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  1. Its no an argument,its an opinion,i also mind when the ub ultras decided no to bother goin either. There were plenty times Ibrox wasn't packed out as you say. However i'm pretty sure we'll be full this season
  2. Glad we could clear that up Every club has glory hunters that turn up when shit gets good its no ma problem if you don't know that or are unwilling to accept that.
  3. I'm no suggesting anything,div 3 was mobbed,then crowds dwindled,then crowds picked up and now we're back we will have our glory hunters. Your'e the one that's interpreting that as Rangers have shite fans,i sat amongst some of the best,the ones that continued to go when the fitbaw was that shite it made you want to tear yer eyes out. So gonnae no gees this pish about what i'm suggesting or not suggesting,i suggest you just read rather than add yer own slant to what i said
  4. This bits just in yer head. Nowhere do i suggest we have shite fans.
  5. Div 3 we were aw beelin about how our club was treated,i think it was a great show of defiance,i loved it. As time progressed our crowds dwindled,that how i remember our journey back. It seems at odds with your recollection though.
  6. Glory hunters are a fact of life,its the way it is,crowds drop,then when shit is good they flock back. Thats fitbaw imo.
  7. When we got demoted we set records for crowd attendances in the 3rd. 2014/15 our crowds plummeted. If u never noticed i suggest you weren't there. We got into the championship and crowds picked up again.
  8. Aye it was packed. ''Rangers' 8-1 defeat of Clyde was watched by their lowest home attendance for 29 years at Ibrox. Only 11,190 fans turned up for the Petrofac Training Cup tie on Monday.'' There were plenty games Ibrox was like a ghost town
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