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  1. Agreed, and love to see him do well, but can't see it
  2. Don't know, thought he was a Hertz fan, but if he supports whomever is playing the taigs, he'll do for me
  3. Think It's Holt, Nacho and Dorrans. Apparently at the piggery 2011.
  4. No sane person would put their sight at risk. He could easily have stopped the previous round if he wanted. Deontay Wilder fight on SS2 at 8pm.
  5. Do you even realise how much of a Wanker you are?
  6. Easily man of the match more than once.
  7. Indeed, also had some great games when Captain after Barton was sidelined.
  8. Don't know, @BEE maybe know, used to run about with them ...
  9. That Missus was binned ages ago.
  10. Penaltygate Hilarious
  11. I take it back, that is her, pics I seen before she looked way different. Her name's Vanessa Chung.
  12. Yep, just about to post the same. Think she's like half Singapore or something like that, definitely not the pics shown anyway ...
  13. See if he doesn't sign, you should be banned. Cheers
  14. Moyes resigned from Sunderland.
  15. 'Arry Cripps was a wee bit before my time lol But yea, was in Deptford when they were top of the old First Division, was actually working in the Old Kent Road. Aye, scary enough was Cold Blow Lane, I went with a couple younger Bushwhackers I was working with, calling cards etc was all the go then ...
  16. I had been at the home game against Bradford last year, and used to live in Deptford years ago, went to the old ground a few times. Scary place lol Hope to fuck you win your battle against the Council and the developers, there's similar battles happening all over London at the moment. Social cleansing it is. The properties built would then be extortionate, bought up by rich as fuck cunts from China, Russia or the middle East etc for an investment, half then left empty, as is happening all over London. Working Class Londoners and their associations like Millwall getting pushed out.
  17. Pish! It fucking better be!
  18. Same every year. What is it with him, does he need his ego stroked that bad, he wants loads of 'please come' from young Bears who don't know any better. He wasn't even that good, now he just pisses me off with this usual yearly pish.