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  1. It's common sense mate, this is the way the world is now. Rangers fans are not going to change that.
  2. Shut up sassaaaa ffs. Not think today's embarrassing enough!
  3. Sadly I agree, though not as sad as the 3000 who will miss out, but we can but try!
  4. It's not rocket science ffs.
  5. There's no doubt this is again self inflicted. And continuing to do it is both fucking stupid and selfish as fuck. You can shout whataboutry and aye but celtic this, celtic that all you like, and you would have fair points, stuff that needs to be addressed, the double standards. But that's a separate thing. But, we continue to give people the ammo to be able to do this, so stop fucking doing it, stop being so fucking selfish and stupid. And I have no doubt our Manager will say similar when asked, as he undoubtedly will be, and he'll have to answer, no doubt embarrassed as well. So are you going to call him a cunt as well as me for saying the above. Wise up ffs!
  6. Katic, Flanagan, Shagger, Davis and Jack in no particular order all played well tonight. Shows how far we've came that we're now unhappy with a 0-0 draw away to Legia Warsaw, even without their ineligible player. We just have to beat them at Ibrox, which i'm confident we can do. Any score, just beat them.
  7. Was yea, Qarabag will go through, but to beat them at all, magnificent. They were Champion's League this past few years. They'll probably be unhappy now with 3-2, but would hardly dreamed to win before the game. Brilliant David Healy!
  8. Fuck up you negative Prick! You're clueless anyway, after your comments about Davis at HT.
  9. Same mate, i'm a Ballymena supporter, but fair play to them if they can hold on here.
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