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  1. I see the crowdfunding thing to raise money to take us to court for our titles may have been a scam!! celtic fc, the gift that keeps on giving......
  2. I'd have started laughing at the cunt m8.....
  3. a cunt. end thread
  4. Give up the rock m8.....get help....ask FRANK
  5. It's in-bred into the mutant cunts m8
  6. Nah, let the taigs act like taigs, we're better than them. but.........can you imagine the timplosion?
  7. That team would push the tarriers all the way IMO
  8. Honestly mate, fuck up wi this pish
  9. Think we had an EBT signed on a pre contract agreement m8
  10. He's fukkin ragin m8 😂😂 actually that weekend me and a few mates were fishing in royal deeside....I ended up watching the game In pub in the middle of nowhere, after the game me and my mates started singing some party tunes, I ended up fighting some sheep shagger farmer in the pub car park. I definitely think it was an EBT that gave me the extra strength to punch the sheep shaggers cunt in that night #ebtmemories
  11. The daily rebel actually calling the groin brigade "self righteous renegades" that paper's reeking off tarrier