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  1. This must be why Rafa pulled out from joining the taigs at the last moment. I mean, what other reason could there be ...
  2. He'd need to move quick, could've swore wee Neilly said 1000% the Chinese were buying us before next season.
  3. Is Ashley now buying us straight away, or gonna wait until everyone's back from holidays?
  4. And not the penalty taker.
  5. Can we get a petition going to fuck Traynor off and get @denya as head of PR and communications please!
  6. Resolution 12 getting an airing as well lol The lack of interest in Resolution 12 and this appointment, after we’d seen what a quality manager is capable of here, is an utter disgrace. Lawwell clearly sees the need for a competitive sevco to be more important than us making history. Whatever anyone says, we are giving the scum a chance to stop us at 8. Pissed right off with this after the delight of a treble treble.
  7. I've just had a look at Kerrydale Street, yes I know I know, but it's funny as fuck considering the context ... They are in meltdown, it's beyone brilliant from a treble treble to shambles being the most used word and the vitriol directed at Lawwell and their board is hilarious. Once Lennon gets a few dodgy results start of next season, it will build and build.
  8. So anyway, our Board have to recognise this is our best chance to stop these cunts, we can do it, but the Manager needs supported. No excuses Dave, Lennon and a big overall over there, we have relative stability and a Manager that gets it and the players respect, we have to seize this.
  9. Win a treble and first thing you do is come on a Rangers forum you sad cunt. Did you like the timing of the statement, bit like the one yesterday, you shameless bastards. Though probably went over your head, you thick as fuck paedo supporting scumbag.
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