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  1. Siam69

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Arsenal the only surprise in tonight's football then ...
  2. Siam69

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Valencia don't score a lot at the best of times, and this is their B team More goals to come as well.
  3. Siam69


    Too easy!
  4. Siam69


    He's good value on the London thread as well, him and Hawkeye. I drop in and and rattle their cages the odd time when I'm bored and need a giggle.
  5. Siam69


    I think you'll find I said 'chances are' and 'can't know 100%' See I don't know him personally, but certainly chances are, and seems i was right! But don't let the truth get in your way. As a child growing up in a working class area of Northern Ireland, everyone I knew either supported them or us, usually with an English team as well. I'd say Man U have a bigger following than Liverpool due to George Best. You were kinda born either celtic or Rangers dependant where you were born and your parents, you had more of a choice in your English team, most had one of them as well. You're a tad naïve about it all. McEwans has it spot on. But again, like London what do I know compared to you, I was only born and raised there, or live in London for years and years. Enlightened you enough for tonight, though you have made me chuckle as well. Cheers
  6. Siam69


    He's also to be found on the London thread, trying to tell people who live in London how he knows far more about the place than they do. His grammar is atrocious on that thread as well
  7. Siam69


    It wouldn't be hard, to be fair
  8. Siam69


    There's not meant to be a comma before the question mark, just saying
  9. Siam69


    He is that, but not overly a Rangers hater.
  10. Siam69


    Shsssh, he's obviously pissed again
  11. Siam69


    Me and big Stevie at the 12th
  12. Siam69


    Are you drunk?
  13. Siam69


    He's not even from Belfast If you grow up in a working class area in Northern Ireland and are into football, chances are, as a child, you will follow either the taigs or us. But some change, for many reasons. If he did follow us, I doubt he does now, fairly obvious. I don't see him overly for or against anyone. He's just hard to listen to, he tries to be a wind up, but doesn't have the personality to carry it off like say Sutton. No contradictions here ...