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  1. I'm not talking about reasonable observation based on what was seen. I'm talking about the arseholes who go well beyond annoyance and whose opinion is only of the "we're brilliant and they're shite so of course we'll win" variety.
  2. The hysterics by some on here shows what dickheads they are. A few hours ago these same people were no doubt banging on about 55 and and how much better we are than them etc. One bad result and they do 180 degrees, they've been the same for years and know nothing about football.
  3. It's not wishful thinking. I would rather that both teams could lose if that was possible. Klopp and Guardiola are both chequebook managers who wouldn't cope at a team like Newcastle or Crustal Palace, deprived of the ability to spend at will. But it seems a lot of people on here are unaware of the script that seems to be being played out in front of us. Like I say, we'll see.
  4. Well we'll have to see. But City have not been good recently despite 13 wins. They have been anything but convincing and I think it is in the script that they will end up with only the League Cup (which is worse than winning nothing for them).
  5. I think Liverpool are going to win the title. Do you really think they will lose or draw to Wolves after tonight? Of course not but I can see City failing to win t Brighton as they have been shit for weeks now.
  6. It looks as if City could end the season with only the embarrassing League Cup (on penalties at that), possibly supplemented by the FA Cup, as I think they will fall short in the League. If so, that should rate as a very poor season and by recent standards of management sackings, Guardiola should be looking for a new job soon. But the myth of 'Pep' will prevail and he'll be free to continue his big spending ways. How anyone sees anyone like that as a great manager is beyond me.
  7. The thing is the media buy into this shit and the narrative is of pucky underdogs punching above their weight, restoring pride to a nation etc. The obvious points are never made and Rodgers is never challenged about this sort of crap.
  8. Liverpool were English champions in 1966, so the comparison doesn't work. City won it in in 1968.
  9. No evidence against Heath or Richard, they have been smeared by innuendo not by facts. Like most sensible people I don't rely on You Tube videos for evidence. Do you believe every conspiracy you hear? You are just diverting attention from where it should be and making us look stupid . If you compare Torbett & Co with Heath or Cliff Richard you are saying he is innocent which he is not.
  10. I think that is bollocks actually. Where do you get your info from? It is clearly wrong. SOME CofE clergy will have wanted this and will have joined the RC church. The church hierarchy and clergy have never asked for this. Orange Lodge hold their services in Liverpool Cathedral, most of them are CofE. Are you saying they are Catholics?
  11. The church of England is reformed AND catholic. Catholic does not mean Roman Catholic and the CofE is not in communion with Rome. By your reasoning HRH is a catholic.
  12. I don't think you really know what you are talking about there.
  13. It's disappointing but the people who really need to shut up or at least think about what they are saying are the "league will be won by Christmas " types. It's not won and won't be until the second placed team is unable to catch up.
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