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  1. if we put both on the pitch at the same time they will repel each other like magnets and so will essentially be wingers. Need lafferty back for this to work.
  2. Come on Aribo!!! 20 quid - 2 handicap yass hahaha
  3. Mark Warburton side performance circa 2015-16
  4. 20 quid on at -2 handicap, touch and go now...
  5. It's going to be though isn't it? What with all the changes
  6. Halliday mate you're allowed to stand up when you play fitba
  7. Why the fuck didn't they just sign john mcginn? Idiotic decision quibbling over a million or something.
  8. Yeah spot on. When I read the BBC article I was under the impression they'd finally agreed to start paying out.
  9. Named after a big square in China
  10. Gman36

    Andy King

    I honestly think he'll pop up and be a key player in a few games over the season. Not one of the star names in our team, but a guy who will change a few games for us. He knows what it takes to win at the very top, and has battled in the past to get into a top team with a great squad.
  11. Might be completely wrong but I feel this could be a good signing. Later on in the season might start a few games and make an important contribution.
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