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  1. UFC live.

    Moan the Bisping!
  2. *****The Official Rangers vs Morton thread*****

    Anyone know why this is on a Friday night if it isn't on TV?
  3. UFC live.

    I lost money on this but it was worth it
  4. *** New Manager Discussion ***

    Think that's more of a Spurs song
  5. *** New Manager Discussion ***

    Where are people getting it from that the Warburton deal is closer?
  6. ***the Official Rangers V Alloa Match Thread***

    One is because the number 1 keeper recovered from injury and two are because two players who started last week are injured. So Boyd for Miller and Shiels for Hutton... what a revolution
  7. ***the Official Rangers V Alloa Match Thread***

    Apparently there's going to be a lot of changes to the team tonight. If McCulloch isn't dropped it will be very worrying
  8. Ricksen Tribute Match 25th Jan

    When I was buying my ticks last week there was zero availability in the Main Front, surely it's not closed so is it sold out completely?
  9. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    The best wrestler of all time, without question... from St. Petersburg, Florida... 221 pounds... Barryyyyyyyyyy Horowitz!
  10. No Orange shirt

    It's alright, I thought you were being sarcastic.
  11. No Orange shirt

    It's alright I can handle myself. If multiple people disagree with me then so be it.
  12. No Orange shirt

    Why the fuck are you mentioning my name?
  13. After the amount of demonizing bullshit, myth-spreading and ignorance-borne bigotry towards the Orange walk I saw on social media yesterday, I can understand why some people get so angry when they hear it.
  14. what's with all these posts that are just a dot? is that the admin deleting them?
  15. Some people on this forum with their taig accusations remind me of primary school when everyone was branding people gay and everyone was trying their hardest not to be seen as gay.
  16. Not all Protestants are in the Orange Order but all members of the Orange Order are Protestant.
  17. Well the Orange walk is a Loyalist celebration by a Protestant organisation. You can't really separate the two in this case.
  18. Bit of a strong reaction mate. A lot of Rangers fans like the walks. If you don't, fair enough but they're not exactly hurting anyone.
  19. Just out of interest, why do you have a Jewish star in your sig?
  20. Sadly some people just see is as an excuse for confrontation. Idiot neds whose only way of feeling important is to intimidate some middle class housewives who are out doing their shopping. Don't think there's much can be done about them to be honest. I'd imagine if it wasn't for all the twats complaining about the walks and classing them as controversial etc. then the neds probably wouldn't see them as a naughty rebellious occasion and wouldn't bother. They don't seem to follow Salvation Army marches...
  21. If you were shown a random group of people, say T in the Park revelers as was used as an example earlier, and told they all support the same team, you would be taking a random stab in the dark to guess which team it was. If you were shown a group of people at an Orange walk and told they all support the same team, anyone who knows the first thing about Scottish football would obviously say Rangers. There is obviously a link to the club, everyone knows there is and it's daft to claim there isn't whether you want there to be or not.
  22. I knew all the words to Rangers songs from a young age too but it wasn't til I was much older that I actually knew what they were about then even older still before I actually understood politics and religion enough to have any kind of opinion on them.
  23. Most people start supporting a team when they're children and have absolutely no idea about things like the Orange Order
  24. A taig is an Irish Catholic, not someone who speaks out against orange walks
  25. Didn't know that but no reason they should have to really. The taxpayer pays to police anti-war marches and anti-capitalist rallies etc.