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  1. Last two seasons we've been neck and neck at the end of December then we collapse on return after the break. OK SPFL computer, factor the above into the fixture list. Check our January fixtures to theirs.
  2. Forgot you lot norff of the border can only travel 5 miles. Agent must live local. Wasn't McMurdo was it. 🤣🤣
  3. Not sure. They were trying to push it as soon as but have obviously got side tracked with other issues. 😁
  4. The covid resolution is more or less a confidence in the SPFL board vote.
  5. 2nd Old Firm game on 2nd Jan 2021. Pretty significant date that. 50th anniversary of the disaster. Wouldn't surprise me if they use that to flip the first game BCD to Ibrox to avoid the scum from disrespecting another remembrance.
  6. Why does every SPFL vote come with a threat. Accompanying letter basically saying vote for us or all hell breaks lose. Oh, and forget our previous rules about changing your vote as your first vote is now final. Capiche Dundee.
  7. Absolutely gobsmacked. How to make friends and influence people.............. not. Except his master Liewell that is.
  8. BCD negates home advantage so expect Tim's to have opening 4 games away from home to Aberdeen , Hibs, Motherwell and Livingston with the first old firm game moved to a date when they expect fans to be back for sporting Integrity purposes.
  9. Unless we are staying quiet to lull Liewell & co into a false sense of security thinking we have given up and then hit them with the nuclear option we are working on in the background. Well that's my hope I'm clinging to.
  10. Shouldn't matter if they've sold all their season tickets but it would mean them having to play us without 60,000 faithful fru and fru fans behind them. Had the first game been due for Ibrox you can bet your house on it going ahead behind closed doors to their benefit.
  11. Wondered when the penny would drop. They've just realised the first old firm game is due at their gaff behind closed doors so we are now getting headlines all the old firm games will be held back until 2021. Apparently the other clubs and Sky are happy with this.
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