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  1. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Don’t come out with spastic statements and you won’t get called a mongo.
  2. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Aye ok bennymongo. the irony in that post is hilarious. you a wee bit bored before the game this afternoon?
  3. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Our best aerial threat in the squad.
  4. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Aye it was definitely analogous. 11 captains provide leadership on the park we have about 3.
  5. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Where do you say in any of that that you are on about a player? you clearly state in the second paragraph you are talking about a No.2 and McCallister is our no.2
  6. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Wtf you talking about are you saying McCallister has an ulterior motive?
  7. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Him and the jets? Rocket man? Or Sacrifice
  8. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Are you saying Huistra was shite? Like Gerrard ya plank, Gerrard has done better than McCoist, McCall Warburton Murty and Pedro, but you say he will NEVER be a manager, what a mongo. Probably a taig mongo
  9. HuistraHairDo

    Steven Gerrard

    Benny mongo
  10. HuistraHairDo

    Gerrard song

    Ear aids
  11. HuistraHairDo

    A plea to Bears

    It’s not for everyone, I mean some ppl won’t come down from that high horse they ride and they just conform because they don’t have the balls to stand up for themselves and follow like sheep reluctantly. im neither jobless or a gypo, I haven’t paid for a tv license since 2012, i haven’t had a soul at my door. the fact that operation yew tree is probably still ongoing there was that many paedos working for the bbc should be enough to stop you giving them your money, but the OP is right BBC Scotland are a tarrier infested midden of a company who are self banned from Ibrox, AND who could forget they made a fucking programme about us with the opening sequence with our manager committing suicide. its fairly obvious their agenda. they won’t get another penny off me that’s for sure.
  12. HuistraHairDo

    A plea to Bears

    What I would say is don’t start a contract with the bbc and you won’t get the jail (lol), what I mean is if they do not have your name they can’t take you to court, don’t phone them, email them or write to them because this is a form of contract. If you have been paying it and have a ‘contract ‘ with them they CAN take you to court for not paying it. you need to stop paying, wait for the letter, reply saying you no longer watch the tv, they will threaten to send someone round to check, if they do come to your door (never seen them yet), they will ask your name. your answer will be “I am not obligated to tell you, now please leave my property “ don’t even let them in to check. film them on your phone.they will swiftly move on. Its 2019 ppl get with the program or programme literally. Internet tv is there and it’s FREE. And fuck the bbc! Paedo hoarding bastards are worse than that mob across the city and every cunt in Britain was funding the fuckers
  13. HuistraHairDo

    Where are the biggest Rangers towns?

    Used to be a supporters club, border city loyal I used to go with my older brother on their bus, I was still at school so we’re talking 26 yr ago, don’t know if their still on the go or not. the crown on botchergate used to be run by a guy called Mark, big lad from Ardrossan Rangers daft Same again tho over 20 yr ago. aye the Milbourne was took over by a big Rangers fan, Rangers pics on the walls was meant to be bouncing after the OF game, I wasn’t there mind.
  14. HuistraHairDo

    Friday morning laugh

    If by endearing you mean tarrieresque
  15. HuistraHairDo

    Morelos has Tourette’s - according to Derek Ferguson