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  1. Absolute must win, as every game should be for our club.
  2. If we win on the pitch we win off it. Only way to shut that prick up is to beat his team, simple.
  3. Kennedy was brutal, we have been spoilt with great keepers, fod is not one of them imo
  4. Have never rated him, shocked that people on here and pundits rate him. Peter McLoy gave me more confidence to be honest.
  5. Ref never helped, but we still have a long way to go. Playing for 20mins in a game is not good enough. We will get there imo but felt Midfield were poor today and Full back position needs sorting. Improvement, yes, but we need more.
  6. Win at all costs against these bastards is essential. Come on Rangers
  7. These titles are dedicated and earned by the fallen and their loved ones in the UK's time of war. Leave them where they belong, as a memorial for our people's sacrifice.
  8. Goodbye, thanks for trying but you weren't the right fit for our team. Good luck
  9. If we get another striker we will do well this season. Defence is only dodgy when Hod is on
  10. Come on Gers, let's do this
  11. It's all there on their Website mate, set up after an officer was killed on one of the boats, sadly. Send me a private message for a tenner bank transfer then ya smooth talker 😂
  12. As much as I admire all your efforts Govanblue, as an ex forces veteran myself I already subscribe to many charities, mostly veteran based, which does include Erskine itself. My core charity i support is We Remember Submariners which is close to my heart and now has charitable status also. Keep up the good work though wish you every success this year with your efforts. BZ to you, which is the flags of Bravo and Zulu and means well done in Navy terminology.
  13. He sees one very morning when he is shaving
  14. See the more we mention this prick the more people are aware of him. I don't know who he works for, don't read his shite, have no idea what paper he is with and could not care fucking less. Ignore the walloper and he might just get to fuck one day hopefully.