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  1. Regardless of the he signed muppets posts on here Mark Allen was obviously really well thought of at the club and by the manager himself, it’s part of football that people move on to explore other options- maybe he’s an offer too close to home and too good to refuse, maybe his wife gave him an ultimatum, could be a number of things. taking all things into account I think he has laid some solid foundations for the next director of football to take the club even further. FWIW I doubt this will have a bearing on stevie staying or not. Results will decide that one. It’s not like he’s part of a warburton/mcparland partnership.
  2. If we can’t win these next 4 games then we don’t really deserve to be champions. Imo only a complete capitulation from that lot will result in us being champions and I just can’t see it happening. Everything about last Sunday just points to buckling under the big moments
  3. Having 2 separate organisations running things doesn’t do any good either. The game in Scotland could and should be solely run by the sfa, there is no need for more money grabbers taking every last penny out of the Scottish game as there’s hardly any as it is.
  4. How on earth Charlie mulgrew still gets picked is beyond actual madness. Bunch of no hopers and while the media wax lyrical about McGregor it just goes to show it’s the players around him at the dump which make him look better than he is. who is even the guaranteed starters for Scotland anymore?
  5. I think of the 2 teams the pressure is more on Rangers to win the league and stop the run. Just by looking at the scums results and goals for you can see they aren’t setting up to contain and just win- they’re doing the opposite. Letting other teams worry about them and that certainly isn’t what teams under pressure do. Tbh pressure is more of a mental thing that I seriously doubt we have the personnel to deal with it. The manager has never won a league title, The assistant last won a league in 1992 and we have Davis and Greggs that last won a league in 2011. after last Sunday’s performance from the management to the players I only see 1 likely outcome as far as the championship unless the tims end up with the he likes of Forrest,christie and Edouard injured and a major upturn in our quality of play. As the side to side crap that we are being served is only good enough for failure, and we’ve just done a deal worth 7.5million for Kent to go was part of a team that failed last season.
  6. It’s the reclaimed ppi from the loan with Lloyd’s under David Murray.
  7. Well although we’ve signed Kent, he was still part of a squad that struggled to carve out chances against defensive teams. livvy will come to defend and unless we score early I see it being a hard 1-0 or 2-0 win with more ponderous passing and slackness from the usual suspects.
  8. Whilst winning 17 games on the spin is totally beyond this team, a Rangers sure full of disappointment should be able to win the next 9-10 games on the spin. This team run out of ideas too quickly too often, and yesterday the players never had the bottle to actually over take celtic by beating them and going clear. That was too much for this team and imo we’ll only beat celtic in games where we are chasing them down- we don’t have what it takes to actually challenge them.
  9. I think Aribo was signed as this talisman to do the bursting runs forward etc and ojo was to replace Kent. I think Aribo can do himself justice in the long run, but ojo looks another version of ejaria so far.
  10. Bad day all round. Obviously amplified by who the defeat was against but although we lost today I’ve seen enough over the season and a bit to say that we could easily turn up at celtic park and get the win. Gerrard made a mistake in playing Kamara and Defoe today, even last week Defoe looked absent and Kamara either over performed when he joined us or is under performing now, goldson every game gives me the fear- English Bert konterman. I genuinely expected Morelos to start against a makeshift centre back pairing so the mind boggles as to what the manager thought. Arfield again for me lacks intelligence when in possession, I like his tenacity and his persistence with the ball but a little more thinking is needed from him. we can still win the league but we’ll have to be better than today
  11. Had a few good feelings before these games and we’ve gone on to win the games, 3-2in2002 Scots cup final 2002,league cup 2002, league cup 2003, last December and April the semi in 2016, i think after all the years we can have a good idea by watching the players attitudes in the games running up. Add in the ultimate high of a last minute qualification although it was deserved you would have to agree the players will be on a massive confidence splurge. Whatever the score we win by 1-0 or 4-0 this game could really take us flying after the international break
  12. Got to fancy us to score Atleast 3 this Sunday. 1 of the only teams that come to ibrox and expect to win so that straight away plays into our hands. Also given the fact that their defence is mince. Going out on a limb here and Rangers 5 the abusers 1
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