid bheasts we need quality, and van gaal would be a great start. In the real world we'll end up with some run of the mill spl manager and pay him buttons.
  11. 30 mil for luis van gal to spend on transfers, you heard it here first
  12. Couldn't mould a team.
  13. Has dave kings agent handed his resignation in?
  14. Money. / thread
  15. Sometimes wonder about his decisions he took windass off against dundee (h) and he probably played the best half I've seen him since he got here. Best player on the park and was hooked. Bizarre Wouldn't have mattered who he subbed we were outclassed tonight in every position. Horrible to watch. Shoogly peg.