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  1. We've done so so well... Honestly massive congratulations to the team
  2. Hopefully their hubris will be the downfall of them.
  3. Gman36


    Would it be anything but? Our star striker had numerous chances and a missed penalty against our biggest rival in a cup final after so many years us not winning and them winning. Its always going to be a roller coaster
  4. Still absolutely gutted about Sunday, but looking forward a win on Thursday and finishing top would do a lot to rebuild the confidence. An early morelos goal would be fantastic.
  5. Gman36


    If Tav hadn't handed the ball over no one would even be discussing it. It's the psychology of him picking it up and handing it to him that has gotten people thinking about it.
  6. One of those guys on the pitch instead of defoe and that mightve made the difference. As you say the problem with that is cost. Defoe we've apparently gotten in on the cheap so it's hard to be too critical. On this specific thing its a wee bit like Warburton. He was far too rigid in like for like subs. In some ways Gerrard tried it with Sadiq last season, but he was utter gash. I feel our squad has room for the stereotypical big centre forward. Just as an example could we have got a guy like that instead of Stewart, considering Gerrard barely seems to want to play him?
  7. Very true. On another day with luck on our side we easily win that 3-0. We were very unlucky.
  8. As great as morelos is at scoring in the air, it's all or nothing with him. That game on Sunday could've done with a tall powerful striker coming off the bench rather than defoe. And folk can say we aren't setup for that, but on a pishing down hampden sodden pitch final when you're chasing a goal it became punts into the box.
  9. I know I was doing my nut in at that. A bit of composure and it was a tap in. So frustrating to rewatch.
  10. I feel we've been saying that so many times over the last few years. We needed that one yesterday to actually come in. Eventually it has to be reality and not just a learning curve.
  11. Gman36


    Come on man that's not true. All the players were really trying
  12. I mind at one point he had about four guys round him. So he had a tough time. He was also battling hard too. That being said I was hoping for a bit more from him than we got.
  13. Morelos is a top player but his mentality is clearly a weak point. He just HAD to put that penalty away today. It was a vital moment in our season and he didn't do it.
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