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  1. European qualification

    Champions league you mean? No surrender the popes a bender
  2. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    I've seen better forward runs on a game of table football.
  3. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    Another waste of money, not even that good when fully fit. Add to the list of players at the end of their careers who think coming to Rangers will be a jolly.
  4. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Can see you getting the departure fee mate.
  5. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Vote for me brother. I would either abolish Catholic schools, or have all Presbyterian schools where in asssebly the Lords prayer is followed by a joyful rendition of the Billy boys. I would also abolish the TV licence. If you want to watch the TV, you pay for what you want. I would have Rangers TV and ce*#ic TV on council tele (freeview). 'Monarch week' A national holiday where whole country has a week off to celebrate the Royals, maybe stick a wedding in there the odd year to liven it up. My party slogan will be ' if you don't like it, we'll happily pay your departure fee' (one way only in the small print).
  6. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    I actually think Scotland needs a new political party to rival the SNP. I wouldn't vote for any party at the minute. Think I might start my own. 'We are the people's front of Scotland ' Who's with me? Your right pal we get these snippets from VB and I'm with you, the majority of what the write is spot on but it just gets read and forgotten about untill the next one comes along.
  7. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    You can admit they are "haters" and the hate us ,yet you vote to keep them in power. Weird.
  8. UB March

    They could've walked down with rainbow flags, wearing save the whale t shirts with Bob geldof leading the chants and it would be perceived as negative by the mhedia. Sooner more bears realise that the better.
  9. UB March

    Good harmless fun what's not to like? If it gets younger bears interested and they all pay their money to come see the Rangers it can only be a good thing. Good to see the youth belting the classics, especially on a OF day. Fuck the offended.
  10. Frustrating as fuck we take one step forwardand two steps back. We have progressed just not enough YET!
  11. Morelos over cummings

    There shouldn't even be an argument both players should be starting and drop Windass because after his goal (which I won 50 quid on btw) he fuckin disappeared, his job was done and he packed up tools, Cummings should of been on at HT for me. I won't be blaming Morelos for his misses costing us the game, shocking yes but we conceded 3 sloppy goals that should of been defended a lot better our defence cost us today not oureally misses.
  12. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Fuckin CHARGE!!! CMON Rangers DO THESE CUNTS!!!
  13. Pre-match superstitions for the loyal fan

    Wish she had told you to fuck off for Manchester. Basically it was your fault we got beat.
  14. Warburton - "I received death threats"

    Oh fuckin did ye aye?
  15. Mohsni

    Best thing he done in a Rangers top was a cross from the left.