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  1. Was quite good at spurs, don’t know why he left though. I know a few spurs fans that thought he was class, however nearly every player we sign out with Scotland should be good enough technically as it’s basically a hammer throwers league but as we know for reasons it doesn’t quite work out.
  2. I think it was Simon Donnelly or tam McManus that condemned broadfoot for that disgusting behaviour. Compared to his pals actually blaming Morelos. Since we’ve been back in this hole of a league I’ve noticed broadfoot has been a real dirty player. Can’t believe we had that player on our books. on a side note- has anyone noticed the extra mile our ex players go to to win vs us? Rarely do you see ex tims do the same against them
  3. For me it’s hard to be happy they got beat as although I was born in England I grew up watching Scotland with my family and it was good. You could relate to the team as it had a few Rangers players in it, but now because of the fact none of them are continually picked that attachment has gone. Losing 3-0 to that lot has to be as bad if not worse than is losing to progres last year. Eck was never the correct choice and I can’t understand why he was chosen.
  4. If we keep signing the best of the rest then we’ll do nothing.
  5. We’ve previously signed Scottish based players and had a measure of success out of them but they were joint a squad already filled with winners. Signing any player from any team that choke in finals doesn’t fill me with confidence at all. Now it may not be shinnies fault but he’s still going to be part of a team that has no pressure to perform and loses more big games than they win. Whereas he’d be joining a squad that has loads of pressure and still chokes in the big games more than they win. if signing shinnie regards as a top signing for us then the board have chucked it already.
  6. Aberdeen players will not help us win the league, not a chance. If we want to be successful we have to sign better players from elsewhere I.e different countries. I know you think shinnie is decent player but for me he and no other players in Scotland out with what the scum have would get us closer or get us infront. Our best players have to be from abroad at this moment unless celtic start buying from the same bracket then it’s just a case of as we are now. Buying the best of the rest in Scotland to be 2nd place.
  7. If he signs then it still shows lack of ambition.. shinnie might be good enough for a team under no pressure to win anything but as we’ve seen time and time again it’s night and day compared to playing for us
  8. I think SG should spend this full week trying a new formation but it’s probably too late and would it really have an effect on the terrible decision making of our supposedly creative players?? I highly doubt it. If as we’ve seen away at killie the players can’t really adapt then parkhead with a new formation would be warburtonesque.
  9. 6/10 and that’s being generous
  10. I honestly think Brendan left them because they couldn’t back him enough. I know they signed the guy for alleged 9 million but what else did they spend? TLB signed loads of duds for that lot over his 4 years there- loads. Aslong as we get our signings correct and add quality then we might just take it next year
  11. They only have champions league money if they qualify. Couldn’t manage it last summer and I seriously doubt they’ll be qualifying this year coming either. and in theory considering we qualified for the europa groups we should be spending double/ treble what we spent last summer.
  12. At times it looks as though the club are just attempting to sign the best players from the competition. Whereas the tims will still sign better than us. it seems to be all we can afford tbh- to be better than everyone except celtic
  13. Atleast the manager isn’t stubborn and recognised the need for more creative players. I’d be more worried if he came out and said he thinks the squad is fine etc. Going on about windass being a loss is quite laughable, if windass never hit the net then he was useless, Nicky laws cousin invisible man mk2. His attitude stank aswell. Well shot of him.
  14. I think while King is controlling things then yes we’ll be the 2nd best team occasionally winning a cup or 2 but failing in the league.. I honestly will not be surprised if the taigs win the next 4-5 championships. 10 is a certainty for them given we’ve had 4 years of king and we’re still no closer to Winning the league. I seriously doubt we’ll fix it in another 2 years. celtic will downsize again as Europe has stopped them spending season on season but with the winning mentality they have in almost every player they will still be infront of us.
  15. 3rd place finish from now should definitely see him gone, as that would be another embarrassment. Hopefully it won’t happen and we as a club invest in the right areas and get it sorted
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