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  1. Wearing a fake Rangers top 1that especially looks as bad as that is worse than those Jeremy Kyle folk that wear addicted instead of Adidas
  2. Wasn’t overly impressed before his injury tbh. Would give him next season and see how he goes
  3. It’s crazy that folks would accept him leaving. Myself included. I actually think we look a more fluent team without Morelos in the side and I know that’s crazy but when he plays it seems the rest of the team just give him the goal scoring responsibilities and only offer up sideways passes. Arfield s goal vs them definitely wouldn’t have happened had Morelos been in instead of Defoe as there’s no chance he does the dummy and lets the ball roll through. It’s weird
  4. Thought if the ref had dealt with any offence by issuing a card then nothing can be done retrospectively? Over the last 2 years the players we’ve had have suffered from elbows by brown on 3 occasions, reckless tackles from hibs and Motherwell but as soon as a Rangers player does any of that there’s made up rules and outcries from the pundits.
  5. Not a great player by any means but a tackle like that was needed on him. He’s bossed loads of games v us in the last few years simply because we had players that gave him too much space and respect. Brilliant hard but fair tackle
  6. Double standards. We all know the 3 in question hate Rangers and will look for anything negative. The singing etc that these mock offended go on about is what makes this the real derby match. Everyone has a right to an opinion. What if the people that sing the bully boys are offended by those that deem it offensive? What about their opinions and feelings? Or is it that only a minority that is allowed to be offended by anything and everything? the fact they only ever highlight one side of the coin shows exactly what they are. A complete waste of jizz that should’ve been fired on the mattress
  7. Had a storming game today. Harassed,tackled,scored,tracked back. Complete performance from him today, hopefully kicks on even more for us.
  8. Well 1 player that stuck out for me was Davis. Always available and willing to take the ball from tav/ goldson and when in tight spaces too. Makes a heck of a difference when you have a player so comfortable on the ball. Definitely has an effect on the players around him. The whole team left everything on the park and we deserved the win easy, just a shame we couldn’t go on and get a 3rd or 4th goal. still some quality needed to give us different options from the bench etc but although trophy less a blind man can see the gap is closing.
  9. Has anyone got a cough? Keep getting one that is through scum tv. Disgraceful taigs
  10. There’s pride at stake, that plus the team need to show that December wasn’t a 1 off and we can actually best them at home from now on.
  11. You shouldn’t give any team a guard of honour if they constantly act like complete fannies on the pitch. they deserve not one ounce of respect, they act like wee chavs when they win and are extremely sore losers- this celtic team especially hold no integrity. They don’t act like champions so why treat them like champions? FWIW guard of honour is a cringe fest of the highest order.
  12. Definitely a player there. When he’s good he’s always in the right place when defending and attacking. Could be that the game in Scotland takes some getting used to. Its not everywhere that hard men thugs are better thought of than good technical footballers.
  13. Think he’s a low risk signing. He knows what the fans want and unfortunately for us and him he came to us having been dropped from the Southampton squad like Defoe was at Bournemouth. So with that in mind how we can expect such players to hit the ground running in every game just because of their name shows supporters up for what we are. Clueless when it comes to the ins and outs of football fitness. even when Davis arrived he started the 1 st game but more and more we’d see him get 30 mins here and there until Gerrard started him again and give him upto 80 mins. It makes a difference long term. As we’ve seen with Defoe these last few games aswell. I’m not saying Davis is the man to win is the league but he could easily be part of a bigger rebuild.
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