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  1. Fuck sake Wait and see what happens ...
  2. The amount of people taking this 'staged pantomime' as serious is laughable. The outcome will already have been agreed, it'll be the one to make as much money of naive as fuck people and little boys as possible. Might even gave a rematch agreed as well, again dependant on how much they can take the piss out i'of gullible idiots. Fair play to them though, literally, I do mean literally, laughing all the way to the bank. A fool and his money eh. I'll probably watch the 'highlights' On utube the next day if I'm bored. The Moscow state circus is in town, better value, and they don't insult people's intelligence with their clown show. Enjoy, suckers ...
  3. It's a football forum, not the Financial Times. Take a blue and go to sleep. You seem a tad stressed.
  4. And if he had been approached and done nothing, you'd then have used that to start a thread to try and have a go at him. It's what you do! You talk some absolute bollocks, you're that mixed up it's not real, a bit like yourself.
  5. Get it up yee, you mad oul bastard! A call to arms, no less Let them get on with it, we'll laugh at them all the more, nothing's going to come off it, as Milne, Budge and saner mortals know. Oh and cheers Ally, I have no doubt Green wouldn't have gave a fuck about the titles, as he didn't give a fuck for anything except his pocket.
  6. Surprise, surprise. Nothing was ever going to come of it But compare If it had been any of the above, I mean, imagine a Rangers Manager doing that, the press and pundits in Scotland would be in overdrive, instead of defending him.
  7. I understand what you're saying, though Lafferty giving the finger while getting into the dug out, seen by a few dozen people cannot be compared to Lennon, who firstly, would have been already warned about his behaviour, goading 10's of 1000's of people, while knowing the history. I never gave an opinion on the C1872 thread, I never gave an opinion on this thread either, I can see 'both sides'. My point in the post above, was the difference in what will happen to Lennon for doing such, as if say Mourinho reacted liked that to the abuse he gets in the EPL, or God forbid De Boer had at the taigs with the sectarian abuse he got. Or imagine a Rangers Manager got on like that, there would be such a clamour and faux outrage among the press and pundits up here, that's my point. Parity, a level playing field.
  8. Which all Managers get, look at the ' Jose Fuck off Mouriniho' song, or the sectarian abuse De Boer got at the taigs while at Ajak. None respond the way that wee cunt does, because even if it does bother them, they know in the CL or the EPL what the repercussions would be. Unlike what will happen to poor wee Lenny.
  9. Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon Club 1872 would like to commend the restraint of the Rangers support following a clear attempt by Hibernian manager, Neil Lennon, to incite trouble at yesterday’s game at Ibrox. Rangers and Club 1872 are always keen to remind our supporters of their duty to act as ambassadors for our club but that duty is not one that applies only to Rangers supporters. ... Mr Lennon has previous for abusing and goading both Rangers staff and supporters. He seems completely unable to control himself at Ibrox. We can only speculate as to why. His actions in the dugout yesterday - where he made various inflammatory gestures to the supporters sitting directly behind the Hibernian dugout - were not becoming of any football manager, never mind one who likes to play the victim when things do not go his way. It is inexplicable that the fourth official chose to take no action against him at the time but, against the backdrop of possibly the worst refereeing performance ever seen at Ibrox, perhaps we should not be surprised. Mr Lennon has been extensively quoted in the media as saying that he “didn’t make a gesture”. If that quote is accurate then he is not only irresponsible but a liar. Had a Rangers supporter reacted to Mr Lennon’s actions yesterday then we would no doubt have been treated to further dramatic headlines about the persecution he has to suffer. Instead we have seen several media commentators make jokes about Lennon’s conduct. It is only because of the good sense of our supporters that they are in a position to do so. Police Scotland categorised this match as high risk due to the behaviour of Hibernian supporters at the Scottish Cup Final in 2016 when Rangers players were attacked on the pitch. Neil Lennon knew that and he knew he had a responsibility to act in an appropriate manner. He shirked that responsibility and reverted to type. We hope that Police Scotland will speak directly to Mr Lennon over the coming days and at the very least give him a warning over his future conduct at Ibrox. We also expect the SPFL to take action against Mr Lennon over his failed attempt to incite trouble. Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company.
  10. Thanks for the goals in the Championship, big man. I remember when you got injured towards the end of the Season, the Bears were in meltdown as you had been knocking them in. You certainly always tried and gave your best, no hiding, can't fault you there, unlike others. But just not good enough for what we need now, which saddened both us and you, no doubt. All the best Waggy!
  11. NORTHERN Irish you fuckwit! Ask the guy in your avatar, he'll tell you ...
  12. Suspended. From Lisburn, be surprised if he wasn't.
  13. That's your opinion, which you're entitled to. Your opinion is he preaches hate, my opinion is, he, at great personal risk, exposes those who preach hate.