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  1. Cynical about the boxing in of the stadium, but the design looks snazzy.
  2. We've been nothing but bluster for about a decade now. Nothing to suggest that's about to change any time soon. We'll probably need to get extremely lucky over the next few years if we've to stand any chance of winning the league.
  3. That's magnificent
  4. As I've said previously, would love a long expensive legal battle with Nike next.
  5. Players were still going out together in the early mid 2000s.
  6. Seriously doubt we do. Loved to be proved wrong.
  7. Or else it'll continue as is. We blunder along making bold but empty statements, and liewell continues to run the show almost unchallenged.
  8. There is almost no logical explanation for reconstruction now. And it contradicts their previous logic for no reconstruction previously, and for punting us down to the bottom division. The only logic that works is that it is to benefit sellik by ensuring they have no competition. That's the only logic. It's as plain as day. What kind of sporting competition is this in Scotland now? It's done.
  9. Where was the reconstruction in 2015 when hearts, us, and hivs were the first three? And only hearts made it through promotion? Because that was a perfect time for a reconstruction.
  10. Maybe sounding like a smart arse here but the direction of travel was fairly obvious for quite a while now.
  11. I think it's highly optimistic that there will be wide scale successful deployment of a vaccine any time soon. Easily 12-18 months. And there's no guarantee the virus won't mutate.
  12. We're as weak as a kitten
  13. We've got fuck all. We're a wet blanket these days.
  14. Because that's the next on the list for gifting sellik the title. Democracy failed.
  15. Great post. What's the point if its a case of just gifting titles? Do the sellik fans really want it? I wouldn't want to win a title this way.
  16. Aye definitely. It's pretty much our only option for exerting some kind of control.
  17. No one seemed to give any particular fucks about TV deals back in 2012 did they?
  18. Funny how the excuse for being gifted the title is money. Where was the thought of money when we were punted down to the bottom division? Back then it was "sporting integrity".
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