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  1. No mate, knew it would be packed, just found a local one to where I'm staying, Wigan Pier. Though heading to Ibrox Bar on Saturday.........early!
  2. Yeeoooo!! Watched it in a bar in Tenerife, while laughing at the thumb on the other screen.
  3. That would be NORTHERN Ireland As for my Avatar, I am merely highlighting the unfair disadvantage the taigs have, what with supporters of other teams running onto the pitch and attacking them, as mentioned by wee sexy Jackie in the pic ....................oh wait, that would be our players that got attacked, as mad as it seems. In all seriousness, there is Orange Order lodges in the Republic of Ireland, Orange parades no less ...
  4. As the Republic are, saying it's for Ryan McBride.
  5. Indeed, usuals doing the usual!
  6. Read the whole thing, 3 times. And I could pretty much name you all the posters who will do the same, and focus totally on the mention of Chris Graham and Liverpool
  7. You started a thread calling him out for an article he did where he took the part of the Hag and Spiers over Rangers, the time when Spiers lost his job over it. Gogzy banned Mcmurdo for the article, as any Bear who sticks up for and takes the part of the Hag and Spiers over Rangers should be shot, never mind ostracised. Anyway, it's taking this thread off course. Have a few drinks, away and reminisce on the Punk thread and content yourself
  8. You did indeed, a thread which led to said rat McMurdo getting banned by Gogzy, that's why I remember it. You went way up in my estimation, well done you
  9. Says the man who started the thread highlighting that cunt McMurdo gushing over and taking the side of the Hag and Spiers over Rangers
  10. Unfortunately yes, it certainly looks that way. But you have to able to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. Needs to have a serious word with himself, or he could end up like that Rat McMurdo.
  11. Was dreading this moment, hoping it would never come, when D'art felt he had to resign. I've watched him pretty much singlehandedly defend C1872 on here recently, put straight many of the lies told about it by fellow Rangers fans (his words), tell people of the huge amount of great work being done by C1872 Board members, his obvious passion and hope for it to succeed. Seen him say he was doing the same on twitter, though I don't do twitter, so miss a lot of that shite, which i'm not displeased about. There's two sides to every story, yet to hear Craig's. Though as it stands, it seems Craig has put his own selfish self interest ahead of what was best for C1872, indeed could have dealt it a fatal blow. Either that or he's very, very naïve. Either way, he should not be on C1872 after what has transpired. Now I may be naïve as well, but I still believe SOS was started with genuine intentions for what those involved thought would be best for, and benefit the club. How they went about it sometimes, that was a personal choice for Bears, myself and wife never boycotted, still flew up to games from London. But I'm not going to slag off any Bears for doing what they though was best for the Club they love if that was the individual case, whether it was boycott or not, buy stripes or not, protest or not etc. And have defended Craig and SOS on here, while also calling them out when it was merited. I've even had a look on FF for the first time in ages, read the thread there. Many are quite rightly saying what Craig did is wrong, some are saying if he doesn't get the job, where's the COI? I feel they are missing the point, he was asked not to while on C1872, that it would bring the integrity of the whole organisation into question, and as such the integrity of those on it, like D'art, Laura and Joanne. But he didn't take any heed, went ahead with what can only be described as a selfish, self serving action, what he wanted was more important than the integrity of C1872. When you have Esky, a respected guy from a very broad section of the Rangers support saying Craig thinks C1872 is his, he can do what he wants, then that speaks volumes for me. As I say, there are two sides to every story, I look forward to reading a FB post from Craig explaining things from his side, but as it stands at present, until I find out different, to me it's either a self serving, selfish action, or naïve in the extreme. Either way, it should make his position on C1872 or the proposed job at Rangers untenable. Also, not sure I buy the other 'big scam/conspiracy' theory being mooted by some.
  12. Jut showed him on Soccer AM there, making a cunt outta the taigs last weekend.
  13. @bombaybadboy08 will sort you out. Though I have to warn you, he doesn't like grasses.
  14. He knows exactly what he's doing.
  15. Is the OP related to Blue Avenger?
  16. This thread is like seeing a few piss heads who's cognitive processes have been damaged by alcohol shouting and howling at the moon, with no clue whatsoever what they are shouting about.
  17. But Murty was the manager, his da's a tim, which would make him a tim, at least as a child. Thought according to you those types were to be hounded, would always favour the taigs over Rangers even if our manager
  18. Hearing and reading that the taigs didn't show up. Really, an old firm at the Piggery? Murty put out a team that nullified them, instilled some heart and fight in the team. Had we a decent striker, we'd have won that. Waghorn, as big as he is, i'd love to knock the cunt out, fucking raging with him today, not the first time this season either, but moreso today. Hodson, he's decent, but hardly a world beater, still had more than enough for the 'multi million pound' taig's frontline. Gutted for Holt, his mistake, a genuine mistake, led to their goal, apart from that, great fight, he put lego in his place a few times. Fod some good saves when required, but by no means under the cosh. McKay couldn't get into the game. Sick reading the abuse he's getting after today's game. He was by far the best player on the pitch last time we played that team of 'super stars', arguably our best player the previous times we've played them as well. Yes, was poor today, it happens, but great to see Murty recognise that, sub him, something that Warburton wouldn't have done. Overall, a well deserved point, but could've been a win if Waghorn had even taken one of those 1 on 1 chances. Knew after the first 15 minutes we had more fight and desire about us. Big credit to Murty for that, was on a hiding to nothing when asked to step up. Taigs didn't turn up? Aye, my bollocks, we more than matched them overall, and they certainly have more quality in their team than we do, due to cash and Warburton wasting most of the cash we do have. Oh and just to make it even better, the 'penalty', yes it was a penalty, but Ref only seen the ball going to the left, assumed Hill's boot did it, couldn't see the penalty so couldn't give it, but great to wind up the taigs even more. Certainly food for thought for Big Pedro and our Semi. Only a draw, but many positives to build on, and most of all, team shows some balls, some fight and desire, weren't bullied by those cunts!
  19. Apart from Armstrong, we didn't let any of them play. Bodes well for stopping a treble
  20. I've yet to see you say anything positive about Rangers since you've 'arrived', not this post in particular, it's usually shitstirring To me, you're dodgy as fuck ...
  21. Yes, of course it was a penalty. But the Ref couldn't see it, he could only see the ball going left, assumed big Clint's boot did that. Can't see it, can't give it. Get it fucking up Yee Declan
  22. So many ...