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  1. Govan Regeneration & Project 2020

    I could be massively paranoid, but I just wonder about the fact they're building low density housing on the outskirts of the stadium. Like the best way of ensuring the least benefit to us... As I say, could be reading too much into it.
  2. Your first experience of Hampden

    1994 Scottish cup final vs scumdee utd. My first ever game too
  3. Ticket office queue now

    35 mins
  4. Paul Gascoigne was proficient in water sports
  5. Ticket office queue now

    Open to 6pm tonight?
  6. 9 in a Row.

    Correct. A better question is would we sacrifice the advocaat era to avoid now, and I think the answer to that would have to be yes.
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Lazy shite that sinclair. Mercenary, the guy doesn't give a fuck
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Come on to fuck bayern Geez another couple
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

  10. Nottingham Forest

    I listened to forest derby at the weekend there (long drive aye), and it was actually kind of funny listening to it. The commentators were saying exactly what was being said about us under Warburton. Honestly couldn't believe it. Kept saying they were brittle, too many young lightweight players. Too much possession, not taking chances. Once they lost a goal it was heads down and everyone knew they were beat. McKay apparently missed a sitter, he got subbed, Warburton used all three subs and then a player got a knock so there was concern if they'd be down to 10 men.
  11. Ashley

    He could if he wanted. All the club 1872 shite etc could get swept away if someone had the money and energy for it. I seriously doubt he has any interest in that though.
  12. Ashley

    http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41564471 Interesting article about the fact championship clubs are losing huge sums of chasing promotion. Newcastle are a rare exception to that "Owners who accept the risk of relegation but also preserve the balance sheet face much better prospects if the club is indeed relegated, with Burnley, Norwich and Newcastle proving to be excellent examples," I'm not saying that I want cashley involved in us, and this a debate that's been had many times. But he's the only person that's been in and around our top table who knows how to manage companies sustainably and has demonstrated he knows how to run a football club relatively successfully.
  13. Transfer section in Forum

    The forum should SLAM SHUT about 10 mins after the transfer window SLAMS SHUT.
  14. Morales Cardosa

    Pretty sure last week on radio Scotland I heard that plamf Michael stewart pronounce it Morelos, moreles, morales, all in the same statement.... I'm beginning to think they're doing it as a piss take.
  15. Forum activity.

    I think this is a great forum. There are forums which have "state of the board" type threads all time, with constant navel gazing. This site is mostly free of all that kind of shite. As many folk have said better with fewer numbers of quality posters than loads of shite contributions. FF looks terrible in comparison to here.