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  1. It’s been sat in the front of my van for three year it’s never seen a bath 😂
  2. “Bomber was head butting the walls” Yass! Reading from that he still has a passion for the club, and he was definitely cut from the same cloth as bomber.
  3. I’ve just backed him at 16/1 to score twice
  4. When Bolton get relegated this season he’ll have found his level.
  5. HuistraHairDo


    He’ll be stopping nine
  6. Aubergine is the way forward for you Is that an euphemism coz it vibrates? 🤣
  7. I saw this thread title and immediately thought wtf has BABN been filming now 😂
  8. Exactly, the love for Rangers far outweighs the hate for any other.
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