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  1. Home and third top in the basket, went to put details in and I’m back in the queue. Great
  2. McCrorie’s u21 so won’t appear on the main squad list but he is there. Same as Rudden according to twitter
  3. Aye that armbar defence was mental. He's still pretty raw and has a lot to learn but he's gonna be huge
  4. Stuck my last fiver in my betting account on fury. Got 3/1 before they changed the odds about.
  5. Why didn't any Man City players move there? Seems odd they were all just stood watching
  6. That was excellent from McKay to keep it in
  7. Always think of Muller as being 30 odd. Good signing by United if he goes
  8. If De Gea goes to Madrid and Valdes does get sold who will they bring in? Lloris? Diego Lopez? Forster?
  9. They were up here along with Hearts for a pre-season tournament. Nade looked fucking excellent, scored a cracker as well
  10. Fuck it, we're winning this no bother! Mon the fucking rangers!
  11. That Gavin Reilly is an excellent player. Type we should be looking at
  12. Had Villa, Arsenal, Palace, Boro and City for £220. Fucking City man
  13. Hibs have the kinda team that I want us to have. They've got some cracking players. And why the fuck is Vukic off??
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