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  1. HuistraHairDo


    This. I came in here to post that, going forward and facing up an attack he’s our best defender, when the ball is put in behind or over the top when he’s facing McGregor he’s a bomb scare, I thought Katic actually compliments his game well, playing as the last man and mopping them balls up. As for Worral I don’t know if it’s down to the ‘chopping and changing’ but his positional sense is amateurish I’ve honestly played with Sunday league players with more knowledge of where to be on the pitch.
  2. HuistraHairDo

    Signings in January

  3. HuistraHairDo

    Christmas tree

    Ffs that’s a poor effort. it looks like it’s been shoved in a cupboard with all the decorations on it from last year then dragged out by the tinsel and threw up. and it’s fuckin green! cmon tae fuck Rangers
  4. HuistraHairDo

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    Good I hope they have shat it. our best atmosphere this season at Ibrox was against Villarreal and they had no fans, plus the game against Leeds in 92/93 where they had no fans is still talked about today as one of the best atmospheres. fuck the smelly rhabid cunts.
  5. HuistraHairDo

    Kyle Lafferty

    Because any football player needs to get game time, look how many minutes he’s played since rejoining us compared to what he was getting at Hearts where he was one of if not their best player.
  6. HuistraHairDo

    Kyle Lafferty

    I’m not a big Lafferty fan, but he has a chance to prove his critics wrong in the next two games where he should play for 90 mins in each of them, he is definitely a better player than he was 1st time round he hasn’t had the chance to prove it in my opinion. I honestly think we bought him to fuck Hearts chances of doing anything this year, he was their talisman, then when you put him in a squad such as ours he looks bang average. we need a 25/30 goals a season striker to challenge Morelos for his spot I just doubt we’ll get that in January.
  7. HuistraHairDo

    Alfredo Morelos: No Quarter Given, No Quarter Asked...

    I prefer the OP article it’s far more scathing. Although I am impressed with yours sweetheart 😍
  8. HuistraHairDo

    Alfredo Morelos: No Quarter Given, No Quarter Asked...

    Who wrote this? Was it @The Dude? Who am I kidding? the Daily Rebel would not pander to truths if it sees Rangers in any sort of good light.
  9. HuistraHairDo

    Rule Britannia.....

  10. HuistraHairDo

    Earl on Clyde

    Bead rattling cunt should write to FIFA and ask why his own paedo harbouring club have had no punishment and why the SFA have went out their way to keep it on the hush hush just like big jock
  11. HuistraHairDo

    Berra blasts Lafferty

    This It’s ok for them to take the utter piss with a lack of class but we should be embarrassed when we win at their hovel with 10 men and go top of the league? fuck off. Lafferty is a Rangers player.
  12. HuistraHairDo

    Mcgregor again today

    Yeah just leave it at that or have another couple of pages debating
  13. HuistraHairDo

    Mcgregor again today

    From 2012 I’ve just seen all players as players, they aren’t fans of the club they are players who will leave when they want, or when the money talks. Let’s just enjoy them when they’re here.
  14. HuistraHairDo

    Pitch invader

    Anyone else see him getting a full can of Stella chucked at him as he was going round the corner of the broomy? It came from the West Enc and hit the polis I was laughing like fuck
  15. HuistraHairDo

    Tavs record against celtic