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  1. http://vipbox.top/soccer/see-95g63-rangers-vs-aberdeen?l=3643573676 This link working ok for me just now.
  2. I thought we played ok tonight. Unlucky with some missed changes and a couple of poor refereeing decisions. At least we created some chances! Hopefully we can find some form for the playoffs. Ideally with a new manager coming in now with a contract to the end of the season. I don't feel the usual post game frustration, as at least there were some positives rather than 90 minutes of the usual turgid pish.
  3. tbh, I dont mind this. Much prefer a commentary in a language I dont understand, than get wound up by Andy Walkers taig propaganda all through the game.
  4. I can understand that some fans would be upset by this. I want the best for the club. I want us to live within our means, and I want long term sustainability so I never have another year like last year, which was hellish. For the kind of figures quoted, I think it would make a lot of sense to do it. It will always be Ibrox to me anyway.
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