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  1. The mans a dick. That’s all I can say apart from if you read his crap or post his crap your keeping him in a job. blank it and he will get bagged
  2. Me and my boy in that pic. Never saw fuck all occurring apart from when we scored first a drinks carton was lobbed at us. Not a thing else was saw by me.
  3. Is the Killie fan pulling his wire on air. very heavy breathing😂😂😂😂
  4. Long day, never in my 50 odd years have I heard them so quiet at their dump. Great to be there, one to remember and the signs are there that more good days are coming. Happy bear here😀🇬🇧😀
  5. Up and getting ready to head to the Glitterdome. Bring it on
  6. Please send me a pm with new bank details and I’ll send in a donation. Keep up the great work lads
  7. As per title any buses got space going from Partick area guys. Looking for 2 seats
  8. The banner was a daft idea imo, but banning for not at the game and out the country is harsh also.
  9. Setting off in a couple of hours . Let the madness commence😂😂
  10. Last year we draw that. A win was what we needed and got. move on to the next game
  11. 3 grand? What the fuck are you driving, a tank. Hefty bill that ffs.
  12. Good win needed. Hopefully Livy give that lot a tough game and we take a goals advantage to the top at least. Set us up proper for Thursday night
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