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  1. Always wanted to say this Bears Den !!!
  2. I have one as well given it as a gift when I was born apparently Oops given my age away lol WATP
  3. What were the board supposed to do when DM bottled it, wish him all the best. I think we dodged another bullet myself. As to the no signings in window, did you not listen to the DOF at the Agm we have a strategy from fist team down on players coming to the club, the manager whoever he is picks the team from available resources. DK also said funds are available and with the support of res 11 new investment could come too. As far as getting rid of the board, I don't see the queues of people down Edmiston Drive with blank cheques hold your nerve, WATP but we have no devine right to instant success I remember the 70s and 80s but we came through, anybody under 40 only remembers the the Murray years and the shit since. This is what it was like before then win most lose some
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