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  1. eosmhdo

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Good luck to the lad, prove the doubters wrong son
  2. eosmhdo

    Well done Alfredo

    Guy is rotten. Full stop
  3. eosmhdo

    Welcome to Rangers, Coulibaly

    Go for it son, welcome
  4. eosmhdo

    Welcome to Rangers Umar Sadiq

    Make a big name for yourself son, welcome
  5. eosmhdo

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    Ok cheers mate
  6. eosmhdo

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    What was your wait like mate, son on his way over
  7. eosmhdo

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    Looking forward to this one
  8. eosmhdo

    Greg Docherty

    It’s fucking happy pills you need not a season ticket 😂😂
  9. eosmhdo

    Greg Docherty

    Let’s wait a bit and see what SG gets out of these lads. I hope to fuck your wrong as well 😂😂
  10. eosmhdo

    Greg Docherty

    Hopefully I will get back to you on this quote😂
  11. eosmhdo

    Greg Docherty

    All I am saying is cut the boy a bit of slack and let’s see how he goes. The way your writing is as if you want him to fail. I don’t get that stance. If the lads not good enough he will be told, not by us us but by someone who knows all his failings and attributes of a Rangers player. Slaughtering him before a chance has been given is not on imo.
  12. eosmhdo

    Greg Docherty

    You do know Mccoist and Hateley were pish at the start of their Rangers career don’t you. Give the lad a chance ffs. We also signed. John Brown after 1 good game against us and that didn’t work out too bad either.
  13. eosmhdo

    Greg Docherty

    Give the lad a chance with half decent players around him, confident he will be an asset to the team
  14. eosmhdo

    Welcome Goldson

    Welcome son, best of luck
  15. eosmhdo

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Welcome Nikola