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  1. She probably wrote that for them. Well, gauntlet thrown down to Peter, we won't be dictated to! Pressure needs to be kept on these cunts, waiting on UEFA sanctions, Police and other interested parties turning the screw. As mentioned, these cunts started all this, so fucking hell slap It up them!
  2. More fucking like it Rangers, getting a wee bit of belief back here...
  3. Decent start, encouraging ...
  4. Two different issues though, them closing that area for two matches is nothing to do with their terrorist banners.
  5. @bluedylan had mentioned it.
  6. I always thought that's why Pedro was picked, and as such, it would end up either being a brilliant appointment or a terrible one, not more of an expected tenure like what those you have mentioned would have given us. The jury is still out on brilliant or terrible for me, though so far, it's not encouraging to say the least ...
  7. Blocking stairwells in this standing zone, aye? As you say, nothing to do with the banners, which I still hope they get hammered for by UEFA, Police investigation, DUP involvement, and their own 'internal' investigation But i'll not hold my breath. All said and done, Peter must be getting pissed off with them, though ...
  8. We'll see end of the season.
  9. Understand what you're saying, though that's my take on it.
  10. Spot on! He'll score loads for Hearts, he's a changed guy thanks to Michael O'Neil. He's far more mature, settled. Wish we'd have signed him, I put my want for Rangers to do well over any anger or prejudice I have for him. But understand why others wouldn't have him.
  11. Good man Jack, keep em coming ya thick cunt!
  12. A 'banner', yea? Well here's a wee reminder of what those banners represent and glorify!
  13. Closing a Stand wouldn't impact Linfield, the only time they would sell out the ground is if they drew us. 10000 Euros is alright as well, compared to what they made. Overall, i'd say they were happy enough with that.
  14. I know what you mean, mate. I wish we could go back to the days when supporters could display whatever banner or sing whatever songs they wanted, at a men's working class sporting event ffs. It wouldn't be my form either to go complaining about something like last night, i'd rather we give just as good back. But thanks to the taigs crying and whinging like 12 year old girls, thinking they're smart with the 'offended by everything bus', that's not the case now. So they can't have it both ways, despite them thinking they can, so fuck them, get it rammed up them at every opportunity. They started this shite with their organised campaigns, so as you say, fight fire with fire. Fucking big Ginny Ann's as we say in Northern Ireland, well that, and them thinking they're smart, that we'd only get targeted. Brilliant the DUP is taking this up, the bold Gregory will be making waves in the right corners no doubt, with their new found 'status'. About time too, horrible taig bastards, bringing what was a great sporting rivalry to something akin to a game of rounders ffs, if the cunts had their way, well, apart from what their own support get up to!
  15. You could see he was clearly torn, was last to leave I think. Yes, he did leave, but obviously in turmoil over it. Did he not also grab someone by the throat over the pay cut to keep us afloat in Admin. Can't remember if it was a player or some cunt from Duff and Phelps. I'd be fucking raging if he ended up at any other Scottish Club, as I bet he would be as well.
  16. We thank you for your interest in and for taking the time to send us your feedback. Your comments and suggestions will help us to improve the website. Please refer to the link below for more information. Your feedback: I would like too register my disgust and anger at yet again the so called supporters of Glasgow Celtic having banners of IRA murdering terrorists in their crowd while playing Linfield tonight. I personally know quite a few Linfield supporters who have had family members murdered by the IRA. I myself had my father under constant death threat from the IRA for doing his legitimate job to put food on the table for his children. There is no place for this is sport. How many times are Celtic allowed to get away with such disgusting and abhorrent displays, they get tiny fines which do nothing to deter them. Nevermind their songs and chants glorifying in the murder of innocent people. I call on UEFA to take stern action this time, not paltry fines. Their behaviour is continuous, ongoing and repugnant to all right thinking people.
  17. Fucking Hell! That's a couple of ounces less of Pollen for the way back!
  18. Just seen them online starting at £150 Think that was the site I seen them on, though not the Dutch version. Bound to be cheaper than what I seen.
  19. Lawwell standing down from the SPFL Board, Robertson among the 'contenders' to replace him.
  20. I've been, though I was a good while ago, and it was against Feyenoord. It was at the old stadium, I had been working seasonal in the bulb factories, doing squat parties, and generally getting off my tits, I used to live in Haarlem for a couple of years. Had to leave before I died lol. Joints used to get sent down the conveyor belt at Bakkers, Hillegom, the factory where I worked. The Dutch Managers views were, if you can still do your job ok, crack on Anyway, got 2 tickets of a Dutch guy who was also working there. The Feyenoord fans were caged in, and fought non stop with he police from start to finish. They were well marshalled, never seen any aggro with the Ajax fans, probably because they couldn't get near each other. That was when Ajax were the best Club in the world, some team they had, both De Boers, Litmanen, Overmars, Davids etc . I remember the Dutch guys listening to them win the Intercontinental Cup against a South American team when we were working on the docks unloading trawlers. Feyenoord would be harder to get a ticket alright, but not impossible, as shown above. Plus if I had to pick a game to go to, that would be it. Do you know anyone living in Holland, or any connection via fan forums etc?
  21. Celtic 'extremely surprised' by police comments on Linfield tickets situation.
  22. The Scott Sinclair thing was a daft thing probably done by two 13 year olds. It was out of order, but what I find much more out of order is the bias and stigmatising of only one community or set of supporters when such things happen.
  23. Wonder if Brendan is as concerned with the safety of young Ranger's fans, children in fact, who seem to get bottled by his own supporters on a regular basis ...
  24. Yes please!!!
  25. Decent 2nd half from Linfield. Not a bad result at all. Part time team, average attendance of 3000 odd, if that. Can be proud of themselves, even those in the team that are Celtic fans