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  1. The link actually wouldn't embed when I first posted it. Took me ages to paste all that ffs 😫
  2. https://fourladshadadream.blog/2020/03/18/the-truth-about-investment-our-new-head-of-coms-and-the-daily-fight-with-our-governing-body/ The truth about investment, our new head of coms and the daily fight with our governing body Steven Clifford Uncategorized March 18, 2020 7 Minutes Sickness and a burst eardrum has meant a delay on this blog but I hope the following will provide you with an update of all goings on at the club currently. The truth about investment, Dave King and our new chairman. Who exactly is David Graham our new head of coms and exactly why we should believe in him, the clubs daily contact with the SPFL and the strict professional regimes the players are following. First of all the paper stories on investment is something that needs addressing to clarify the exact truth of the story. I have long since said any announcement of this magnitude should come from the club but as it’s out there I will look at it. As we now know and as told to Andy Newport of PA, Dave King is not selling up his shares and has no intention of doing so. None of the current shareholders are selling, this is a new fresh share issue which will issue fresh new funds straight into the club directly. The club have confirmed the news of Stuart Gibson is true and all going well he will be coming on board, but the headline of ‘Millionaire property tycoon set to take over at Rangers’ is completely untrue and misleading. Stuart Gibson will be another fresh new investor alongside the current shareholders and will provide fresh funds into the club. He won’t be the new owner and he won’t be a single sole ‘sugar Daddy’ like the article suggests. It’s important to know that because anyone thinking he will come in and splash cash etc is setting themselves up for disappointment. Stuart Gibsons arrival on the board with fresh new capital is true and it is fantastic new investment for the club. All going well he will join the club and provide working capital with other shareholders going forward, the present shareholders will all invest in the new share issue also. Stuart Gibson is also not the only new investor and there will be more in the new share issue. But this is where I believe any news should come from the club and any announcements on money etc should be clarified by them. We have been here many times and had our hopes raised so any information should be from them only. There is no concerns about the clubs financial health imminently either just incase anyone has seen that deadly seven day ‘spreadsheet’. This share issue and the announcement of a new chairman will be coming in the very near future. It’s also worth noting that any shortfall will be covered by the existing board and shareholders as Dave King previously confirmed. The fight regarding commercial deals remains covered by our boardroom and any scaremongering that this fresh investment will merely cover that is best ignored. The share issue will provide Rangers with a clean slate, fresh capital and will clear all current director loans. The club have confirmed we will work within budgets, the difference is we now have a transfer budget which can be boosted by trading player assets of which we now have many. Rangers will be in the best of financial health, no debt with a positive bank balance, we will also have shareholders on the board with financial clout should we need any help. Just as Dave King promised. David Graham was this week announced as the new Head of Rangers communications with Jim Traynor leaving the club in the next few weeks. David will be known to some as a ‘podder’ from the excellent Heart and Hand podcast, which I subscribe and thoroughly recommend. Anyone wanting to know who he is should listen to the ‘who am I’ feature with David but for those who don’t subscribe, I will tell you a bit about him and why he is suitable for the job ( https://www.patreon.com/heartandhand to sign up and hear David’s feature ) A lot of people have asked who exactly David is and why he is qualified for the job. David has worked for over ten years as a special advisor, senior Parliamentary aide and as a city councillor. He also has a background within education leadership and has worked on several public relations projects for private businesses. This has meant he has brokered some high level deals during his time with the DUP, shaped press releases and narratives for politicians at high levels. He has taken major politics head on and fought for what he believes in. He has vast experience in dealing with difficult situations and dealing with difficult press stories. What he strongly believes in is Rangers and comes in ready to tackle our issues straight on. He has a remit to solve the current stand off with the BBC, the issues with Fare and our current problems with local politicians. This is a man who has helped shape a Billion pound deal between the DUP and the Tories. Taking on the BBC and the local government is exactly what he thrives on doing. Rangers could have appointed a huge firm with strategies and ideas, David has all that and experience of what he is doing, plus he is a Ranger with first hand experience of the challenges we face and much more importantly he knows exactly how the support feel. Yes he is a proud unionist but despite what you read in the rags, that is not a crime. David has many friends from a wide range of backgrounds and a diverse family tree which betray any attempt to paint him as a bigot, he’s far from it. Perhaps even the real bigots are those who decide to character assassinate him over the last few days. David firmly believes in and will drive forward ‘Everyone