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  1. Too inconsistent and must do more imo, like the kid though
  2. Fucking unreal, kangaroo court right enough this mob
  3. We make some progress then we regress, then get a chink of light then complete darkness. Consistency is what we are missing and fucking big time.
  4. Are you sharing that meths bottle or just drinking it yourself mate😂
  5. We’ve had a lot of must wins this season so this fixture, imo, is an essential win. Come on Rangers
  6. Meeting my lad for pints and grub then bus at 5. Looking forward to it. Come on Rangers.
  7. If we can’t beat a team that got pumped off Hamilton then we need to reassess our goals for this season big time imo. Smash the sheep bastards
  8. They are getting paid to be against it now, just as they were getting paid to take part when they played. Quite simple really
  9. Board pandering to our haters instead of attacking them . Won’t make a jot of difference til the fans see others being taken to task for the same thing we are always accused of. Know why the board did it, but time to grow a set and take the establishment on, not appease them imo.
  10. eosmhdo


    Not doing the job for me
  11. Scared of injury and lost his ability to cross. Not doing anywhere near enough for me.
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