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  1. Jason

    We are in no position to be so picky I'm afraid. For our current situation he's a great squad player who can step up to the first team for a run of games when required.
  2. Who best for captain now

    Thread title and OP to be delivered by B. Scott
  3. No this post is absolutely brilliant and deserves its own stand alone thread.
  4. Windass.

    Warburton wasn't nearly as bad as he was made out to be, should'e kept him till the end of last season. Certainly it wasn't worth blowing 10 million on Pedro and his associated donkeys anyway.
  5. Doddie's missing winners medal

    I was going to post "you're not in America", then thought better just double check you actually aren't in America... Turns out you're in Vancouver.... I was technically right, but not far off making an arse of it. Fuck it written this out might as well post it.
  6. Alves

  7. our sitter

    Shite user name
  8. Ross McCrorie

    Get him signed up. NOW.
  9. Bbc showing themselves up with the focus on a "penalty". Noticed the BBC don't even pretend with us anymore. Just continual focus on any team we're playing against. Despite us clearly being the main reference point everyone's interested in. Andy walker said a cracker as well he something like "with the penalty... Blah blah blah" ehh Andy there was no penalty ya scummy bassa hahahaaa
  10. A beautiful three points

    Not seen us battle like that in fucking ages Yasssss
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

  12. Junkies vs Rangers

  13. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Spot on. He's talking more fondly about us and treating us with more respect than our own fucking board.
  14. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Is it coincidence that the first time in history that a manager has shat out of a more lucrative job is us at this point in time? Bearing in mind we're an absolute basket case and all the mad shit that's happened in the last few years.... Its purely a coincidence we're the club the once in a lifetime manager shiteing it incident had occurred? Really?
  15. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Where in the history of football management has a manager turned down a more lucrative contract on the basis he might not make a success of it? I'd bet money that's never happened in history. And I'd bet even more money that hasn't happened in this instance. He's always struck me as a relatively confident, self assured manager. He's made a good go of running the Sheep and ran the scum close one season. Looking at it objectively it's almost impossible to imagine him knocking us back on he basis of "shiteing it". If he joined us and fucked it up he could get a job down south. He could probably have ended up back at Aberdeen eventually. I realise it's too hard for some people to come to terms with what's happened on this. But it's another example where we keep burying our heads in the sand and not facing up to the reality of the situation. And the longer we do that the longer we are from getting back to where we want to be.