Anyone’ as demonstrated by his recent radio interview. David has done the job for two days, in that time he has shaped a press release for Stewart Robertson which was succinct and to the point, briefed the manager on an interview which he came across superbly well in and affected our social media output on twitter etc yesterday. You could argue he’s made more of an impact in two days than anything previous. The proof will of course be in the pudding, so to speak, but I would bet that days of Rangers issuing long winded statements and promising action, which never arrives, are well and truly gone. It’s been small steps in only a few days but it is at least enough to make us at least confident in giving David Graham a chance in the role. Northern Ireland politics will feel like a party when he realises the job we face as Rangers in this modern century. There has already been noticeable change of tone within the club and it has been made clear that David will tighten up on leaks and misinformation. We might just have someone equipped to handle the challenges ahead. Like the coaching staff David will need time to implement the cultural changes in how Rangers conduct themselves within mainstream society. Just because he’s ‘one of our own’, doesn’t mean he’s right for the job but it does mean we need to give him our full support and time to show the outside world what Rangers is really all about. Since my last blog football has stopped as we know it and it’s unlikely to start again anytime soon. With the agenda and narrative already been set in the public rags, Rangers have quietly made there stance to the SPFL very clear. Rangers are not prepared to allow any titles to be handed out without them being won fairly. The club have made our position clear to the governing bodies, any titles given out we will be prepared to fight for and we are prepared to go as far as it takes. However unlikely it may seem to some Rangers could still win the title and until that is mathematically impossible we are prepared to fight for that right. The club have been on to our Governing bodies every day since the league has came to a stop and our message consistent every time. Our statement on Monday was clear and the clubs actions behind closed doors are exactly the position I want from the club. It’s never over until it’s over and awarding titles, or relegations may I add, before they are mathematically possible is completely unethical and unfair on every supporter who invests in a season before the first ball is kicked. Who is to say the current leaders wouldn’t have suffered a drop in form like we ourself have? They were two minutes away from a title before and blew it, no matter how unlikely nothing has been won. The narrative and false stories from the tabloids have been sickening but the message of not buying, clicking or sharing has never been more evident than now. They appear desperate for titles to be handed out, even printing untruthful stories about 75% league games meaning titles are won. One thing is clear, any dodgy titles won’t be recognised and will be fought against by our club. We were told our club ‘won’t be left wanting’ in this fight, it’s seems they have followed that up and it seems we really are prepared to take the gloves off in this fight. Finally as the club are now currently in limbo the players have been given a strict training regime and diet to follow. Everyone of them will have to report weight, body fats and conditions into the club. They are in regular touch with management and remain Ready. The priority and mindset is to rest up and regroup but be ready to go as soon as authorities tell us so. When that will be is anyone’s guess however. So no more football for the foreseeable is a huge blow to everyone, Rangers isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life no matter the circumstances. I will continue blogging where it is possible and I hope to bring you the truth about our club where it is available. I hope to have a few podcasts shortly and hopefully help curb our thirst for Rangers content slightly. Until then thank you for your support Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise
  3. Taigs will be up all night now googling him like fuck!
  4. You're honking, all your posts tonight. Can't be bothered looking at your rest. Dodgy as fuck ...
  5. Nonsense! No keeper was saving the 2nd, in off the post. 3rd he tried to get to it, but it was a class finish. The one he tipped onto the bar was immense.
  6. Aye, their current form and the amount they've spent on players shows that. Give your head a shake ffs
  7. There's a quality team, with quality players. They've spent about 10 times on players as we have, and it shows. Still think we haven't been overawed, especially the 2nd half.
  8. We were starting to come into the game until the penalty. See all this average side pish, Bayern are a top team, we aren't, you have too play to your strengths, if we made the game much more open we could get pumped and people would be on meltdown. As it is we're still in it. But some wouldn't be happy no matter. One stupid mistake apart, we weren't troubled.
  9. Stinking! We were starting to play well there. Definitely still in it though.
  10. Started not bad, certainly don't look overawed. Bragaesque.
  11. Undefeated at home in Europe for the whole 6/7 years whatever we've been in existence.
  12. Yea, he didn't start well, then started to get pick more as his game improved.
  13. He didn't start the season well, then he started to come good, how he plays for Northern Ireland. It's not a myth, his performances were then seeing him getting picked as a starter most games, on merit, at a time when we were playing well.
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