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  1. Welcome to Ibrox JAMES MCCLEAN
  2. Scoring in a friendly the prick.... Seething
  3. Gman36

    Just think...

    1-0 without breaking sweat. Repeat that as many games as you like lads 👍
  4. It would add a little bit more to it, with the fact Gerrard's our manager and he has such an allegiance with Liverpool. I do see the slight interest in this.
  5. Problem is if there's huge demand for tickets and you get 100% of money back, it would encourage hanging onto season tickets even if not planning on attending any game. You could cherry pick the games you want (scum games) and sell the rest.
  6. If we could just edge in front of them for a few games it would pile massive pressure on them. Plus teams playing them would up their game as all of a sudden the matches take on more importance.
  7. Fucking love this. One substitute appeance and he's now worth about 30 times more than what they paid for him 😂
  8. Making it up as they go along now
  9. Fucking love it. All the best to Stranraer too for participation.
  10. hesgoal saying problem at source..... are we fucked then?!!!
  11. Tav out for a few games and we lose one, all of a sudden he's an inspirational leader and must keep him at all costs.
  12. Getting transferred to a London hospital so he can sign his contract with Aston Villa
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