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  1. As the title says my boy is heading over to Barcelona for the weekend but is looking for a bear friendly pub to watch the game , anybody got any serious suggestions
  2. ***Florida Cup Thread***

  3. Has Murty already failed?

    Of course pressure and abuse is applied by fans that's the nature of the beast if he can't put out a team or change a formation to win games then he deserves to be criticised he has after all put himself in the firing line by accepting the job till the end of the season .As for the supporters only a fool would give blind loyalty to someone who is not up to the job .
  4. Has Murty already failed?

    While I would have agreed with you when he took the job as an interim manager while we looked for a new manager (don't laugh ) , he has seen fit to accept the job on a permanent basis till at least the end of the season . He has opened himself up for criticism like any other manager and sadly it could be the end of him at Rangers as I feel that once the pressure and abuse gets to much he will resign
  5. Absent friends

    Horrific news , sorry for your loss
  6. Rangers Fans Today

    The fans are the only good thing about Rangers just now
  7. Once more our fans are showing more passion than the team
  8. I can honestly see Kenny Miller moving into the assistant role
  9. Do tell , wishful thinking or in the know ?
  10. Murty until the end of the season

    After the ruling on king this morning the board announce Murty till the end of the season, what a fucking shambles , at a time when the taigs are showing weakness our board appear to have chucked it .
  11. Club Statement

    What a fuckin embarrassment of a statement