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  1. If he wants to go fuck him. If he wants to stay back him. Thats my rules as a supporter
  2. Fair enough I respect your assessment, but until the real reason for the decline comes out I’m sticking with my overworked in training theory.
  3. Do you honestly think the players are going to tell you it’s been really tough training and we are all fucked? 😂😂 I don’t think there was a bust up at all, I just think they were worked too hard with very little rest time
  4. The sad bit about that statement is there shouldn’t be a question here. Gerrard should be in supreme control and if he isn’t making ALL the decisions we have a problem imo.
  5. Players got double sessions in Dubai. Tims got training day then day off. We never. They came back fresh. We came back fucked. No coincidence for me
  6. Our performance was worse than the referees. you can’t win leagues playing like that and organised like that. Liverpool stiffed us with 7m for Kent as well imo.
  7. eosmhdo


    The guys fucking rotten. There is no argument to that statement ffs
  8. eosmhdo

    Leagues over

    If you play Ojo before the guys you’ve signed to help you win the league, imo that’s a monumental fuck up Stevie G
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