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  1. Gman36

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Ask her "just how bad is the sectarian problem at sevco?"
  2. Gman36

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Last night on BBC they interviewed that lassie coming back from isis. She was allowed her side of the story. The BBC have a self imposed ban on any dealings with us. What hope we got?
  3. Gman36

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    There's not going to be a mass stopping of payments. That's not a solution. We have to get them to deal with us impartially.
  4. Gman36

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    Yeah totally agree. Think that was a really good interview from him.
  5. Gman36

    Stewart Robertson has spoken

    They're the (supposed) impartial publicly funded broadcaster. We're paying for them. There should be changes that force them to play ball.
  6. Gman36

    The Media Agenda

    Notice also the headline "celtic fans lambasted", as in the celtic fans have been attacked by kris boyd. Rather than "kris boyd speaks out about abuse from celtic fans", or something like that. Focusing on the celtic fans being "attacked", rather than what actually happened which was kris boyd being actually attacked!
  7. Gman36

    The Media Agenda

    We need evidence gathered to demonstrate the bias in their reporting. Would take a bit of effort from a suitably motivated individual or organisation. The other alternative is as you say engage a rival organisation and let them fight the battle on our behalf. The problem is which rival organisation would want to, in a sense, side with us? Trouble with an STV for example is that they are a commercial organisation, and so would risk losing advertising revenue if they were seen as being biased. The fact is we've got a historically renowned impartial organisation with huge reach and massive public funding against us. That's a big problem and is not easily solved.
  8. Gman36

    The Media Agenda

    I like how the BBC are reporting it as "claimed sectarianism", rather than sectarianism. I'd say at this present time the BBC are the most prolific anti Rangers organisation at present. Other organisations may be more anti Rangers, but they're not producing the same quantities of material and don't have as big a reach. To me the BBC at present is a real issue for us. It's an issue we should be urgently addressing.
  9. Gman36

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Yeah it's actually as easy as that. Explain the difference between the two. They can't, it's not possible. I've had discussions with sellik fans in that past in those terms. As soon as you start to question their beliefs they crumble. It's built on a delusion.
  10. Gman36

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That hartson article is pathetic. It's a literal truth that it's all about the Rangers. It's 100% always about us. Obsessed.
  11. Gman36

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Well done boyd saying it was sectarianism. About time it's described in terms of like for like, rather than somehow we're worse than them. It's either both OK or not OK. Seems to be a myth perpetuated (by them obviously) that we're somehow inherently bigoted, and they're pretty much innocent of any prejudice.
  12. Gman36

    Gerrard's benchmark.

    There can be a benchmark without a direct comparison. Seems fairly pointless to judge him against someone like Souness as its a completely different situation. A solid benchmark would be a decent improvement on last season.We've arguably done that so far with the run in Europe and a bit of breathing space on second place. If we happened to win the Scottish cup too I'd say he'd be exceeding his first year target.
  13. Gman36

    Officialdom Conspiracy?

    Thommo earning his crust tonight agreeing with all the decisions
  14. Gman36

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    See if they won that game fair and square I'd say fair enough. But brown stays on the park for a tackle if commited by Jack or morelos (or a few others) it would've been a straight red. Broadfoot does a similar tackle in the same game then gets a red. Brown who shouldn't be on the park scores late on. Killie played really well the whole game and the red knocked the stuffing out them. We're fucked because we're missing morelos who got a three game ban for something that could arguably have been a yellow. Totting up was it? Well Where's the totting up process as far browns concerned? How come the totting up process is now a thing, and how come it coincidentally applies to our best player. Don't get me wrong we've been shite far too often this season. But we've also been fucked over by a large number of decisions which over the course of a season can mean a couple of point difference becomes an 8 point difference.
  15. Gman36

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Straight red broadfoot on brown. That'll probably fuck killie now. Cheers refs yet again.