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  1. The ibrox crowd

    Crowd is pish at home but ffs guys. Who cheers you along at your work. They are paid well and when they play well the crowd respond. You have to earn praise by effort , and too many of this team don’t give a fuck imo. The crowd is always responsive to good play and excitement. It’s up to the players to provide this scenario by their play. It’s wrong to blame the fans for players lack,of effort imo.
  2. Finlay's Christmas Wish

    Cried more at that than I would do if we beat the tims. Awesome video and good luck to the wee man. Superb
  3. "Just now"

    Stay strong fellow bear.
  4. Junkies vs Rangers

    Don’t want to say more of the same 😂 second half, but I am confused as to how the fuck we are 2-1 up .
  5. Junkies vs Rangers

    Thoroughly undeserved but I will fucking take it 😀
  6. Junkies vs Rangers

    We seem to be winning the ball then giving it straight away when lightweights are asked to hold the ball in. Morelos and Windass to name 2
  7. Ross McCrorie

    It is indeed but very true imo
  8. Ross McCrorie

    Hope the lad makes it, we need him. Ha has become a first pick in a very short space of time.
  9. The 3 Game Jinx...

    I will, thanks. Just can’t go this celebrating a 3 game run. Ffs, we need change in the boardroom, if that pleases some fans I just don’t get it.
  10. The 3 Game Jinx...

    Ffs it’s three games. We are Rangers, it should be 23 games unbeaten. If the players don’t have the confidence to demand better of themselves get them to fuck and get others that do have the bottle. This 3 games patter is embarrassing for our club. The two games against sheep were supposed to be a be a benchmark then straight back to pish. Not Murtys fault, it’s the players that need a fucking shake imo.
  11. Bad to square one, fucking never know what team will turn up.
  12. Vanguard Bears

    Was this the same person that wrote the statement 😂😂😂😂 Cringey at best.
  13. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    As much as I support a walk out, it’s not against the players or back room staff. The walk out imo should have happened at the AGM . That would have fucking showed the board how we feel about their clusterfuckof a tenure.
  14. Club 1872 statement on recruitment shambles.....

    Stopped my money when the RST tie in happened ( who’d have thought it ). Very sad that people who I know are trying to sort things out but are being brainwashed by the boards stooges within 1872. Very sad indeed.