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  1. Can't be bad to have another fenian slayer in the ranks.
  2. ?? Don't get this attitude at all. We play domestic league games all year to finish as high as possible to play in Europe. That's how most teams roll. I think your in the wrong sport if u think we should give that right up.
  3. Why? I doubt the banks will give him the overdraft he had to run the club last time round, did I not read that the only money that minty put in was when he tried to put the club on the stock market and it never went to plan and he had to cover it? Boyd is way off the mark here, prob looking for a reaction to massage his ego. Sooner we start looking forward rather than mentioning everyman and their dog that royaly fucked us over in the past the better.
  4. Yes Miller hat trick with Tiffany over the tannoy after every goal.
  5. Nope He's 7ft and he took the loot. Wouldn't even want him on the terraces, never mind the pitch.
  6. Zonal marking works if you have half a dozen ball winners in your team, we have none.
  7. This They fucking bottle necked all the Rangers fans up the street where they had a big camera van filming every body .... when someone asked 'wtf u blocking the road for?' And their reply was "anti terrorism" lol u couldn't make it up with these cunts.
  8. Murderwell 3 - 1 Rangers Garner hat trick
  9. Jaun guy imminent? ?
  10. Suppose you can give the board some credit in the way they handled the Warburton situation, and took their time to get (hopefully) the right man in, the proof will be in the pudding, far to early to judge the new manager, good start tho.
  11. .

    I see your point.
  12. He's not here to train the coach's into his methods. He has his own who know them, he said so in his interview, so it's easier transition for the players. It's a no brainer
  13. She ordered my flute to be thrown in the fire and as it was burning I heard a strange noise Twas the old orange flute playing the Protestant boys Tooraloo tooraloo I married another......
  14. When I was young I had no sense I bought a flute for 50p the only tune that it would play Was fuck the Pope and the ira
  15. Ooh aHHH huistra ooh aHHH huistra said ooh aHHH huistra said ooh aHHH huistra ooh aHHH huistra ooh aHHH huistra