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  1. it seemed the wind ruined the game, but also should have been used to test their keeper more IMO. I think 5 or 6 across the board would be pretty fair, no one stood out, no one did much wrong
  2. absolutely hated this guy, used to cringe every time i saw him on the pitch, especially in centre mid, and reckoned i could do better. was probably only 10 at the time though but ya never know ey
  3. class pics. get what you mean about the smaller top, well played bogtrotters. i fully support a regular picture gallery.
  4. so there are more photos coming bogtrotters? excellent, is there just the one going around now?
  5. surely a smaller top should have been purchased! nice pics though, glad people were proved wrong
  6. stephen dobbie started with us?
  7. bogtrotters put downs are class
  8. go on bogtrotters
  9. new member...
  10. i love heskey