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  1. Bradford city,Arsenal,sheff weds,Villarreal Valencia,inter,artmedia,Porto, panathinaikos
  2. That’s like saying no one recognised Rodgers winking every trophy available domestically just because the rest of the league was crap. When the opposite is true. You only had to listen to pro managers opinions on talk sport about him and not some no mark supporters who only have a clue about getting wrecked before and after games. Gerrards stock will be high as soon as we win the league again. I think potential suitors would however wait to see if he can build on a winning squad to retain the league before they made a move- let’s face it if lampard can get the Chelsea gig by getting to the play off final and solskjaer can get the mufc job by doing the grand scheme of nothing previously then Gerrard has a great opportunity to be a top club manager if and when he wins the league with us.
  3. There’s no doubting that he’s improved with us season on season. Sometimes coming on here it’s easy to get sucked in by the few that just can’t take to him and look for the negatives, but overall there’s no doubting that he’s 1 of our most important players and 1 of the best players in the whole division. Scotland are crying out for a right back like him, good crosser of the ball, seems to have developed nerves of steel over the last 2 years with all the penalties he takes and converts. according to Miller he’s very vocal on the pitch and in the dressing room. I’ll gladly admit I was wrong about him and if we were to sell him it can’t be for any less than 15 million.
  4. Well 4-0 away win against anyone is a sound result. The team is still a few weeks away from being 100% match fit and I’d expect another striker to join before the end of the window with or without Morelos. in the 1st half we looked out of ideas but as we’ve seen nearly every game on plastic is a dreadful watch so can only imagine what it’s oike to play on it when your used to grass. To compare it to games last year where we couldn’t score and say it’s because of not having that special player etc doesn’t wash. We missed loads of sitters last year in games we drew.
  5. Never at all expected the 4-2 at the piggery but an even bigger result I never saw coming at all was away to stjohnstone 1 mid week night. Got hammered 4-1 although we still cantered to the title it was still a sickener. 09-10 it was, should’ve finished double figures infront of the taigs that year
  6. Has anyone actually seen this lad play or is it just a typical forum reaction to nearly every signing we make? Seems like another project type of signing imo hoping that he does that well and we sell him on for big money. Hopefully he turns out to be a game changer for us but surely if he had as much potential as some are making out then he’d have better offers from teams in far better leagues.
  7. I think there is a place for jack against sides that entry to win against us. Think he’ll be key in Europe especially as that break up play type and make the simple passes. do I think he’s the next Barry Ferguson? No but I think he’s a decent option for us
  8. No doubting his quality but unless we can fund that 1-2 players to unlock packed defences aswell as another 2 defenders and striker then we’ll have to hope we sell him for big money. the guy scored 30 goals and we still never came close to winning a trophy. I’d rather keep him and his goals but if it’s a choice between keep Morelos and sign more squadfillers or sell him and get our main targets then it’s sell him for me. Unfortunately, hopefully dodgy Dave can stop that from happening
  9. Not a legend by any means. Was loyal and tried his best but outwith warburton debut season he never impressed me that much tbh.
  10. We can only really compare Morelos with similar players that have left Scotland recently. And the only 1 is dembele. Lyon really wanted him so paid over the odds imo. Its all down to how much a prospective buyer is willing to pay. If there’s only 1 club in for him then he’ll go for the minimum negotiating fee that the club set. The my might have set negotiations at 20m for all we know. There might not even be any genuine interest in the lad but we’ll find out soon enough
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