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  1. Not quite sure how Walter managed to have a second spell in 1872 considering he wasn't born for another 76 years, and for him to have managed in 1872 it would have to have been his first time of managing.
  2. Supporting Rangers is for many a kind of religion in itself. That would go some way to explaining the relatively large attendances.
  3. This tends to suggest it'll only be in use until the end of the season.
  4. Exactly. Any gossip always makes its way around a workplace.
  5. I know, this is it. On what planet did they think picking him as manager was going to work? Absolute lunacy. And most folk could see it coming too.... The story wrote itself months ago, really before he was confirmed as manager.
  6. Stevie may looking a good shout. O halloran a "revelation".... Fucking hell we're getting absolutely no luck at the moment
  7. Atmosphere was limp yesterday, sadly.
  8. If they want to pay for it in it's entirety then go for it.
  9. Are we really better than last season? Warburtons team last season might have sneaked a winner today. Our defence is slightly better than last year... And I can't believe I'm about to utter this... Going by the showing so far this season we probably looked more dangerous in the attack last season. I hope I'm talking out my arse here and it's an overreaction.
  10. We never even fucking looked like scoring today, that's the worrying bit. A pish hearts with 11 men behind the ball and we never threatened them. We made lafferty look like a good defender ffs.
  11. I said when he got injured just pay him off. He's never seeing the end of this season with us. We need to stop pissing money away on shite like him
  12. The guys DONE. He comes on after 60 minutes and incredibly immediately looks the most tired and least athletic guy on the pitch.
  13. He should never be starting every week now. Just not got it in him any more.
  14. In more disturbing news the louden are now doing carling on tap rather than tennents.
  15. It would've been great if this happened. Big pub in the stadium to have a few pints before the game. Money into teu club too.