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  1. We all booking the cricket ground for the fight and the Bellrock for the after party then?
  2. You honestly wouldn't get tired punching fuck out him
  3. Honestly, even on bbc sport sound most off the pundits hardly spoke about it apart from McFadden, he said 100% it was a red, the rest never really spoke much about it, imagine for a split second that was the other way about? the whole programme would have been dedicated to talking about Alfie, pitchforks and flaming torches out to get him, no wonder he wants out off this Shitehole
  4. This our passing especially in the final third has been class, should be at least 6-0 this mate
  5. Might drive past that tarriers house from earlier on the way home with the sash playing in ma van, windows down, full pelt
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