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  1. Fukkin wee mutant!!, Duffy should have punched his rotten teeth out!!! How many times?....mhedia up here will be more than likely defending the cunt!
  2. Fucking love this quote!!😍🇬🇧
  3. Would give him a run in the team with a strike partner until the end off the season before punting him, then if he's not doing it 2 million seems fair
  4. Shiver me timbers, a few off you boys should be made to walk the fukkin plank
  5. Bastard!!.....was just at going to write this!!!...😂😂
  6. Hope the place makes a fortune from it, fukkin shitehole off a "newspaper", if any taig decides to cause damage/trouble at the place I hope this scummy paper is held accountable!
  7. That's what the article is planning for m8, how long do u think they've known about it, but sat on it til it was a near done deal!!
  8. Fukkin Scottish mhedias a joke, remember last year when the livi player nearly snapped Oduwa's leg in half, it was just a "typical strong Scottish challenge"....don't remember the outpouring off faux outrage then!!?? Fuck off canning ya rhabid cunt we won 6-0 get it round ye!!
  9. He could eat an apple through a letter box!
  10. Don't start this pish again!!
  11. 30 million mate, Dave said he'd invest it....