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  1. Finally a Sheriff speaks out about the naughty song law!

    By strict definition, all religious associations are sectarian, according to literal interpretation, sectarian is simply adherence (through religious belief, and or instruction) to a preferred denomination. Even bigotry in itself is not malicious, it is simply a narrow minded, (or intolerant) view of differing beliefs. It is a human rights entitlement to be 'sectarian', and even 'bigoted'. It is the' hate', or' incitement of', and 'harm', or 'threatened harm' elements, in direct association with the sectarianism, and or bigotry, that are the issue. That is why there is a 'protection of freedom of expression' clause in the originally enacted Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act (Scotland) 2012. Accordingly, ordinary, non denominational schools merely provide education on religions and beliefs, so, are not sectarian. However, catholic schools make provision for religious education, but, also provide religious instruction of a particular faith, therefore, are sectarian. Ultimately, catholic schools need to be open to parliamentary scrutiny in the same manner as all other sectarian organisations have been, to ensure they conform to, and work within the constraints of the 'hate laws'. All in the name of sporting (sorry moral) integrity of course, haha.
  2. Finally a Sheriff speaks out about the naughty song law!

    The laws were brought in to stop sectarianism According to the Interpretation Acts Catholic schools taken from the literal approach, could definitely be considered sectarian Oxford dictionary; adjective denoting or concerning a sect or sects: <a name="sectarian__4" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: none; box-sizing: content-box; cursor: pointer; color: rgb(26, 99, 171);"> (of an action) carried out on the grounds of membership of a sect, denomination Thus why non catholic schools have historically been 'coined' as non denominational, they have no religious affiliations. Catholic schools exist so clearly somewhere they have an express or implied statutory right to do so, but, does that necessarily mean they have an express or implied right to not be considered sectarian?
  3. Sports Law Expert Tells RangersMedia SPL Titles Can't Be Removed

    Clarify - To fellow Rangers fans I realised this may not have come across proper, I meant strictly in securing their position of jurisdiction. Goes without saying I am glad they are incompetent idiots ..... as they are a kangaroo court
  4. Sports Law Expert Tells RangersMedia SPL Titles Can't Be Removed

    take as long as you like on google attempting to work it out, I'll check the thread later ...........
  5. Sports Law Expert Tells RangersMedia SPL Titles Can't Be Removed

    Best I can see without knowing all the facts is they had the opportunity to secure their position and fucked it being the incompetent agenda driven idiots they are, that is why the embargo was ruled illegal, unfortunately the common court could only refer it and it was wholly a sporting matter, not this time.
  6. Sports Law Expert Tells RangersMedia SPL Titles Can't Be Removed

    And that is irrespective of 'alleged' or proven tax avoidance
  7. Sports Law Expert Tells RangersMedia SPL Titles Can't Be Removed

    waiting ??? And FYI - those legal principles have superior common law jurisdiction so the SPL can take a flying fuck
  8. Sports Law Expert Tells RangersMedia SPL Titles Can't Be Removed

    Right Timothy what legal principle governs liability ???? Do you have the faintest what tortious interference is ???? Let me know what you think in relation to the contractual elements of an asset sale ???? Between rattling your beads
  9. Ally McCoist.

    Ally needs to be seen in his position to be doing the best to 'promote scottish football' as a whole. He needs to fulfil this role impartially of what he feels for Rangers. IMO he has done the right thing, it may not even be his PERSONAL opinion but he is acting WITH 'integrity' toward the sport as a whole (more than can be said of others). On this basis, with regard to the national team Rangers fans do not need to act on the every whim of what is said by Ally, then it becomes a personal choice not a club issue. The national team has the square root of f all to do with Rangers and everyone knows how much scottish football cares about Rangers so the door has now been closed on blaming the club for anything to do with Rangers fans lack of attendance. Do you really think every teams manager says what they really think all of the time (nudge nudge, wink wink) sometimes the lines need to be read between. I don't really know what Ally personally thinks but I think it is clever card he played with respect to protecting the club from any backlash when he made his statement.
  10. Celtic Employees & Tax Avoidance

