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  1. Jordan Rossiter can still do it for us
  2. We're stuck in the past aren't we? Either that or face up to the horrors of them getting 9 trophies in a row, coasting to 9iar and looking strong for 10iar. All whilst our head man tells us we're a bawhair from dominance.
  3. Yeah, it detracts from the most emotional moments of the game. All for a slightly improved accuracy in decision making. The negatives outweigh the positives.
  4. They should study the material their necks are made of and use it on the surface of spacecraft.
  5. New age reconciliatory bear vs devoted unrelenting sellik fan awaits
  6. They're about to get 9 trophies on the trot and we're a bawhair away from dominance... Dave Kings yearly reminder he knows next to nothing about football.
  7. We've been pretty much throwing the kitchen sink at it for years and it's getting us nowhere fast
  8. We've probably got the shit half of a scum team at present. So the four or five in would need to be the equivalent of their four or five best players. So in actual fact that's a huge fucking gap away. He obviously hasn't really thought it through.
  9. Year 2023: We're making continued progress in catching celtic. I genuinely feel we're closer than we've ever been, and next season will be the most significant challenge yet. Our squad has improved significantly, and with every penny of your season ticket revenue we'll strengthen the squad No Surrender, D. King
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