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  1. Me neither, maybe half of it.
  2. Sounds as much of a rocket as the chap below. You're pathetic! Cheers
  3. Think he's worth 1.5million?
  4. Aw na, Liam and Kieran, fuck me the OP will be biting lumps out of his pint glass
  5. Me neither, but somebody must think he has potential. Hope he lives up to it, get's my full backing and support if he plays well for us.
  6. Hoping a Rangers player is shite. Did you cry when Mo Johnston scored against Celtic?
  7. I'm fucking raging, haven't been as raging as this since, well, the last ridiculous thread in the same vein ... We need @sassaaaa to the thread for a bit of sense ...
  8. Project Charlotte, mate. The end is nigh!
  9. Wee Willy and his silver quill will be in tears.
  10. Naw, can't get it out of South Africa
  11. Think so. I remember reading yesterday, shares bough by fans group, and an overseas investor.
  12. That's what I was thinking as well, nearly sure I read somewhere yesterday they would be bought by fans group/groups also. Maybe not all, but enough to make a difference.
  13. Yep, or where they are not going. Easdales to sell up next?
  14. “We are now in a position to proceed with a rights issue. We have always struggled to get that 75 per cent because of the opposition from MASH. It is fair to say that opposition will not be there going forward which means that either at the AGM coming up or before we will be able to get those resolutions through
  15. And they thought Bobby Sands was a martyr