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  1. Im looking forward to it, think it will be a good read. Lot of good guys involved and I'm pretty sure they have a plan for the profits, don't think it's been revealed yet.
  2. Quite frankly I'm surprised they haven't made more of Gabriel, he's a great performer. Get the feeling he's right on who he expects to be the next big stars. Big E Langston could be huge I reckon.
  3. A guy from my work was at the top of the stairs The Shield came down, he's on Raw going absolutely mental.
  4. The helicopter scene was great. I wonder what the big angle will be, assuming this runs to perhaps Summerslam?
  5. Raw was quite good. Really enjoyed The Shield match and thought it deserved main event. Agree though that they are being booked at an insanely strong level, would be interesting to see what the end game is.
  6. That shit is just barbaric. I was watching one the other day of Dean Ambrose getting cut by a chainsaw .
  7. I can see both sides to the Michaels argument. It was nice to see a wrestler leave at the right time with a great retirement, but as a fan it's difficult not to be selfish and want him back in the ring!
  8. Rab Boyle asking on Twitter whether they should play Fandango's theme tomorrow .
  9. I'm not sure to be honest. I think it'll die down, can't see it lasting in the way Daniel Bryan's popularity has.
  10. Can't wait for the London crowd. Used to do the trips for the live events before my mate got bored of wrestling. Such a good night though.
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