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  1. I think we’ve got the best young manager in world football who will achieve his goals.
  2. It’s the Dave King effect. tin hat on here but let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Dave King and his Liverpool connections we probably wouldn’t have seen the likes of Gerrard and ended up with that clueless Aberdeen flop.
  3. HuistraHairDo


    Hes getting better and better and I’m fucking loving the guy, stay for our champions league campaign Buff ! Pleeeeeeeease! 🐃 🐃 🐃
  4. I could have blagged it and said I was in Athens on holiday for the away leg but no I fucked it. in my defence I fell asleep watching Liverpool v Chelsea
  5. Once missed the supporters bus to a midweek Aberdeen game at home, I just jumped on the train and got the bus back, 2001 I think. I also miss my dug
  6. You must have heard wrong mate he has feet like canoes 🛶
  7. You should post the links to your articles mate and we will get @denya to convert to English. question do you know how much a pint is in Greece? because Legia are rank.
  8. What a laugh if wee nae neck Forest fucks them off as well or going by their wage bill forced out the club to balance the books.
  9. Aye but there must be a good pass we can all talk about surely. bye kick of the season or summit.
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