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  1. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by Rfc52 in Major investment?   
    Prefer his brother orange but I’ll take billy
  2. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by SPWF in Morelos to leave before the end of February [Rocksport Radio]   
    Send him my way if he’s packing kilos. 
  3. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by Smile in Club Statement   
    Looks happy enough coming out for the game tonight. Hope Dundee Pump them.
  4. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by K.A.I in Everything that is wrong with an element of our support today   
    That's nice 
    and what about anti union bigots? Or you only interested in the birthday card pish ?
  5. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by Bobby Hume in New Daily Record blog.   
    ? ? ?
    Pretty much reiterates what is discussed on other forums ... but to a wider audience which now includes the unwashed .... some of the hyperbole is sickening .... one being the comparison to PC's time with us to date and Brenda's early struggles in Europe are enough to turn any Rangers fan's stomach ..... totally irrelevant unless PC was also at the helm for us in Europe.
    The overall content is bland and does nothing to solve any problems at Ibrox .... all it does ... (and I think this is intentional on your part Dude) .... is now give the filth the platform to agree with all you say and negatively comment on it ... and as usual increase that negativity against our Club.
    I very much doubt what you have written will change anything whatsoever .... other than peoples opinion of yourself and not in a positive way .... click bait is all this blog is to further your "career" ..... shameful ... not brave at all.
    As said above .... I wonder if you will be allowed to print negative blogs about the inner workings of the scum across the city .... and unless you have a fireproof armour plated contract with the retard .... I doubt you will be employed with them for long.
    The comments page will be hoaching with accolades from scum supporters ..... how proud you must feel.
  6. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by K.A.I in New Daily Record blog.   
    You've got someone comparing the Royal Family and Protestants to nazi's and peado's and your surprised at some of the comments now he's writing articles in our name for someone like The Record? seriously? 
  7. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by born a blue nose in Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury   
    Aye right ya fucking weapon I take it the hacker knew ma grampa was deed
    You are a compulsive bullshitting talk to the deed spooky lying wank stain 
    Cumnock dafty 
    Auchinleck casuals lol 
  8. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by KingKirk in Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury   
    ffs mate just admit ye fucked it... How wid the fraudster know BABN was a cokehead or whatever it was ye called him
  9. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by The Godfather in Houston hits back   
    Rangers men don't grass on their own.
    He's a self important bald banger. 
  10. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by mabawsa in Over 33,000 Season Tickets Renewed - A Club Record [Now Over 42,000 Sold]   
    Totally agree with the "I ain't watching Rangers in the lower leagues but will come back when the good times return" punter. That's a fan and I can understand that. Those of us that stayed around, took the hostility, the insults, the pain.... can look in the mirror and know we didn't desert in the time of need. Yes, it was hard at times , the ridicule , some of the results, but we never walked away. 
    I welcome those that return. They can help push us on but they should remember those that stayed in the trenches to get us to this day. 
  11. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by AlBear. in Rangers FC statement   
  12. Rfc#1. liked a post in a topic by gogzy in Rangers FC statement   
    This is easily the best statement a Rangers board has ever prodiced that I can remember.    Amazing, both barrels to everycunt.
    A+++ stuff.
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