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  1. Give us more tickets or we'll sing 'bad songs' https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49712955
  2. You're slipping mate, you're slipping, took you long enough ...
  3. Can't believe this thread has been going over an hour and govanbear hasn't posted yet. A gift! He must be ill or something ...
  4. I think it would be 'parties', not 'party', judging by his earlier posts ...
  5. Aye, myself and my father used to travel to Ibrox with a Ballymena RSC. I'm not actually from there, but close, so my accent isn't that bad lol.
  6. The first rule about ...
  7. I'm torn, Ballymena is my local team I used to go watch when living in Norn Iron.
  8. 'Infiltrating nomads' Stop getting on like a Leftie strangled by PC Shite ffs. When I joined here, I was screaming ''you're a fucking taig' at every cunt that disagreed with me about Boardroom stuff. Ah, the good old days ...
  9. @sassaaaa's gonna cum in his pants here ...
  10. At the Showgrounds? Wasn't aware of it, my brother might be going if so.
  11. Yea, I remember something about that being posted on here as well. They do the pro Palestinian anti Jewish pish, Ajax being their big rivals. I have a Dutch mate in Rotterdam, he's been to more than one celtic game. For some of them there is a connection, and you know full the taigs will be mixing and trying to cause shite. I remember being at a European game against them years ago, they did a 'charge' in Ibrox, but that was back in the day when they were renowned for it. My mate says them days are in the past.
  12. This first fight from the York Hall is excellent!
  13. Northern Ireland International Jamal Lewis has been excellent!
  14. Thread's going well. Just imagine it had we not won! 😁
  15. Not singling anyone out or anything, but @BillyG91is fucking torture 😁 Or maybe it's @BillyG93. Anyway, you know who you are, apologies to the other William 😘
  16. Where's your post match interview Stevie, to tell us our Ryan's alright!
  17. People are passionate about their Club, mate! Some zoomers alright though! 😁
  18. Stream"s mad. Hesgoal acting up all day. Closed it and gave it another go there, directed me to the two Geordies with donation, donation, but best stream of the day lol
  19. Now just need to hear Kent has just a niggle, and life can resume this weekend.
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