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  1. That's it in a nutshell. Personally, i'd rather have the reality of the situation, than 'wishful thinking'. It's the like the 'Rangers join the English leagues' thread yesterday, where i said not this nonsense again, it won't happen, end of!
  2. How many times do we have to post nonsense like this. It won't happen, end of!
  3. Thank fuck for that, help him get back motivated and interested again. No one on this forum wants anything more than him to want to, and play as good as he can.
  4. Everyone would be delighted. I just want him to give 100%, play like he gives a fuck, cares. Is that too much to ask?
  5. Linfield 2-0 winners in Switzerland and through to the next preliminary round in the CL.
  6. I'm over to Turkey end of the month, want me to see Mehmet for you?
  7. How's the sizing mate, with Puma i had to do a size bigger than usual.
  8. Cheers Alfie, but you're just destroying the memories now. Best he moves on for all.
  9. Kent and Helander are decent here. Morelos is doing my head in. The German's are a good team, but there's no excuse for not giving 100% in attitude and desire. If we can see it, obviously the rest of the team can. Needs a Souness to grab him by the throat at HT.
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