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  1. This is such an unthinkable situation that they're just kicking it down the road for a bit. The decision is too big for them to face up to at present. Either they indefinitely put the current season on hold and risk future contracts, or cancel it and accept there will be big problems with the current running contracts.
  2. Be nice to watch this game not absolutely hammered. Can barely remember anything about it other than the goals I've rewatched since.
  3. And where are the clowns now saying they didn't give a fuck about the europa league.
  4. This is it basically. It's money thats driving it.
  5. He's been a bawbag announcing this now. Who are the only fuds announcing stuff. King, cashley..... Cut from the same cloth. That's the tier of cunt that's unfortunately been running us for some time now.
  6. There would be relentless pressure on us to help the rest of Scottish football financially. Even if it was the case that both us and sellik were on an even level there would be calls for the OF to help. But the scum head and shoulders above everyone else, complete silence.
  7. Let's face it he was probably out panic buying loo rolls and hand sanitiser last week.
  8. That's why football cannot be allowed to resume. People need to realise this is extremely serious and should follow the government guidance. Not a chance any football starting up before August, which would lead into the following season.
  9. Once the deaths start increasing exponentially and a full lockdown is installed, any talk of football will disappear. I would say almost no chance of any football being played until after the summer. This seasons done.
  10. I haven't read through this thread, but I take it everyone realises this league reconstruction idea is a way of giving sellik the title whilst keeping hearts and Dundee utd happy? Pretty much everyones a winner in that scenario apart from us.
  11. Not unusual for them to put the image of the their club above the health and wellbeing of the public is it?
  12. The irony of them selecting "their" anthem which goes against government medical advice. We should be walking alone....
  13. Only scored two goals. Both vital last minute screamers outside of the box. One in Europe one against the scum. Is there a more perfect goal scoring record?
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