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  1. I remember when it was a buzz to make your own flag to go to games ha remember my brother made one with 6 flags sewn together 🤣 sounds brutal nowadays to do that but it was a belta back in the 90s before UB ,feel sorry for the younger bears who missed them times, was a generation of ppl who couldn’t really give a fuck because no one was harmed by football fuckin banter cant call it banter nowadays it’s hate they hate us more than they love their own clubs mentalists . for the op ....can fuckin Motherwell ensure the safety of our players and fans and remove all fucking umbrellas from their over exuberant fans please. Thank you can’t remember the last A&E incident that involves a fucking flag
  2. Should do this to piss them right off
  3. Can they take Flannigan aswell please 😂
  4. Half full bud Im just sick of hearing he’s off to Liverpool as soon as they come calling. I think people forget that they are champions of Europe and SG is a rookie manager that hasn’t won anything (yet)
  5. Good news not one fuck was given about Klopp or Liverpool If SG sees out his contract it will be down to SG, not what happens with the fuckin bin dippers. If he gets fucked off celt*c 4 times nxt season and put out the league cup and an early euro exit he won’t see out 2020.
  6. Well done Gerrard, now can you take them on the training pitch and drill some balls at our players feet and learn them some decent ball control. We give the ball away far too easy from simple passes. ofher than that, buzzing
  7. This we really miss him controlling the pace of the game when he doesn’t play.
  8. Thought kamara did ok but he cost Jack a yellow card and ultimately a red, he had to take one for the team because kamara dithered on the ball and lost it. thought some of our ball control tonight was poor but happy to get through well done Rangers
  9. Are you two arguing if FARE go to all of the Rangers games all of the time? Some of the Rangers games some of the time, Or all of all of the games all of the time. Or just some of the games some of the time? Just to make it clear
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