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  1. Brackley

    Duckenfield to Face Trial

    Not sure he'll get prosecuted as I would imagine they will have to prove that he deliberately tried to kill people by opening the gates. With the benefit of hindsight I'm sure he would not have given the order to open the gates. However, to me the more heinous crime was the cover up afterwards. Surely a better prospect for a prosecution to stick.
  2. Brackley

    Pillars of Rangers success

    And the macaroon bars and the spearaaamint chewing gum.
  3. Brackley


    This place might be a good shout. You'd have to check it's open on a Sunday.
  4. Brackley

    Stewart Regan Resigns

    Wonder if he gets a pay off with a gagging order so he can't spill the beans about the 5 way agreement and other "sensitive " issues.
  5. Brackley

    Helicopter Sunday celebrations

    Old memory not what it used to be but seem to remember McNee doing the tv commentary on our game and with a couple of minutes to go says something like " well Rangers now need a miracle" . No sooner had he uttered this and the Rangers end erupted at the news of Motherwells first goal. Never to be forgotten day.
  6. Brackley

    Could there be more to the rumour ?

    Think people are forgetting that King cannot sell Rangers to anyone as he only owns around 15%. Would take a hostile takeover bid by someone with the cash to offer say 25p a share to all shareholders. Having paid 70p there's no way I would sell for that but like most fans I wouldn't sell at any price anyway. This might be an attractive offer for anyone who bought shares for 20p or less or were given shares for pretty much nowt. Would that give a potential buyer 51% and control of the club ....... who knows .
  7. Brackley

    Rangers V Liverpool 22 12 1981

    Was at that game. Think we got humped 4-0. I was down the front of the Govan near the touchline and remember Sammy Lee getting absolute pelters every time he came near us.
  8. Brackley

    King here now

    £100 On Bugs Bunny as next manager . Sure fire winner , expect him to burst out the giant cake just as the awkward questions about the new manager get asked at the AGM. Might buy some Bitcoins with my winnings.
  9. Brackley

    Murty in charge for sheep double header

    Wouldn't be surprised if some sort of deal is already done on McInnes but Aberdeen will not release him until after the double header.
  10. Brackley

    Murty in charge for sheep double header

    Everything is speculation at the moment. Have the board well and truly plugged the leaks or are they still sitting with their fingers up their arses thinking what the feck do we do next.
  11. Brackley

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It's the celtic Way.
  12. Brackley

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Commentry keep saying PSG have set a new record for goals scored in group stages but fail to mention half of them were scored against the tims.
  13. Brackley

    The future of Hampden

    Today in the record Jim Craig passes comment about the state of Ibrox after attending a game months ago. Chip chip chip. Operation make Parkhead the national stadium is in full swing.
  14. Brackley

    Poppy on the jersey

    12th of never if you wanted a Tim top with a poppy. Once again none on their strip today.
  15. Brackley

    New year game

    But will she get the kick off time right.