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  1. Pretty sure they showed the whole game after the Scotland v Wales game had finished at Hampden.
  2. According to Blue nose babe on another thread in General Sports ,when lawyers say significant sum it does not mean paltry amount and would certainly suggest more than £10k. BNB as far as I know works in the legal profession.
  3. Listened to Clyde scoreboard on internet for the first time in about 15 years absolutely hilarious. Wtf moment with advert right at the very end. Thompson solicitors for all your compo claims.
  4. Why did Brenda not send him to his ex club.
  5. Oh to be a headline writer for tomorrows rags. "celtic's Champions League dream down the Cludgie"
  6. Liewells furiously scrutinising their registration forms as we speak.
  7. Daily Hollicon reporting they have secured world wide broadcasting rights for their game on Tuesday and can be seen on their TV channel. What a feckin shower of gullables. They've secured their own broadcasting rights.🤣. Meanwhile in the real world they failed to sell their broadcasting rights to any other providers for a game nobody's interested in.
  8. Wonder if the other teams have finally twigged that if you press them they are there for the taking.
  9. Daily Hollicon reporting they turned down a last minute bid of £20m from Leicester for McGregor. 🤣🤣
  10. Are yellow cards wiped out if we reach the group stages?
  11. As a fourteen year old standing on two beer cans when beer cans were beer cans so I could see us destroy Aberdeen 6-1 in a cup semi at the piggery.
  12. I thought I read last night the medical was at 11am. Longest medical in history if so. The nearer this gets to the 5pm deadline ( just over 40mins at time of writing this) the more you think something is amiss.
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