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  1. Really feel the club should be questioning why our club’s black and mixed race players seem to being targeted? Morelos and Tav hit by objects thrown from crowd and Tav physically assaulted
  2. Don’t know if the management team look at as having a first choice pair. If we play 60 games over the season then that’s 120 centre half starts. Right now you’d assume Goldson and Helander would play 40 each and then Katic and Edmundson 20 each. Form, suspensions, injury might all mess with that but on age and salary you’d be aiming around that sort of mix.
  3. Hang on allegations first emerged in the 1990s? I think you may mean 1974 when he first left the boys club no?
  4. Aberdeen semi at Hampden should be Gazza day. Wear a top from his time at ibrox. Maybe a coordinated effort to have people wear face masks. The easiest support though is 8 minutes to all sing “one Paul Gascoigne”. Actually we should do that every game from now til the season end. I also think the club can shame the SFA here with an end of season friendly against Lazio or Spurs with funds going to mental health charities.
  5. Not sure if it’s a glitch in the system but my receipt for a medium adult home top is showing as £50 plus £9.95 postage (I’m in Australia). i think the club have missed a trick here not having other stuff available. I would have taken one if not both of the Hummel polo shirts. in fairness to Hummel would you make thousands of tops that might never be sold? Hopefully they crack on.
  6. RangersTV - absolute garbage. Hardly encouraging me to rely on this for he season
  7. Give Dortmund have hoops next year I do hope not! http://www.footyheadlines.com/2016/12/borussia-dortmund-17-18-kit.html?m=1
  8. Ang Postacogalu the Australian coach. Craig Moore is one of his assistants and could also come. Everyone thought australia had to park the bus at the world cup. Tried to play decent football and gave youngsters a chance. Recently coped with the pressure and delivered asian cup victory on home soil. Most won't know him. I only do cause I'm in Oz. It's the sort of out of the box thinking our board should be doing. Not sounding out billy bloody Davies
  9. He should have dropped a fair number of players by now and given younger players the chance. Does anyone here disagree? He is unable or unwilling to make the necessary decisions and so his boss has had to do his job for him. Happens in almost every other walk of life. Of course in every other walk of life if you leak stories of the internal business of the company which employees you then you'd be sacked for gross misconduct. Here's hoping. None of the above changes the basic principle the manager should pick the team. Unique circumstances and a uniquely incompetent individual/shamblic 1st team mean there is a view Llambias too would be failing in his job if he didn't interfere
  10. Adidas football tops all have the "Equipment" logo rather than the "Originals" logo
  11. I agree with the general sentiments, the red on the collar is a mistake. Maybe if there was red along with the white on the sleeve/down the side it might look better balanced. For all that though it is a good strip in my opinion. I like old schools strips though. Maybe we should alternate between old school one year and then something a bit non-traditional the next e.g. an all blue kit (perhaps with a retro away for old farts like me to buy instead) Slightly off topic is the current size range for the 3rd strip on the mega store website an indication these have sold well or does it again feed into questions on how organised operations are? http://www.rangersmegastore.com/replica-kit/2014-2015-kits/third-kit
  12. Has any of this stuff been submitted to Private Eye yet? They love this stuff. Sure they'd run with it particularly with the commonwealth games angle
  13. Next year we could have John Daly crash and bash and pretend to be Kris Boyd. Or just have Kris F#CKING Boyd back. Delighted with out new front 2. Short term though. Next……...
  14. France kits are immense. Sub a Scotland badge and that'd be a belter of a kit. Not sure about Mexico. Very 1992
  15. I just don't see it being that simple. I agree points deduction this season, worthless fine and someone else in control would be ideal. Like everyone else I have the fear.
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