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  1. If I remember correctly Evan Williams was in goal for them and got caught out just under the bar by a looping header for one of our goals.
  2. Brackley

    The split

    Problem with that is if you have 7 teams, one team will be without a game each week and in the last round of games could give a huge advantage to the teams with a game to play. Eg Going into our last game neck and neck with the tims and we lose and the tims don't play their last game until the week after knowing a draw gives them the title.
  3. Defo Dryborough cup and Dryborough beer was shite.
  4. Or cheated on his wife.
  5. Look forward to this hitting the Scottish press under a "celtic star" banner headline. ............... naw...... me neither.
  6. Operation stop 55 now in full swing. 😄
  7. A few years back after being employed for 40 years was made redundant and had to sign on for the first time ever. Told I had to look for work and pointed me towards a computer terminal full of alleged jobs. Along with the McDonald's and Burger King type jobs was an advert for Subway staff. Job description............ sandwich artist. 🤣 Oh, as a Management Accountant I found my own job in a couple of weeks.
  8. Sorry I'm late to the party. Out of the country again. 😁. Donation now sent.
  9. Brackley


    Must have woke up in a parallel universe. Excellent article on Alfie by Gary Ralston in this mornings online Record.
  10. Look's like things will pick up pace now they've dragged us into it. 😡 25 cases involving them but no mention of how many apportioned to us.
  11. *** BREAKING NEWS *** The VAR decision on the penalty box assault on Defoe is now in .......... Red card Morelos.
  12. Not getting it all their own way. Christie booked for diving and French Eddy brought down in the box , no penalty. Who's the ref?
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