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  1. Utterly laughable this is appearing now. Blatant as could be.
  2. You're off it for a few days in the run up to working on those goalposts
  3. Am i losing the plot or did Scotland not qualify for the nations league? I must be getting old...
  4. Obsessed with the eradication of child abuse and ensuring those guilty of it are brought to justice. Obsessed with suppressing the full and thorough inquiry into child abuse, and ensuring there is no evaluation of the institutional failings that allowed it to happen. Which would you rather be?
  5. I know you've said that before. He's still a fucking prick for not identifying him as a talent and attempting to sign him.
  6. Came across champions league winner in lower leagues. Not a sniff of us trying to sign him. Well done ally ya fat prick.
  7. Fucking hell you'd think the fact he fucked off with the "personal issues" he wouldn't be front and centre of the celebrations WITH A FUCKING BEVVY
  8. I know it's slightly galling that it will be to some extent stage managed by sellik minded individuals, but to be honest I think this is the best we're likely to get.
  9. Well, in any fair and balanced setup they shouldn't get demoted. But when talk of points deductions for selectarianism comes up every so often, where is the line on morality drawn?
  10. Jesus Christ the last page of this should come with a health warning
  11. If we'd just hit our form earlier and got into the final. We could've beat them today
  12. I know. They're utter shite. Our 8iar season we had gazza in his pomp. Laudrup fucking incredible. Look at the shower of shite they've got. The sellik side they had at that point would pump this mob.
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