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  1. The same article quotes him as saying " I've been told by the police to stick by my statement and not talk to anyone else until it is all resolved" WTF. is there something ongoing or are plod part of the cover up as well.
  2. To the tune of McNamara's Band His name is Derek Parlane he's the leader of the team The greatest centre forward the world has ever seen He's always there or thereabouts to score a vital goal And as for Jimmy Johnstone you can stick him up your hole Nah nah nah Sung that ditty many a time.
  3. I know Brown's got a brass neck but he must also have a brass face as if I had to elbow him in the face during a game there would be blood and snotters everywhere.
  4. So the LB is not first choice. 🤣 Looking forward to how they spin that when the special one rejects them and they have to appoint TLB.
  5. If they didn't give us a guard of honour in 2010 as someone stated earlier then they have set the precedent. So in short, they can f*ck right off.
  6. Absolute shite atmosphere. If that was us needing a point for the title the place would be bouncing.
  7. Yeh that was the first one. We went from Liverpool via Stoke to pick up and the driver ran out of hours on the outskirts of Sheffield and we had to make an unscheduled 45 min stop at a pub. Oh the hardship. 🤣
  8. Small world. If it was the first Sheffield game then I was on that bus as well.
  9. Was that actually a play off? I seem to remember that the format was all the champions went into an all in draw, no seeding straight knock out for the first round. The surviving teams then formed the group stages. Suppose it could be viewed as a play off but I'm sure UEFA called it first round.
  10. Liewell's not on that board for nothing.
  11. Kudos mate for being able to stare at that long enough to notice that ........... or are you a painter and decorator to trade. 😄
  12. Sun online have a headline of nine arrested in large scale disturbance and no mention of septic supporters whilst at the same time run a headline of Rangers supporter arrested in knife incident in East Kilbride.
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