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  1. Imo the squad as it stands is good enough to win it this year. Technically we’re better than celtic in most positions and the only thing stopping us is ourselves. we shot our selves in the foot up at Pittodrie otherwise we’re level with a game less. Must admit I expected celtic to sign a real player of quality from a proven team after the last result but they’re there for the taking.
  2. Would like to see us start strong and get the game won by halftime. 4-0
  3. To be honest I’d rather us just win our games and be top at the end of the season. If it was played in 4 weeks time and we went top only to throw it away again then it means nothing. having the points on board at game 38 is miles more important
  4. Surely no one can be that inconsistent???? No ref can actually be that bad. The result is even better having played against 12 men.
  5. Favourite goal is jelavic vs hearts at Tynecastle. Serious Thierry Henry type goal. player has to be McGregor. He just Oozes brilliance. the 2010 win at celtic park is probably my favourite game- both us and them had played 8 and won 8, they take lead just before halftime with their new look side and we come out and trounce them in 2nd half. Miller x2 and lafferty/loovens og.
  6. Well I don’t think he’d look out of place in any of the top teams
  7. His finish was delicious. Some goal
  8. The added time at 4 mins was a laughable amount. The only thing going on was subs and your talking max 2 mins. Then to still be playing towards 96 mins is for throwing the taigs a life line. the penalty by the law is justified but let’s see if he gives them again this season as that offence happens week in and out, Christie should’ve walked as his 2nd foul is a booking and guarantee of he wasn’t already booked he’d have been cautioned for it. Morelos never helped himself but for me is still being reffed to a different standard- brown does it most games and Griffiths only last week v Aberdeen stands an the players ankle deliberately and gets nothing. to win the league will take a monumental effort will require us to be clinical and savvy.
  9. Seriously I can’t see what options ojo brings to that squad. Exactly what does he do that improves the team if he gets on?? I’m all for being hit with pelters if he does come on and score or assist the winner but anyone would think Stewart is more deserving of a spot on the bench instead of that wage thief.
  10. We’ve not won there in years.. if we are to win this years title then I think victory is a must. Especially as they look like never losing any games out with us and they still managed to fluke that one! theyve won all their home league games so far but I’m going for a solid away win. Think we’ll play well and given we’ve handled Porto and feyenoord away I think the players now and thrive being underdogs. 1-3. Goldson, Kent and aribo
  11. Same team as last night for me. Bring Davis on with 20 to go save Morelos for the saville dome. 5-0
  12. That egil ostenstadt took a really long time to turn. The titanic turned quicker
  13. Step up katic. In saying this Helander was good in European games but for whatever reason can head the ball as bad and tamely as goldson does. katic provides a good threat at corners etc and seems to do the Davie weir type of defending by just getting the ball away from danger. I like him
  14. This game would send out a good response in the title race. a good solid win against a rejuvenated hibs in their smack den shows our mettle. A loss or dour draw shows that we’re happy to be best of the rest. hopefully the players show us that they’re up for the battle.
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