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  1. Heard his name mentioned in commentary and actually thought he was called PingPong.
  2. I notice the subtle inference that fenian is now racist.
  3. More courageous journalism from the DR.
  4. Please do not use the words Young Boys and fuck in the same sentence on RM. Leave that for the beasts from the east. 🤣
  5. Too true. When we need the other results to go in our favour ....... they don't. However when the scum need something in their favour they do including the opposition fielding an illegible player.
  6. Just outed yourself as an old fart. 🤣🤣
  7. Any truth in the rumour that at their next game instead of squad numbers they're wearing over inflated price tags. For a club who keep telling us they're awash with cash they aren't half whoring their players through their Scottish media lackeys.
  8. Not that old or he would have been Listening on the wireless. 😁
  9. I wondered if that one might go over your head. You're obviously not an old fart like me.😁 Google The Streaker Song by Ray Stevens from 1974 which include the lyrics " don't look Ethel" ................ "too late".
  10. Too late Ethel. It's already in the record although I didn't play it so not sure which version they used.
  11. Got to hand it to them though. They are masters at positive spin and controlling the Scottish media.
  12. But the media have obviously got Liewells memo. Headlines of the rest of the ground booing the groin brigade and look at how good we are. If that had been us disrespecting a silence the word vile would be splattered all over the place no matter how many booed.
  13. What was the circular thing on their strip today. Certainly wasn't a poppy.
  14. As a sixteen year old I was there that day. Distinctly remember this game as our supporters bus didn't turn up that day and at around 2.30 we had to get a service bus into Motherwell and then a train to Mount Florida. The game had started by the time we climbed the stairs into the Rangers end and after battling my way down towards the front to get a viewpoint I looked up to see a cross ball come over and the rest is history. After the bedlam had settled down I remember turning to the guys next to me and asking who the hell had scored. Happy days.
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