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    I thought the same when he signed. If he was only 21 with all this supposed potential, why was he being punted. But since he's came no one can deny he obviously has bags of talent and potential. Can only put it down to a fall out with Genk's manager, off field stuff, or he must gave an attitude issue sometimes. If Gerrard can 'manage' him well, then it's certainly our gain.
  2. It won't be an hour. It's Channel 4 News, it will be 5/10 mins of that max. To be fair, they did something similar before from outside the piggery. The more exposure this gets the better, and if there is stuff not in the public domain before as it being said, then again even better. It could be a catalyst for more. The victims can only live in hope ...
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    Goldson had a good, solid game.
  4. ^^^^ An hour ago on this thread, clear as day he's lost the dressing room from KK What EGM! 🤣
  5. Gerrard's tactical decision to go with Aribo for Borna changed and helped win us the game. Credit where credit's due.
  6. Money wise, how much is a win worth in the knock out stages?
  7. He's well off form, missed more than one good chance tonight.
  8. See apart from missing a few good chances that he would have netted before Christmas, Morelos hasn't done anything. He's well off form, low in confidence. I'm not bothered about him missing the 2nd leg.
  9. Yes, but that's due to the first half of the season before they sacked their manager. Since then, they've been excellent. They're some outfit, technically great, fuck sake look at them.
  10. Retail outlets at Ibrox. Does the official club statement use a picture of the shop at the stadium?
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    😂 He could've scored 49 goals today and you've had said the same, ya big bully! Pray for Andy, near fractured his skull and still played on, Hero!
  12. Siam69


    Played well today, no? One of few who did?
  13. Siam69


    MOTM today, well, him or Airfield.
  14. Halliday, Arfield, Shagger, Hagi, Davis and Kamberi when he came on all get pass marks. Too many of our supposed 'better' players out of form, Morelos, Kent, Jack, Tav, and it's impacting everything.
  15. This! And it's impacting the rest of the team re confidence and their form. The taigs were the same when we beat them at Christmas, they had a few of their key players out of form. Now it's reversed. That said, up to the management team to find a solution and deal with it.
  16. When we beat the taigs at Christmas, they had too many of their better players out of form. Now it's the reverse, we have too many of our better players out of form, and it's contagious to the rest of the team, confidence, form. Yes I know we just scored, but it's clearly evident.
  17. Sadly, currently it looks like the bread man mark 2. Needs to shake things up, when Morelos nevermind anyone else looks disinterested, something's wrong or needs done. We'll probably still win, but it's same thing every game now.
  18. Aye, laughed at that myself. He's an obvious Northern Irish icon!
  19. Think this is as bad as I've seen us play as a team under Gerrard. No urgency, seemingly disinterested players, no desire, like going through the motions.
  20. Stream's constant stop/start, or is it the way we're playing!
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