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  1. The clue is in the name. The population of Catalonia is not just comprised of Catalans. There are many non-Catalans living there, predominantly Andlausians who migrated there during the Franco period. An Osasuan fan told me a few years ago that Espanyol were the team for the Spanish speakers and the immigrants.
  2. It's difficult to know exactly where to start with this bollocks. There is a lot wrong with being a fundamentalist. It means that you are unwilling to ever consider the possibility that your views could or should be modified. Which is exactly what you are doing with your childish conspiracy theories.
  3. Or Johnsdottir if you're a girl
  4. This is a bit like saying "wouldn't it be great if the world was perfect?". It is not going to happen and there is not point talking as if it might. Also, I think that if, by some miracle, it did happen, then some would very soon get disabused of the notion that it would be the total opposite of what we put up with now from hating fans of other teams.
  5. This is a very good, well-worded letter. The more like this that are sent out, the better.
  6. You do know that all mainstream Protestant denominations, including the Church of Scotland,believe the same thing don't you?
  7. Other places would be SAMS (Southern Area Memorial Hall ) in Mill Street, Liverpool 8, Derry Social in Mere Lane Everton, New Campfield in Everton Road, Orange Centre in Everton Road. However, Liverpool are also playing tonight. I don't know if it is being televised but if it is it will get priority, as would most premiership to be honest.
  8. New signings should not really be necessary. How many world beaters are there in Hibs team? But we weretold by some of the experts on this site that Hibs had a shit manager who didn't have a magic hat. How stupid ate they feeling now? If the team are coached properly then things will come good. This is a test for Warburton and anything less than a win on 28th will be disaster.
  9. First of all, stop throwing terms like taig round to people just because they disagree with you. Secondly, we are not going into the conference. Why would they let us in? Which team would you get rid of in order to allow us in? Which team would you refuse promotion to in order to allow us in? It is not fucking happening. Pointing out facts does not make anyone a taig. We should be looking at the battles that can be won, not living in some sort of daydream.
  10. Absolutely. I wish people would stop going on about how they want to go to the 11th level of English football or something. It is not happening, it would not be allowed to happen for Rangers or anyone else. It's not even up for discussion.
  11. It's disappointing but the people who really need to shut up or at least think about what they are saying are the "league will be won by Christmas " types. It's not won and won't be until the second placed team is unable to catch up.
  12. You're wrong, I picked a great example. Darlington is a club owned by the fans, genuine football fans, who had to pick up where a disastrous chairman left them. They are a real fans team, unlike Salford City, bankrolled by millionaires, whose expenditure far exceeds the money generated through the turnstiles. I don't want non-league football to become the plaything of sugar daddies, where teams like Salfraud have an unfair and unearned advantage over Warrington, Darlington, Marine etc.
  13. I'm a non -league football fan and I can't stand Salford City. If their example is followed then non-league football will go the same way as the Premiership with clubs spending money they don't have to buy success, like Chelsea and Man City. I really hope that a proper team, like Darlington, gets promotion from that league.
  14. It's not hindsight. People were coming out with embarrassing shit. It's not just the players and management who can learn from this.