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  1. loyalfollower

    ***The Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Thread***

    1-4 killie will sit deep but I expect us to overcome this for a change and dish out a good hammering
  2. loyalfollower

    Ben Woodburn

    Most of their support I’ve came across are indeed Tim sympathisers. Hate the cunts
  3. loyalfollower

    Hard not to get carried away - Barry Ferguson

    Not according to sky sports. Apparently returning to action soon
  4. loyalfollower

    Hard not to get carried away - Barry Ferguson

    Well we’ve seen him bang goals in for them before.
  5. loyalfollower

    Hard not to get carried away - Barry Ferguson

    If the squads stayed as they are I’d be quietly confident of pipping the taigs. They have griffiths to return which should be like a new signing for them. we just have to take 4 points more than them from the remainder of our games and we’ll be champs. Certainly do able
  6. loyalfollower

    Connor Goldson

    I was saying at the time that we needed the win but when I’m reading players going on about that win it’s as if they think the jobs done. About like the Scots semi win on pens. The team thought that they’d acheived something and it cost us the final. id much prefer the players to down play the win as more often than not they slip up again. We needed the win but if as I say we slip up again before celtic then beating them means as much as hearts beating them.
  7. loyalfollower

    Connor Goldson

    Was a big game but after it’s still 3 points the same as hibs or Livvi away is 3 points. the win will mean nothing if we don’t start winning runs and end up behind them again
  8. loyalfollower

    Is there a waiting list for STs next year?

    Even if the waiting list is 4000 you should still jump on it. Folks circumstances change all the time, and if your flexible on your ticket demands, say if you want 2 seats but willing to get them a row or 2 apart then you’ve more chance of getting then than say an applicant that requires 2-3 together. my first season ticket was ecks last year in charge. 3rd place after being champions and 10 in a row without winning a game. Brutal although I only missed 1 home game that year.
  9. loyalfollower

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Knows what it takes, hopefully can still do the business. January has the potential to be a great title winning month
  10. loyalfollower

    Morelos vs Solanke

    English players for whatever reason are vastly over priced
  11. loyalfollower

    Dominic Solanke

    Agent probably got him a better move elsewhere.
  12. loyalfollower

    Jordan Jones

    Think jones is an ok signing and nothing more. It remains to be seen if he can cut the mustard carrying pressure from the stands as playing for the provincial clubs is a lot easier than playing for us. Glenn kamara if it happens could be one of those signings that seem rather under whelming to actually surprising you. Just another guy to break up play it seems but again we’ll just have to see. Davis- I think the technique is still there but we’ll see when he gets a crunching tackle how quick he gets back up and if he’s still hungry for the Gers. Defoe is another one that has the signs of being great business but has done nothing since he left Sunderland. All these signings are gambles.
  13. loyalfollower

    Where to buy the kits down south

    Need to order from the online store pal. No shops in England have them. I work around different city centres and I’ve seen none in Sheffield,leeds,derby,hull since the kit release.
  14. loyalfollower

    Proud as fuck the other day

    The game where edu tapped in we completely bossed them that day. Was in the club deck that day and couldn’t believe how easy it was against mowbrays duds
  15. loyalfollower


    Thought the serial wanker Michael Stewart would’ve been spouting his bio mechanics pish about the McGregor hand ball. It would’ve been soft but bio mechanics and all that