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  1. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    To be honest, I think the vast majority cringe with all the petty, pathetic infighting. But I don't do twitter, so could be wrong
  2. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    From the very little I know of it, and who's involved, I think I could categorically tell you now, that will never, ever happen
  3. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Post it on RM, mate.
  4. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Just going by what was posted on FF, that he was able to say the exact number of Directors or those on the committee or whatever before it was unveiled, when only one was listed on Companies House? As said, just going by what was posted on FF and couldn't be explained, at least that I have read over there. I'm sure there is nothing sinister in it, though hardly a good start. I genuinely wish the new group well, personally I wouldn't want any Rangers group to fail, or try to agitate to get that outcome. I cringe with all the petty, pathetic infighting pish. But that's just me
  5. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Just read it, and the FF thread on it via the link posted on it. Good luck, i think they'll need it. Mad Phil being able to 'introduce' it with exact details etc before it officially unveiled to the Rangers support wasn't a great start either ...
  6. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Fucking hell, I was envisioning just a group of fans getting together to try and get answers or try to hold the current Board to account, put pressure on them to sort this shambles out kinda thing. Which I would be fully in agreement with, by the way.
  7. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Right! Is he taking a break from Davy's left peg, or is this in conjunction with?
  8. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Are 'Follow Rangers' a kinda SOS to this Board, as SOS were to the previous? It that why they were set up? Genuine question, know nothing about them at all.
  9. Statement from A Johnston

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Staggering!
  10. Statement from A Johnston

    The statement is fucking contemptuous. When I first read it, I thought the cunt was just a bit deluded, out of touch with how the support feel. But I've dwelled on it a little, na, he can't be that stupid, it's either arrogance trying to take us for pricks, or just plain contemptuous. The Union Bears are the only ones that have really nailed it for me, a bunch of young lads articulating well how we feel, telling the truth. Why don't you just say nothing, instead of taking us for cunts.
  11. My letter to the Directors.

    Aye Guardian was the Blue Taigs instigator, Backup , sorry, Bawsburst was at it as well, that and rhebs and malcontents etc. McMurdo was another who used to come out with them all on here. Great times I just want the best for my Club, Kai. Club first, always the Club first, not King, not any fan group or any other thing or anyone else. At that time, I wanted rid of those cunts, so backed King and the rest of the Rangers supporters who were trying to oust them. Now, while I still believe it was right to get those cunts out,I just feel so let down by King and those with him with the state of my Club, and have done for quite a while. It's a fucking shambles, which ultimately is down to them. If someone better took over tomorrow, they would get my full backing. I'm just worried about another Whyte or Green character. We're known for our loyalty to the Club, that's why cunts know money can be made out of that loyalty.
  12. Hummel

    Thought I read Esky say it's true.
  13. VB Article

    Great article, articulate and straight to the point. This is what they do best, best from them in a while.
  14. Union Bears Statement.

    Exactly how I feel, and hope it's the start of some momentum, not a one off, one group thing.