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  1. Had more than enough chances to put this to bed never mind the referee. Windass is pish, at least wee Barrie could finish. As much as Candeias tries, he's not enough. I'd try like fuck as well, but I'm not good enough either. Though both of them missed chances I could've finished. Every time I've seen King at a game, we get chinned, stay away to fuck, ya scud!
  2. Nemane

    Sad but true
  3. Quite a few good performances tonight, Alves, Dorrans, Tav, thought wee Holt was decent as well. Cardosa is fucking wank, man. He's gonna cost a few times this season. Windass couldn't get into it, again. Delighted for Pena, hopefully he's getting there, good for his confidence, but his touch can still be brutal. Delighted for Pedro, and delighted with a clean sheet. Still very much a work in progress, but undoubtedly there is progress. Have a good weekend, Bears!
  4. What a Wanker Butcher is.
  5. Forum activity.

    You're*, Seamus
  6. Strachan

  7. Forum activity.

    Carson's Cat and Bawsburst got banned at the same time. As per Forum rules, @gogzy wouldn't tell us why. Though bloke down the pub said it was for having more than one or multiple accounts The rumour going that they were in fact both the same person was a bit mental Aye, haven't seen TLM post in a while...
  8. Forum activity.

    Carson's Cat bossed the boardroom section, it was his bitch, as were many in it Aye, was definitely McMurdo, though plenty of other bangers just to back him up, or post his shite. Cunt wanted my name and address to take me to Court at one stage. Fucking paid propagandist masquerading as a Rangers fan. Media House puppet, doing Toxic Jack's and the other rat's bidding. He got banned for writing an article praising and backing up Mad Phil, Spiers and Haggerty, when they were telling lies about the Rangers Board, the very lies that cost Spiers his then job. Tells you all you need to know, though that was just the last in a very long list of stuff the Judas cunt was doing. Did I mention he's a cunt?
  9. By request of Stuart Sinclair, I have just transcribed from Spanish to English an interview of Alfredo Morelos with a British football podcast The first thing A...lfredo Morelos said: "My transfer to the Rangers is super-important" "When the talks began with Rangers, I had no knowledge of Scottish football, and here I started looking, the statistics of the club, a very big team here, I looked at the most important thing is the history of the club and that led to take the decision to come to this institution. What does it feel like to play in a stadium like the Ibrox with 50,000 people? "It's something nice, being in this great institution, with its tremendous history is something very important for my career, hopefully continue doing things the best way, continue to contribute much more to the team ... playing with so many people is something interesting, always full-house, always the fans supporting the team ". How do you evaluate the beginning of the team season and for you personally? I am very happy indeed, we did not start in the best way, I think we did not have the base team, we had seven player hires and we hardly knew each other. In football you have to win but what happened, happened, we are close to the celtic, we are excited to do things well. We won the last game away our home, we have a positive mentality and goals. " What is the elimination reading in Luxembourg? What is your balance? "These games are very important, we wanted to continue and reach the group stage, unfortunately we could not, we were excited, they were lucky, we were unlucky, they came two or three times to the goal, what happened, was behind, in last" How do you live inside the old firm, from the inside, the previous weeks, the sensations? One of the biggest derbies in the world, a very impressive atmosphere, very nice for one as a footballer, here is something incredible, I experienced it. In that game is worth winning, the team effort. We could not have a favorable result, but there are at least three games against them, I know we will get good and positive results for Rangers. How is Pedro Caixinha? The professor (that's the way coaches are called in Colombia) is excellent, he always supports me a lot, he covers me, since I arrived in Glasgow, he told me that whatever I needed with him, I asked him, I could talk at all times with him, that he was not going to negotiate with me ever the attitude, the job, that I had to prove my courage every day in training, in games to bring the best to the team. I feel good with your support. He has always treated me in the best way. It always helps me to improve. And the relationship with the teammates, although I do not speak much English, there are colleagues who speak in Spanish, there is always a positive group, where we all contribute to make things right, always with smiles. How did the city of Glasgow get you? It is a beautiful city, with friendly people, very respectful. What if you meet celtic fans? So far I have not found any. I only get Rangers fans. When I meet someone they will say anything, just like I will not understand because I do not speak the language. Is Rangers the next step for Colombia's selection? I hope to keep doing things right here and hopefully I can get a call for the national team. I am very calm these days, I am getting many important things for my career. Who is the best player with whom you share a team? (the reporter asks short questions for a short answer) So far, here, Carlos Peña
  10. Forum activity.

    True! Oh for the heady days when Green, Easdales and co were in charge. and the 'rows' on here! Carson's Cat schooling most of the Boardroom section, me getting warnings for abusing Bawsburst and McMurdo, the Judas rat bastard Them were the days alright! To be honest, since @Queen's Shitebag has left, the forum's went to shit, he's just not the same under his new name ..
  11. Nations League

    Sounds even worse than what i thought.
  12. Bluebell Bar Cristianos

    Still open, and open all the time, unlike the Ibrox bar. Be there in a couple of weeks.
  13. Nations League

    I think, and I mean only think, in groups B,C&D, the top team gets 'promoted' to the higher group, bottom goes down. though not sure where with D. The top 4 teams in group A get automatic entry to the Euro finals. Fuck knows what this means for the 'proper' Euro qualifying.
  14. Nations League

    International breaks are boring as fuck, even with my wee country doing relatively well. This is what @Terry Hurlock Loyal has mentioned a few times. England in the top group, we're in group B with the Republic and Wales Scotland in group C http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41580638 The draw in January, first games September next year.