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  1. Any player is for sale at the right price. We need to start turning players over and making a profit. We can't afford to hold on to players in the vague hope they're going to turn into world beaters. Waghorns had more than enough chances, his shooting just isn't good enough. Get him sold for a profit and get someone better in.
  2. Hard to imagine him making an meaningful contribution in the future. We're needing to make a step up next season. Hopefully get him moved on in the summer.
  3. Touch like an elephant the whole game
  4. Been a shite season in a lot of ways, but it's the moments like that which make it all worthwhile. Clint Hill's been brilliant this season, credit to the man. I hope he loved his moment there grabbing the late equaliser, he deserved it.
  5. Gerry mcculloch..... A shell of a human being
  6. The thing is with him lunging in wildly like he did, he's as likely to injure himself as he is the opposition. Guys a liability.
  7. We have been run by people who don't know how to run a football club for a long time now.
  8. The goalkeeper slightly out of the box thing happens all the time and the refs tend to let it go. The Garner tackle was a dodgy one, but wasn't really that bad. Probably borderline between yellow in red. In the old days no one would have batted an eyelid. The absolute outrage and anger expressed on radio snyde about both is brilliant. They've been going mental since I've had it on. Makes the 6-0 all the sweeter.
  9. Arrive at half time, away at 60 mins... The absolute definition of Subway Loyalism
  10. And to think young Emerson has that ON TAP.
  11. Probably a bit "bears den?" this post, but seems like a good enough place for it. It seems that the hardcore staunchest of the support are also dogmatic atheists, desperate to see all religion removed from schools etc. The club has a large following based on history and tradition, much of which is based on the protestant religion. Reading posts from some folk on here it's almost like you can't be a true Rangers fan unless you have a strong dislike of religion, and a strong hope that it is removed from mainstream society. The history books would suggest such hope is irrational with little to no chance of happening. This then makes the "Rangers" culture look like a culture/movement which is hollowing itself out from the inside. What's Rangers actually about then? If it's just about a football club, well it's hardly surprising folk are drifting away when long term mediocrity seems an almost certainty. Is it about hating Catholics, or a more general dislike of any kind of changes in society or demographic? Well, it's going to be a hard sell if all your offering up to young people is some rose tinted specs ideal of a past monoculture which no longer exists, and in actual fact probably never existed in the way it would be described by older supporters. Particularly the fact that in the present young people are living in a culture which is in decline, and they're surrounded by friends who are in other cultures which are growing stronger and are better supported. The young people are being done over by the current system with pensions, job security etc. It's hardly surprising they'll seek to find their own things to revere. It's a team supported by people who over time have fewer and fewer things that bind them together, so it's only natural that the younger generations emotions towards it are "diluted". I'm not saying I've got any answers for any of this, but I don't think it's fair to be slating the younger generations for not being as "staunch"; what is it you're expecting them to be staunch about, and why are you expecting them to do it?
  12. I'm not sure I'd agree with that, and this goes some way to explaining why "we're" (and what constitutes we is complex in itself) on the decline, and they're in the ascendancy. People on the "Rangers" side are moving away from religion, or any strong set of shared values. This is a longer term problem for the club as much of its values and tradition are steeped in religion. There seems to be less and less shared values amongst the support, and I'm not sure how that process will end. Really the only truly common shared value in the Rangers support at present is being a Rangers supporter, and so if we're shite as we are at present, then that's going to turn some people away. People on the "sellik" side by and large have some degree of religious attachment. There is the shared value of being an immigrant population, despite of course a great many of them being several generations away from any migrants. This is a complex issue, I don't think anyone can claim to have the answers. TL:DR - take the weans to church on Sundays and promise them the teams going to get better soon.
  13. I think something like this is what will have to happen at some point. I think it needs some kind of figurehead though, and unfortunately I don't think there's anyone out there at the moment who has the resources to make it happen. My other concern is there are still certain legacy issues that we don't fully understand, that could potentially impact a proper takeover of the club - I'm thinking the sports direct contracts, are there any other contracts or legacy legal issues that we don't know about? I think it's this that makes us so toxic and almost impossible to justify investing in at the moment. It might take years for all these issues to be identified and addressed, and the problem is we don't have years and years.... It's a confusing and worrying situation, and the current prognosis does not look good.
  14. Depends what it's a protest about really. If it's the fact that we're a bit shite at the moment, and we want a manager with a name, and few signings worth a few million then that's something I wouldn't agree with much. That's because it would be just another short term placation and will actually damage our long term progression. If it's a protest about the fact we've been run terribly for at least 10 years now, and we are in desperate need of modernising, with a completely new mindset for long term sustainable growth, then aye would be right up for that.
  15. Aye that's the concern, he seems like a fucking rocket. No wonder our youth system is producing little to no discernable end product with folk like him in charge.