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  1. Bar None in Benalmadena's a good wee bar, similar in size to the Bluebelle Rangers bar in Tenerife. Bluebelle's open every day in Tenerife as far as i'm aware, unlike the Ibrox Bar. Or alternatively just contact @bikerblue and go round to his place in Tenerife, he throws a good party every match, free drink and drugs! He's most of them looky looky men working for him ...
  2. If a decent Manager can get the best out of him, like Michael O'Neill has for Norn Iron ... His goals pretty much took Norn Iron to France last year. I remember the same distain for Miller coming back at the time, and look what happened there ... @.Williamson. is a big fan
  3. It was a definite penalty, though Fod was more to blame for it. In fact, I thought Fod left a lot to be desired for both goals.
  4. Shut up you fucking idiot! And learn some grammar while you're at it!
  5. Dodoo should 100% start next weekend. Them missing Brown next week will be a huge blow, he strolled it today, broke up most things we did with ease.
  6. Tav's been our best player, despite the penalty, which was a penalty, though Fod more at blame for it.
  7. Tav had been our best player up to that, though that's not saying much ...
  8. Fod at fault for both goals, for me.
  9. Same, the adrenalin kicks in too much, fight or flight syndrome!
  10. So to get us properly in the mood, just a final word from our opposition, in the spirit of friendship and all that
  11. Sore back, same as last time ...
  12. Toral doesn't seem to fancy playing the taigs.
  13. So anyway, talking about nutters, just a wee reminder
  14. Brilliant interview by Lemon, the gift that keeps giving
  15. So he'll miss the Ibrox game, but not the Cup semi.