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  1. Honestly if this was the other way around I’d be expecting 75% of clubs to vote against. Scottish football has no integrity whatsoever and history shows that a 5 point lead with 4 games left can still be overturned. So given the fact we’ve played a game less than the tarriers makes it even more biased. We’re not even level on games with 2 old firms to go. based on the form it was unlikely but if we were to restart and get to our pre winter break form I’d be willing to bet we’d sneak the title.
  2. If we based it on likelihood then yeah the league is theirs but then we can’t use that method when it comes to hearts n Hamilton as it can go either way. I’m glad I’m not the decision maker or Tim appeaser in the spfl
  3. Yeah for those weak minded individuals it is an achievement and that’s why they will fail at our club. Beating celtic is a temporary bragging right and a good bonus on the way to winning leagues or cups.
  4. My point being that our players think that beating the tims is an achievement. Whereas I’m sure if you asked the Tim players 4 losses vs Rangers but still league champions,they’d take it.
  5. See when we beat the tims in the Scots cup on penalties? The same happened then. see when you e beat them at ibrox? The same happened then and when we beat them at celtic park the players thought that was it. They peaked and the only way was down and that’s what you get when you sign perennial nobodies that will only ever play for lesser clubs than Rangers fc. The players had built celtic up on some sort of pedestal and see those games as massive massive scalps instead of seeing them as 3 points.
  6. They’re going to line up 3-5-2 and with our defence absolutely crapping it with just Edouard we’ll be made to suffer on Sunday. The 5 across the middle for them will just pass through our non existent midfield, This is 1 game where I think we should bin this 4-3-3 or it could be 5 again.
  7. For a seasoned pro I expect him to show leadership in the middle. Now without making excuses for his lack of awareness he and doesn’t have much on to pass to the when we go forward. The players have it seems stopped making runs and look to have forgotten everything that got them into a good position domestically. 1-2 we could manage to pull through but with the players being signed from lower divisions and foreign leagues below ours then were getting what we deserve.
  8. Absolutely, there’s no way we can have a plan in Europe to sit in and take that inevitable chance as we always miss our 1st few chances. People rave about Morelos 29 goals but the fact is he should have another 10 Atleast but he’s just not clinical enough. Then you add in how much we tippy tap it around instead of looking to shoot and score.
  9. That was a cracking turn and finish. Our players would just thrash at it and that’s the difference
  10. I expect professional footballers to be able to pass to eachother and actually y show some communication between one another. When we get it in the middle to front we look like a team of strangers and we are extremely slow at moving the ball. I get the feeling this team are frightened of winning or even tackling for that matter.
  11. I know the Germans are a good side but man our lack of passing skill is in urgent need of improvement, add in the bad decisions the players make when in possession and it just makes for a long long night.
  12. I think he’s no more than an ok player- the fact that he’s better than some of the dross we have isn’t surprising but I still don’t think he’s good enough to get us where we want to be.
  13. If the players turn up and actually hit the net then we win regardless of Beaton. We must not give the ref a decision to make like Morelos diving or being petulant with brown. That is our downfall most of the time being naive.
  14. Think there’s a good photo somewhere when Davis scores the winner in a 1-0 win back in 2009 and there was an unwashed with a face mask on. nothing new
  15. Had to turn off as everything is so predictable- ruins my sodding day.
  16. I don’t know why given the personnel available we can’t play the 4-2-3-1 formation as that surely would benefit every player we have. Defence stays as per usual with wanker Davis and jack as the next 2 then 3 of aribo hagi and Kent/arfield then Morelos or Defoe
  17. I think we would if we were getting pasted in the Europa qualifiers.
  18. Going to be hard to get the perfect balance of no nonsense and a ball player, let’s face it if we signed big hardy tacklers but they couldn’t cut it in Europe and we got slaughtered then the same folks that are wanting Gerrard gone would still be saying the same next year.
  19. I don’t see we can’t just go long in some games like the braga game, we’d be scoring a lot more than we have.
  20. Disappointed- simply because I think there’s something in him that can get us back to the top. There was definitely something that went well before the break and if we can get players in that can maintain that kind of relentless mindset then we’ll be onto good things. I think we should give Gerrard and Ross Wilson the summer to work out the plan and go with it.
  21. Massive task but given we went from zeros in 03-04 to champions in 04-05 then anything is possible when it comes to football. we simply have to recruit for this league and it’s type of football. We need a lot more goals from midfield that’s for certain,and we also need a dominant centre back that will marshall the back four and communicate with McGregor. we need a new spine really which imo will fix 99 /100 issues we have but who on earth these players are I have no idea. I’m all for giving true Scottish players a chance but let’s face it, how many have we signed over the last decade and they couldn’t even do a good job in the lower divisions? I look at players from hibs and killie etc and even that Alex gogic from Hamilton and wish we had players that burst their balls to win the ball but when we’ve signed these players the jersey is too much for them.
  22. Never thought I’d see this to be honest. apart from Morelos he’s carried us with plenty of good if not great saves during the season, every goalkeeper will make mistakes through the season but it seems like Rangers fan’s are always looking for this perfect player wether that’s goalie or striker- they have faults and only messi and ronaldo are the ones that look to have no faults at all, maybe they have wee cocks instead of being crap or inconsistent footballers. the fact is we have flakey wee boys in the team and we just won’t win anything with that set up in the clogger league. Drop McGregor?? I say drop that bottle of buck fast first.
  23. Whatever Gerrards short comings are there is no excuse for players admiring they can’t handle the almighty pressure of playing Hamilton and killie etc. The same killie that lost to the nomads ffs!! theres definitely a lack of fight for the badge in this lot- they give up too easily, maybe not all but most of them look to half arsed efforts when making tackles or winning 50/50s. I know the referees would blow for fouls against us more in these instances but to me they should be going in and leaving their mark . tavernier would be more suited playing for Queen’s Park Rangers
  24. Daft thing is he wouldn’t have played any or many games for us at this stage in his career. Looked awesome last night and I thought how much of a loss it is for us.
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