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  1. Except of course Hibs and Aberdeen were doubtful and there are plenty of journalists stating categorically clubs only voted for this so funds would be released. The Dundee emails are bad but it is the availability of loans which will change views here. That is the lie that matters directly to them.
  2. Seriously does anyone think it is feasible for the SPFL to declare them winners and a matter of hours later UEFA declare every other league null and void? Even celtic couldn’t brass neck through the sh1t storm not just here but across Europe at doing that.
  3. I actually think this article represents a drive to make it seem Dundee are now a yes so that if a no comes in the other side can cry outrage and push to rerun this vote. Not convinced that is Dundee’s intention just more coercion
  4. I cannot understand why no journalist is pursuing this? If Dundee are covered who are the other 5? Crucially what’s the status of Rangers and celtic? Cause that could define how the next few seasons play out if one is covered and one is not
  5. From his hospital bed? Is he ok? Genuinely feared for his life such is the distress the tape throwing outrage from last night must have caused John. Agree it’s not much of an incident BUT the reason players are not meant to gesture at fans is it causes those fans to react and endangers others. With Griffiths it’s not a hypothetical his actions clearly caused precisely that problem.
  6. Is racism a mental health issue these days? Probably a bit of stress too looking after all those kids
  7. Really feel the club should be questioning why our club’s black and mixed race players seem to being targeted? Morelos and Tav hit by objects thrown from crowd and Tav physically assaulted
  8. Hang on allegations first emerged in the 1990s? I think you may mean 1974 when he first left the boys club no?
  9. Aberdeen semi at Hampden should be Gazza day. Wear a top from his time at ibrox. Maybe a coordinated effort to have people wear face masks. The easiest support though is 8 minutes to all sing “one Paul Gascoigne”. Actually we should do that every game from now til the season end. I also think the club can shame the SFA here with an end of season friendly against Lazio or Spurs with funds going to mental health charities.
  10. Not sure if it’s a glitch in the system but my receipt for a medium adult home top is showing as £50 plus £9.95 postage (I’m in Australia). i think the club have missed a trick here not having other stuff available. I would have taken one if not both of the Hummel polo shirts. in fairness to Hummel would you make thousands of tops that might never be sold? Hopefully they crack on.
  11. RangersTV - absolute garbage. Hardly encouraging me to rely on this for he season
  12. Give Dortmund have hoops next year I do hope not! http://www.footyheadlines.com/2016/12/borussia-dortmund-17-18-kit.html?m=1
  13. Ang Postacogalu the Australian coach. Craig Moore is one of his assistants and could also come. Everyone thought australia had to park the bus at the world cup. Tried to play decent football and gave youngsters a chance. Recently coped with the pressure and delivered asian cup victory on home soil. Most won't know him. I only do cause I'm in Oz. It's the sort of out of the box thinking our board should be doing. Not sounding out billy bloody Davies
  14. He should have dropped a fair number of players by now and given younger players the chance. Does anyone here disagree? He is unable or unwilling to make the necessary decisions and so his boss has had to do his job for him. Happens in almost every other walk of life. Of course in every other walk of life if you leak stories of the internal business of the company which employees you then you'd be sacked for gross misconduct. Here's hoping. None of the above changes the basic principle the manager should pick the team. Unique circumstances and a uniquely incompetent individual/shamblic 1st team mean there is a view Llambias too would be failing in his job if he didn't interfere
  15. Adidas football tops all have the "Equipment" logo rather than the "Originals" logo
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