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  1. I think that's it really. He's demonstrating he's not able to cut with us when the going gets really tough. Doesn't mean he doesn't have a future with us but we need more quality from a captain.
  2. Gman36

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Any good? He was obviously the big one when they announced all the extra characters for the kombat pack. I've not played it for a while. Need to get it going again. I quite fancy getting all the extra characters eventually.
  3. Gman36


    Folk can slag him but he's served us well. Done his best and earnt his place in the team on many occasions. Looks like we've stepped up quality wise though and his opportunities may now be limited.
  4. Police being politicised basically.
  5. Gman36


    Aye he can't handle too many games in a row. Definitely needs to be used sparingly.
  6. He's played a lot of football since he's joined us. Barely missed a game with injury. Starting to look like he's running out of gas. Probably needs dropped for a bit.
  7. Bassa only came in to post that
  8. Sellik stole the concept off Liverpool anyway.
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