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  1. Tavernier has scored loads but I’d always prefer the main striker to take them. Can remember back to 2003 when baz was scoring them but then missed 2 in 1 game vs dundee. I can’t remember if we drew the game in the end and duties passed onto Arteta who coincidentally smashed home to seal title number 50 some games later. if Barry Ferguson had the balls to know and pass on the responsibility then I’m sure Tavernier will do the same if he misses the next 1.
  2. Surely the tactical magician from lurgan will be the most sought after manager from Scotland top league?? that Brazil was at it a few weeks ago talking of potential bad news regarding our finances and directors etc. Think he listen to that ill Phil abit too much
  3. While it’s impressive and the qualifiers are all banana skins we need an away win in the group stages. I think Lyon is the last group away game which we won. long overdue
  4. It’s quite laughable how it seems that we’re more concerned about a team of cloggers than a team from last seasons champions league quarter finalists. but it’s true- for Livingston it’s a cup final and for our squad it’s a nightmare, up against a physical team of battering rams on a pitch that wouldn’t look out of place in the desert. It’s just going to be a battle and I’m going for hard 0-2 win. Morelos and arfield
  5. Aye... he’s certainly looking the player we signed back in January again.
  6. Jelavic would’ve gotten us 30 goals easy imo. Didn’t he get 18 in the 10-11 season despite missing a good chunk thanks to Ian black? i think a few goals vs the tims in the next 2 games will boost Morelos up abit in the rankings especially if they’re winning goals mind!! arveladze looking back was quality- oozed class and the year he teamed up with prso the 2 of them were excellent together. Watch the 51 and counting dvd and they’re just 2 real class players together.
  7. It’s a toughie. Like the ronaldo or messi argument. both good/great goalkeepers for the Gers. Both had memorable penalty saves against the Tims, older bears will 9/10 always go for Goram and younger ones go for McGregor. Suppose depends on which age group but for me they’re inseparable.
  8. Porto are a good outfit. Capable of causing us problems if they can change their style of play, We need to start fast and be relentless. going 3-1 win
  9. there will be loads who haven’t seen a game all season that get a ticket for it. Always happens and imo it’s wrong.. if you can’t be bothered watching the Gers against lower opposition then you shouldn’t be at the bigger games. i had a season book for years and made a lot of games. Some folk have a season ticket only to guarantee oldfirm tickets and they’ll miss every other league game.
  10. Both playing well all season so far but unless it’s for squad rotation then Helander doesn’t deserve to lose his place so far. Introduction at Livingston was brutal but has since hit better and better and seems to love a physical battle
  11. Tell you what... whoever affords Ryan Kent the time and space on the ball are in for a doing. Good news is he’ll have acres of space to play on Thursday night. And also the final they’ll have to double up on him.
  12. Had a good argument in the summer as to why I’d have accepted 20 million for him, but looking at him now and how he’s learned to channel his aggression and basically grow up then I’d be wanting close to 30 million for this lad. If he keeps scoring and rolling defenders all season long and helps win the league then that valuation shouldn’t be to much to ask for
  13. When you put it like that ......
  14. Start fast and we’ll win easy- potentially 5/6. Start slow and lethargic then could probably lose it like last year vs the sheep. hoping to win in style but I’ll take 1-0
  15. It’s obviously a very sour note on how he left the club. I know he wore the mark of the beast for a season but after the goals he scored for us and gave his 100% effort every game the imo he should’ve been backed vs murty. was sold to wolves, eventually brought back and again sold to bursaspor for undisclosed fee due to us only being able to offer him far less terms than his existing deal was. Can’t fault him for leaving us at any of those times. pure speculation but you’d have to say the person or persons behind the scenes must include Robertson as if I understand correctly he’s our equivalent of a ceo in dodgydaves absence
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