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  1. Public boycott of season tickets...

    Can we not organise a protest meeting outside the Main Stand on a Friday night and get John Brown to be the speaker.
  2. Get Pedro Out !

    There isn't a single player in that team who Pedro signed. The fact is we have a squad who have virtually no idea of how big a privilege it is to be a Rangers player, and there performances show it.
  3. Public boycott of season tickets...

    Season Ticket renewed as always. Not doing it never enters the equation As long as supporting Rangers doesn't put my family at financial risk then it's a no brainer. Been through all this boycott shite before and all it does is damage the club as a whole. If you don't want to see the Club through the bad times as well as the good,then maybe you should consider spending your hard earned on something else.
  4. Fan Reaction.

    Well done to all the Away Bears You are the backbone of the Rangers support.
  5. McCoist says we need more money not a DoF

    He's entitled to fuck all. He stole 4 years wages from Rangers and did nothing of any note.
  6. McCoist says we need more money not a DoF

    Maybe if Ally and that other inept wank, MacDowell, had been fired as soon as it was obvious they were pish as Football Managers and coaches, my beloved Rangers may have been spared 4 years of the worse football many of us have ever seen. In short get yerself the fuck Ally. Your opinions on Rangers mean fuck all to me. BTW, make the most of the inflated salary you picked up over the years you fucking wage thief.
  7. The longer Murty is in charge the more comfortable he will feel about the job and his confidence will grow too. So it's a yes from me, at least until we get a permanent manager, whenever that happens.
  8. The Wes handball and Garner 'tackle'

    1 red card 1 yellow card But who gives a fuck, we won 6-0.
  9. Boo'ing Andy Halliday onto the pitch

    No one booed Andy Halliday
  10. Does anyone else remember the condition John Brown was in outside the Main Stand that evening?. It was a fucking disgrace. He will never be the answer to the problems we have as a football team, but nor is Dave King.
  11. Mccoist got more from the players

    Simple as this McCoist was the worst manager in the history of my Club. McCoist and MacDowell should have both been fired on the spot for gross incompetence. They were utter pish.
  12. Roger Hynd

    Another sad sad loss
  13. Forever 66 (Fan Song)

    This, more than any other reason is why we must never let the Rangers haters win. The 66 are at the very core of what it means to be a Rangers fan, and symbolise our unity.
  14. Remembering the 66. Robert Grant.

    Well done to all involved. You are the custodians of the history of our beloved Club and the work you do in memory of our Rangers family gone before us is forever to your credit. God bless you.
  15. GSOQ on Her Majesty's Sapphire Jubilee !

    Happy and glorious Long to reign over us God save the Queen