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  1. Pay off time approaches. An expensive gamble which failed.
  2. Last 20 minutes we used to run over the top of teams because we were far far fitter than anybody. Now I know with sports science, data analysis etc there are going to be less between teams as everyone's a lot fitter. But come on, we should be better than we are.
  3. Seen them? You were one!
  4. I eagerly await news of his payoff this summer.
  6. As a football club, on a corporate/sporting management level we're completely rotten to the core. Absolutely nothing is right and it looks like that's going to be the way it is for a considerable time to come.
  7. It's not going to make a blind bit of difference to the Europa League. We're never making the group stages of that.
  8. Remember that game against inter where he had not too bad a game... Brings a tear to the eye ;(
  9. Dark days when folk are reminiscing about the likes of him.
  10. Aye it could definitely be a lot worse. The other side to the coin is if we had the entire squad with contracts up this/next season, we'd be in a spot of bother. And it's alright saying the entire teams pish get it to fuck, but the reality is we can't afford that.
  11. If the cunts came back on nominal salaries then aye. Otherwise absolutely not.
  12. An unfortunately excellent post.
  13. If our support are that fickle that something needs to happen next season or else there will be a mass drop off in season ticket sales then the clubs natural level will be lower than what it was before we left the top div. I think we both agree a large investment is needed at some point. Its worrying but I suspect that the only place it will come from is mass supporter investment, unless a supporter happens to become a billionaire in the near future.
  14. Well in that case we're probably fucked. Only other alternative I could see which would bring success would be a purge of all the folk at the top of the company, everyone who has been involved in the last ten years or so. Someone comes in with money who the fans can trust, and then the fans also put a significant amount of money in. Persuade 20,000 fans to put £1,000 each in, that's £20 million. The figurehead puts in £10-20 million too. That's the only way I can see us getting back.
  15. It's the short term approach which is dooming us to long term mediocrity. Short term approach is Clint Hill, Krancjar etc year after year. Brings us up to a decent standard, yes. Second place probably guaranteed. But bringing in guys with no potential long term profit means the gradual decline we're witnessing at present. The long term approach will be more painful in the short term, but it'll be what's needed if we genuinely want to get back to where we were before the shit hit the fan.