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  1. Why tho? As someone above said are you going to complain if someone takes the lid off their bovril? Much ado about nothing imo
  2. Don’t know what the fuss is tbh its flavoured air, rather someone blew that out than blowing their arse Not as if it’s restricting your view ffs I don’t even smoke the things
  3. I’m sticking up for the vapists mate just blowing smoke up their arses tbh
  4. “You could lose six games and win the league” “I vomit when I hear that “ Klopp too right you keep going until it’s done and dusted. ask Kevin Keegan
  5. I just stay to clap my heroes off the pitch. win, lose or draw absolutely pointless leaving early if you are driving anyway.
  6. This would be more apt imo as it was used in the first video when we won the league after 9 year 86/87
  7. I’ll go with what the gaffer says, how can VD challenge for that ball any fairer than he did, doesn’t matter what has happened in the past with ‘protection ‘ for keepers it’s either a foul or it isn’t and it’s getting scrutinised a lot more this season.
  8. He looked offside VD but they only replayed the “foul’ strange decision if it was for the free kick
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