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  1. Just been in, apparently there was some stock in this morning but sold out quickly. Next delivery is Tuesday, he had no idea what the size of that delivery would be.
  2. Sounds like it could be carnage there tomorrow with it being the weekend! Wonder how long it'll take for the stock coming in to sell out again.
  3. Are there taps in stock today at the megastore?
  4. Joey Barton? Get this out of the bears den ffs.
  5. I want us to challenge, get a bit closer to the top. I don't think it's realistic to expect a 30 point swing though, we just aren't making the signings that are going to do that. If we'd signed a top level manager, and given him a huge wad of cash a la Advocaat era, then aye anything other than winning would be unacceptable. But we have to understand the reality of the situation. An unproven manager with a large number of new signings who haven't played in Scotland before.
  6. Kiernan now has to play taps aff, poor laddie.
  7. No luck mate
  8. Shat the bed again eh
  9. Purchase a pack of wanking socks, allow us to buy a goal poacher for the penalty box
  10. Go on Puma, you know you want to recoup the lost profits from the lack of sales from the previous deal. If you do it everyone promises to buy the home tap and the orange tap. Do it. Do it. Just do it.... Although don't use that as a slogan, already taken.
  11. Speak for yourself there mate
  12. One of our players apparently looking solid in an international match, free reign to buy the taps.... Fuck sake this is all getting too much!
  13. Home kits a cracker anyway, I kept thinking about buying it, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Pleased that I'll soon be adding it to the collection.
  14. Fucking brilliant news! Hopefully everyone gets out and buys it, and we start seeing a ton of new taps being worn around the city and beyond!
  15. Contrast the reporting of a Rangers fan conviction versus a previous conviction of a hibs fan: Procurator fiscal depute Kathleen O’Donnell said: “French joined a large group of Rangers fans who approached Hibs fans on the pitch. “He was seen with his arms outstretched towards Hibs fans, he appeared to be goading them.” So a very short quote from the procurator fiscal, highlighting the negatives of the actual incident. Contrast that with the article on burnt binnies conviction: A STUDENT today admitted his part in a pitch invasion which sparked chaos at the end of the Scottish Cup final. Greg Binnie pled guilty to running at and making offensive gestures towards Rangers goalkeeper Wes Foderingham after climbing over fencing at Hampden Park on May 21. Sports coaching student Binnie was in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court after appearing from custody. The court heard he climbed over fencing at the end of the match, between Rangers and Hibs. He ran at Foderingham and gestured in an offensive manner. Procurator fiscal depute Kathleen O’Donnell told the court Binnie had no previous convictions and said she would be asking for a football banning order to be imposed on him. Defence lawyer Joe Murphy said: “This has given Mr Binnie and his family a lot of trouble since the weekend. “Threats have been made to him and members of his family. “He is deeply ashamed of becoming involved in this behaviour. He is a student and he has part-time employment which may be affected by this. “He has faced up to his responsibility.” He's afforded a much longer quote from his defence lawyer, which actually focuses mostly on the negative impact on his life his actions have caused, due to alleged malicious attacks on him presumably from angry Rangers supporters. No direct quote from the procurator fiscal, but mentions the statement he had no previous convictions, another positive statement on the individual.