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  1. Siam69

    JD Sports to become official retail partner

    My n***er!
  2. Siam69

    Gareth Mcaulley

    He's 38 ffs. Though anything you that you say, we can be rest assured the opposite will happen, thankfully.
  3. Siam69

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    Yes, bought one for my daughter when she was born a couple of years ago, it's on the Colin Stein wall. Unfortunately the cert is signed by Mark Warburton, i'd much rather it was Gerrard. Though it's still framed and hanging on my living room wall.
  4. Siam69

    Gareth Mcaulley

    McCoists first year if I remember right, so SPL.
  5. Siam69

    Gareth Mcaulley

    He's far, far too old. He wanted to come a few years ago, McCoist wasn't interested.
  6. Siam69

    Training in Spain

    Inconsiderate bastards, Dave King's fault again no doubt
  7. Siam69

    Training in Spain

    Raging! I'm in Benalmadena from 10th to 18th. Rangers arrive Sunday 17th
  8. Siam69

    Pre Season

    They arrive Sunday 17th, I go back Monday 18th, Fuck!
  9. Siam69

    Pre Season

    Whereabouts in Andalucía? I'm in Benalmadena until the 18th.
  10. Siam69

    Barry Ferguson

    What i'd give for a Barry Ferguson in this team of shitebags we have. Barry has given me some great times watching Rangers.
  11. Who are you, and what have you done with Blue Avenger?
  12. Siam69

    The Boxing News Thread

    Just seen it, he got absolutely destroyed.
  13. Blue Avenger, Blue Avenger, Blue Avenger and finally, Blue Avenger. He could let the Club use his armed personal security, get his mate back on side, the one who makes multi million pound bids for football clubs on a whim, no mini Murray to knock him back this time, and most importantly, ban any Jesuit, homosexual or darkie from a 10 mile radius of Ibrox. What's not to like!
  14. Siam69

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Some amount of taigs getting outted today, Star of David, Peado's left boot, Rfc52