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  1. Done 👍 good luck to the wee man 💙
  2. Don't know why the UB can be bothered singing and creating displays , all they get is abuse they would be better sitting with their pie and bovril watching the game in silence like the rest of the ground
  3. Obviously not the handwringing fenian sympathisers 😂
  4. Don't need to boycott or go to war all they need to do is sit on their hands like the rest of the stadium and the games will be like a morgue , they could even leave with 20 minutes of the game left just like the subway loyal
  5. It was big broony ( Graham Brown ) the big drummer from the Cambuslang Volunteers, passed away in his sleep another good bear and loyalist taken at a young age . RIP
  6. There's plenty of blame to go around and Murty deserves his fair share
  7. https://stv.tv/sport/football/1409210-neil-lennon-i-regret-my-actions-but-referee-was-wrong/ Lennon also voiced his displeasure at not receiving a call from the SFA to explain the weekend's events after Brendan Rodgers received one following Ross County's controversial spot kick against celtic. He added: "That's another thing, while I'm here, I'm glad you brought that one up. Ross County last season, Alex Schalk dives, County get a penalty. Brendan gets a phone call of an apology. "So, we get a perfectly good goal disallowed and no phone call. Does that set a precedent? "Where's the contact from the referees for me or any other manager? Or is just exclusive to celtic?"
  8. Once more our fans are showing more passion than the team
  9. After the ruling on king this morning the board announce Murty till the end of the season, what a fucking shambles , at a time when the taigs are showing weakness our board appear to have chucked it .
  10. What a fuckin embarrassment of a statement
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