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  1. Slowly but surely boxing us in , compare the land round us and the land round the paedodome nothing but construction round us but big walkways and wide open spaces round them
  2. You don't need to say fuck all when your placemen are saying it for you
  3. In the scale of 1-10 , I'm hovering around a 5 . Don't think it will make a difference what we've got the papers and the other teams will just dismiss it , unless we have a truly nuclear dossier .
  4. To be fair nowheres like Larky , have a thought for me I live in Duntocher 🤤 .
  5. Right lads we've made a right roaring cunt of it ,now gives us your season ticket money
  6. Really hope that your got an insite in to what is happening behind the scenes and not just guessing
  7. How about we stop picking Goldson as he's pish
  8. Fuckin shambles , were not scoring , sick off this pish
  9. Great statement but means nothing unless we start banning cunts starting with Leckie, Stewart and Provan
  10. Done 👍 good luck to the wee man 💙
  11. Don't know why the UB can be bothered singing and creating displays , all they get is abuse they would be better sitting with their pie and bovril watching the game in silence like the rest of the ground
  12. Obviously not the handwringing fenian sympathisers 😂
  13. Don't need to boycott or go to war all they need to do is sit on their hands like the rest of the stadium and the games will be like a morgue , they could even leave with 20 minutes of the game left just like the subway loyal
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