    You have still failed to see the point so I'm guessing you didn't understand my comment or chose not to take it on board ... Out of an entire page long article which generally is highlighting the bigoted moral response toward Rangers and the media bias in reporting toward Rangers. quote from my post 'the inequality within scottish football regarding the moral stance taken over tax schemes and the media electing to and pursuing of issues in a bias manner.' You have failed to comment on any of the positive points regarding the article and have elected to focus wholly on one minor questionable point - quote from the original article 'given that the moral argument that the Celtic support has been made redundant, will the moral judges of Scottish Football apply some balance and pursue Celtic for answers on EBTs, and possible dual contracts?' The point about the EBT use really is irrelevant in the grand central theme of the article, it looks to me that the article is designed to show the inequality and bias in scotland, as I said the central theme of the article was not to compare Rangers EBT use and dual contracts with tax schemes used by others. You have a way of trying to invalidate any justification of wrong doing toward Rangers that posters come up with by tying their comments up in semantics. For someone who is, as one poster so eloquently put it on previous occasion 'such a politician' you really cannot be that ignorant, surely. Your time would be best spent focusing more on the positives that can defend Rangers and the unfounded indignities the bigots in scotland are trying to inflict rather than trying to dismantle the good others that 'care' for the club are trying to do.
  11. Rangers! Rangers! Rangers!

    Like the blue blood
  12. Celtic Employees & Tax Avoidance

    Again, you have taken the negitive, unless of course you have simply misunderstood ????? The point is that Rangers have been called cheats for using EBT as a tax perk and yet no-one is making issue of others taking tax breaks. The central theme of the article was not about the comparatives of Rangers EBT use and others use of tax schemes with respect to guilt, it was about the inequality within scottish football regarding the moral stance taken over tax schemes and the media electing to and pursuing of issues in a bias manner.
  13. Charles Green

    To clarify The point being missed is this The original figure to HMRC for the big tax case even added on to shytes non payment still left HMRC with UNDER the bargaining power to scupper a CVA (the amount total was under the % required to give them the final say) it was only once the fines from HMRC were added it gave them the % to scupper the CVA agreement, that is why the fines amount was listed as disputed by D&P during the CVA meeting. Remember, this is fines for non payment of an amount of money that was being disputed and heard in a court of law at the time. So, essentially, CG is 100% correct it was the fine from HMRC which ultimately lead to new company formation and the need to transfer the SFA & Sphell memberships. It was this necessary transfer of membership which was used as a loaded weapon by the zest pit of corruption that is the SFA and Sphell. They refused to transfer the sphell membership to the new company, even although it was originally granted based on sporting merits, (sphell membership has nothing to do with the finances of the company, it is granted based on promotion and relegation, Rangers were not relegated last season), on the say so of the fans of course, due to 'integrity', they then used it to try and force us into division 1, to keep the cash cow, then they further used it to force Rangers to accept illegal sanctions for transfer into division 3. Rangers have been scapegoated big time, by all and sundry, and CG knows it HMRC had a point to prove DM tried to save his own skin shyte opened the door wide All the mhanky bigoted and jealous arses saw their opportunity for easy pickings at what they could never have any other way BUT, cream always rises Rangers ARE flourishing and the SFL IS the place to be, if you take note of most Rangers fans views it finally feels like Rangers are amongst friends, football is being played the way it should be and everyone is enjoying it, except the diseased sphell which is on the decline and slowly withering away and so it should ................. that's what happens when you're consumed by bile and hate!
  14. New Era, New Anthem...

    Hullo Hullo We are the Billy Boys Hullo Hullo you'll know us by our noise we're up to our knees in rebel filth no surrender's what we'll cry
  15. Scotland Supporters Association Statement

    Please kindly pass this information on to the association They say home is where the heart is I have lived in Australia for a number of years and to a large degree consider myself Australian but have always referred to Scotland as my home. My Scotland top is now put away for fear of what I actually felt like doing to it after the events of late When it is Scotland v Australia I have always opted to support Scotland and will continue to do so ....... in every other sporting event outside of football .... Until the governing bodies of Scottish football proactively work to rid this element I will not support them, and let me tell you talk is cheap, I mean do something, it's easy to make excuses and apologies in the form of statements but actions speak louder than words, these people should have been removed for inciting hate, toward their own at that !!!!!! I am certain many Scottish football supporters overseas, in fact I know, now consider themselves FORMER supporters of the national team !