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  1. There were two , one in there box and one at the half way.
  3. Ave no got a problem wae Jig nd the wae he uses his physical side but black needs to play fitbaw first before sticking that boot in .WATP
  4. Though he played like a cowardly taig bastard some of the tackles he puts in.
  5. Those pesky taigs.
  6. We've just no got the personal tae play good fitbaw mate. We should a been reinventin oorsells as a footballing team against poor opposition as practice fur our return to Europe. WATP
  7. Those two tackles are something you expect to see from them. Disgrace.
  8. Aye but this is a pre-season for them tae .
  9. Fcuking taigs the lot of them.
  10. Some promising signs considering all that's happened to us. WATP.