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  1. Only positives I can take outta that game was another good performance by big Borna, another goal for Alfie, and Kent back on the pitch. Scunnered!
  2. He posts with his Gerrard avatar. You're seriously hard work in these match threads, you're either a taig at it, or the most clueless cunt on this forum, which is some feat!
  3. Didn't deserve anymore than a draw to be honest. Borna apart, was hard to watch.
  4. Thought Big Borna was tremendous today. Father and daughter Ranger's tops on for the hotel evening meal, place is hooching with them. Yeeoooo!
  5. Siam69


    Been great all season, as he was end of last, once fit and a run of games. He's a class player, always was.
  6. Stats say the Dandy Dons had 1 solitary shot on target all game. I don't fucking remember it!
  7. Normal service and score lines have finally been restored in Aberdeen games.
  8. Billy, I'm in that much of a good mood, even your running commentary on this match thread hasn't even annoyed me that much!
  9. Controlled this game from start to finish, without even trying that hard IMO. Have the sheep even had a shot on target?
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