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  1. The banner was a daft idea imo, but banning for not at the game and out the country is harsh also.
  2. Setting off in a couple of hours . Let the madness commence😂😂
  3. Last year we draw that. A win was what we needed and got. move on to the next game
  4. 3 grand? What the fuck are you driving, a tank. Hefty bill that ffs.
  5. Good win needed. Hopefully Livy give that lot a tough game and we take a goals advantage to the top at least. Set us up proper for Thursday night
  6. Can’t wait for this. Set off Monday for London for a couple of nights then Wednesday Amsterdam til Saturday . Bring it on😀🇬🇧😀
  7. My lad got us booked on that the other day, might still be spaces left
  8. Any win will do for me. We then go into the break on a high and that’s before we get to Amsterdam😂😂
  9. Great half. Aribo much better as well. Arfield needs to do better is my only moan. Jack outstanding. Let’s go for lots more Gers
  10. No one likes a shitebag and that’s exactly what the lad is. Not suited to our game imo
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