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  1. I remember Ivan Sproule doing a paper article after he retired, maybe one of the Norn Iron papers, can't remember. Anyways, they asked him about scoring his hat trick against us for Hibs. He said he was a big Rangers fan, he used to get the boat over to games, but it was his job, he was a Hibs player. Said though he could never understand the likes of Scott Allan who was a supposed Ranger's fan signing for the taigs. Said it was something who could never had done, couldn't understand anyone who could.
  2. You'd just do what big Paddy McNair told them when they wanted to sign him last summer. Go forth and multiply!
  3. As long as you got out alive mate, and didn't end up as just another statistic on Dickies Shithole London thread 🙄
  4. Siam69


    Great to see him come back from his dip in form and mistakes. Playing well, confidence back, well done Tav, keep it up
  5. Aye, Black bastard as plain as day there.
  6. Well this is what the journalist Peter A Smith says, so the evidence on one or other of the videos must be strong - Peter A Smith ✔ @PeterAdamSmith I’ve seen the video of racist and sectarian insults being shouted at Alfredo Morelos yesterday. It has been sent to me but I am not sharing it because it doesn’t deserve the platform. It is horrendous and it needs to be stamped out by all clubs and by all reasonable fans quickly.
  7. I can hear monkey getting screamed at him quite clearly on that video. Plus there's also another video of when he's walking off getting the 'black bastard' treatment.
  8. Now saying about Morelos getting racially abused while walking off yesterday. Great we've found a set of balls and calling all these cunts out.
  9. Siam69

    sky sports

    Headlines are about Morelos getting racially abused while leaving the field yesterday, and our statement about their goal shouldn't have stood, and also Sky saying their goal in the final was offside. Top story, though no idea if that's what the OP is on about.
  10. Sky News running with the statement, saying about goal yesterday hitting the hand, and also stating the goal in the Cup final was offside. Not allegedly, not possibly, stating it was offside.
  11. Paul Hartely's hurting bad, eh! 24 hours to run anyway, i'm sure Fraser's gutted lol.
  12. Be better spending his time at basic English language classes, very basic!
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