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  1. Steven Robinson must watch us every week. Morelos never conned the ref yesterday he got a deserved booking for persistent fouling. That wee tadger is only happy when his players are breaking noses and damaging other players. Angry wee man with a team full of angry shot put throwers. A doing like that had been a long time coming, with the correct pass we’d have e humped the sheep 7-1. Also anything that gets that Michael Stewart upset is good for us.
  2. Great result. But... at 1-0 we weren’t attacking much. Sometimes it looks as though the players are content to ebb and flow at 1-0. A deserved penalty though and we never looked back after that. Motherwell would be better suited playing Stirling Albion and the likes. Absolute hammer throwers
  3. Need to be dominating. A 3-0 win would be good as this shower are as bad as the sheep for 150% effort against us and then go on to lose the following game. 3-0 no excuses, get into them Rangers
  4. loyalfollower

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    It’s absolutely disgraceful and cowardice that they aren’t being challenged on this abuse issue. They knew all about it and let nonces be in full power over a young boys club. They are just as guilty as the disgusting perverts they let do it. If it was my club I’d be horrified and writing to the owners and voicing my displeasure at the very least. Wether or not it’s to do with Lawwell, he is the figure head of celtic and the very least he should be doing is going round these blokes houses and apologising to them directly. That pushy statement they released the other day was only to try and show no company links to the boys club so as to avoid and potential lawsuit. its weird why do many idiots voice opinions over songs flags and strip colours yet stay silent over child abuse!! By staying silent they must condone it. Mark Daly may be a celtic fan but he’s just shown up the whole media and politicians of Scotland for what they are. Catholic/Irish/paedophile sympathisers.
  5. loyalfollower

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    Decent finisher but extremely lazy
  6. loyalfollower

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    This last few weeks the manager has publicly criticised the players. It might work but I highly doubt it, Goldson had an absolute stinker of a game and you could see he knew it. That comment should’ve been kept in the changing room.
  7. loyalfollower

    Lack of winners?

    Agreed. If we’d have added 4 real quality players when we got promoted and did this every season we’d be in far far better shape. 3 summers of getting as many new players in whilst spending as little as possible gets us no where. Hopefully last summer was the last in player turn over and we can add quality rather than quantity. Its alright folks saying we out spend Aberdeen and hearts but it took the tims to spend 9 million on quite an average striker. 9 million to spend on a full squad doesn’t buy you much quality at all, much rather 3 players instead.
  8. loyalfollower

    The League

    I tell you what. Sometimes this place would make you tan your wrists after a bad result. we were crap everywhere but upfront and goalie position, I don’t see any need in delvingdeeper and deeper in tactics formations selections etc. Gerrard will either succeed or he won’t and he’ll be another one the failures list. Theres no doubt improvements to be made as a whole but I’m going to see what we’re like in February after another window. Give him chance to get a few better players in and if it still doesn’t work then fine. It’s hard bringing a winning mentality to a bunch of losers. His biggest mistake so far is keeping tavernier as captain. There’s a few others but I’d rather wait and see if he corrects them. a lot of fans want Gerrard gone but will not come up with a reasonable replacement.
  9. loyalfollower

    Qualification From the Group Stage

    Don’t see why we can get 4 points. We e dominated our home games and we’ve normally been very hard to break down away from home. vienna will be decent at home and I’d like to say we’re more than capable of drawing. With our ibrox crowd the players can get a massive push and beat Villarreal. most of this forum had us out before the last qualifier and they’ve gone beyond expectations so far. I think we’ll sneak out the group which all things considered would be a massive achievement
  10. loyalfollower

    Gerarrds Fault

    I saw no reason to change the centre backs. Worral played ok on saturday, Jack was ok on Saturday and certainly better than coulibaly who looks like he can only be rested if he can’t walk. the only thing Gerrard is responsible for is chopping and changing too much. The subs issue tonight especially was like replacing shite with shite in all honesty. We need atleast 2 good midfielders as what we’ve got in there are just not good enough by any stretch of the imagination.
  11. loyalfollower

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    We’ve been really poor in possession especially in the middle where we look less than average at times. Why change the center back pairing for such a big game? Was worral injured? Flanagan- I don’t know how he played so long at Liverpool. I know he’s on the left side but he just has club feet and is an extremely terrible footballer. Makes broadfoot look like Sergio Ramos
  12. The silence is not deafening.. it’s absolutely sickening. The club was happy to have its greatest ever manager handing trophies out and attend the celtic boys club but when it comes to this sick carry on they say it’s a separate entity. It may well be on paper a separate entity but funny how they never not once mentioned it in any of these old headlines regarding the super babes winning trophies etc. Seems that they only ever want the good out of everything and just brush the dirt away
  13. loyalfollower

    ***The Official Spartak Moscow v Rangers Thread***

    Sneaky away win. It’ll be tight and the onus is on them to attack while we’re more than suited to counter attacking. 0-1 arfield
  14. loyalfollower

    Worral get rid !

    It’s all well and good saying we should be playing our own players before a loan signing, but what if the loan signing is playing better and training better? i thought katic was immense in the early season games and then got injured, if he’s not recovered fully or is lacking abit of confidence from an early set back then it’s only right worral starts. I’d much prefer katic back at 100% because another performance like the Hamilton game would be bad for him. Also criticising worral for stating the obvious is really scraping the barrel. does anyone really expect him to say anything different?
  15. loyalfollower

    Brenda rodgers

    Rodgers is just another fenian in a long line of fenians. Fuck his opinions and his fake tan. Soon get put in his place the smarmy bastard