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  1. Blue Pieter

    Don't worry I'm still here son. Some barnet btw.
  2. Dream Team v Alternative 11

    Woods Hutton Weir Boughera Munro .......Durrant Souness Trevor Steven Walters ..... Mols Mo Johnston
  3. Harry Forrester

    Too cold in Scotland for flash Harry.
  4. Just listening to..

    Always brings a lump to the throat this song , the words ring so true with alot of bears. Would definitely have it on the play list at Ibrox.
  5. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Hope McLeish gets it.
  6. Wee Vladimir

    Bullshit the biggest boo was in the first few seconds when Skirtel touched the ball. Yes Vlad got boo'ed who cares? Folk looking for something to get upset and moan about, precious wee souls.
  7. Wee Vladimir

    Home support boo away player shocker.
  8. Tom English on the bbc website.

    A leopard doesn't change its spots, he's a cunt. Fuck English. Hes the type, like Sutton, who just like to go against the grain, they get more hits being hated by both sets of fans, that's how the media work in Scotland. In it for themselves to get mentioned in places like the BD and kerryfail. Wanks.
  9. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    Why would you want to imitate What the orks from bheast fc do? Let's leave that pish for them who have never had an original idea among their support in their tardy history. And it looks fuckin shite. Op has had a mare here.
  10. Bruno Alves stomach bug.

    Dodgy Nando's??
  11. Caixinha & Rossiter Post Match Reactions - Dunfermline

    Propa scouser ... thought he was trying to header the questions back... Good lad hope he does well.
  12. Herrera 😂

    Jack-Herrera a smoking hot combination.
  13. The Plug

    Sure it'll sort itself out.
  14. The Plug

    Mine is the good AIDS, think you got the BaD one bud. Tbh Pete it's about time you sorted out that keyboard, it's been over a year since I read your explanation. GeT yEr FinGeR OoT maN.
  15. The Plug

    Watt? Shocking. I'm sure u were conFUSEed, your pint /can had an AMPle amount, the atmosphere was electric, u can't complain at being over charged. Brighten up man.