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  1. Too lazy to take a photo, but does anybody know if Rangers programs from the 1960s for Rangers vs The British Army or Third Lanark are worth any dosh?
  2. As someone said earlier we need more squad depth. 3 more players and I honestly believe 55 is ours, "Brendan and the Tims" are imploding.
  3. Right MOM Shagger then, never a Goldson penalty justice done
  4. Halliday having a good game, especially for a non left back
  5. At my current nerve level, I might be getting a bottle of Jura out of the garage.
  6. Is that seriously your argument to criticising a player. Hmm, are you used to a different forum?
  7. Cheers mate i have a VPN, just wasn't sure if they check details. I wonder if i can find Dave's South Africa Address online to register.
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