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  1. Was that actually a play off? I seem to remember that the format was all the champions went into an all in draw, no seeding straight knock out for the first round. The surviving teams then formed the group stages. Suppose it could be viewed as a play off but I'm sure UEFA called it first round.
  2. Kudos mate for being able to stare at that long enough to notice that ........... or are you a painter and decorator to trade. 😄
  3. Sun online have a headline of nine arrested in large scale disturbance and no mention of septic supporters whilst at the same time run a headline of Rangers supporter arrested in knife incident in East Kilbride.
  4. That needs someone with good photoshop skills to change that to tic tock.
  5. Even if we produced the next Pele he'd still be second choice call up to a scum striker.
  6. Problem is , that's not a spoof. She's real .......... I think. 😁
  7. That is crying out for spoof profiles of the ugliest bitches on the planet with cellic taps on. ....... oh hang on a minute.
  8. Morelos should have played it smart and just "confronted" him.
  9. As instructed by Sportscene we have reviewed the footage (pun intended), and we will be offering Broadfoot a two match ban. ........... Naw, me neither.
  10. In Spain at the moment. Might just stay in the apartment today. Every second pub seems to be a plastic paddy shop decked out in tri colours. Did spot one yesterday that at least recognised that St Patrick is patron saint for the whole of Ireland by flying a Northen Ireland flag alongside the other flag.
  11. That's the big difference, down here parents strive to send their kids to the best school in the area and don't give a dam whether it be catholic, church of England or Non Dom. Wife used to be a head at an "outstanding " primary school and the lengths parents went to to try and claim they lived within the catchment area. 😄 Meanwhile in Scotland.............................
  12. Was thinking that way myself. He/she seems to get his/her we's and they's mixed up.
  13. Knowing how the the corrupt bassas work it'll probably home to the scum and away to the rest. Seriously though, do Killie not upset their plans as they were "programmed " to finish in the bottom six meaning once again we will be sent to Easter Road or Pittodrie for a third time.
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