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  1. Aye but Bristol aren't in the Scottish Championship
  2. Not the spelling, just that when talking about the level of signings we're [potentially] making, Halliday isn't exactly up there with Kranjcar, Barton and Lescott
  3. Halliday?
  4. Willie McKay is from the same place I'm from and I've heard a million times since it happened that he was Boumsong's agent
  5. Personally if I was a footballer I'd play for Rangers if they wanted me til I retired. I could be as good as Ronaldo and still stay for whatever they could afford to pay me.
  6. Needs a more fibrous diet
  7. lol what does he get booked for? "right you, that was so shite you're getting booked"
  8. Just when we were signing Lafferty I watched a Youtube vid of him, thought "fuckin hell we're signing some player here" and ever since then I've had no faith in Youtube vids
  9. Would agree with this
  10. To me, if you go through a season with a poor defense, getting back one of the defenders from that season doesn't seem like the way forward
  11. To be honest I've always thought he was him since day one and that's partly why I've always liked him
  12. Doesn't matter how much he gets injured, near the end of the match he'll suddenly become invincible, stand up and put his hand to his ear to hear the fans then fire us home to victory
  13. Took half the season for folk to realise it's Taver-NEER rather than Ta-ver-NEE-AY
  14. Not overly surprising considering he is playing for us as we speak
  15. Wish we could sign Claudio Bravo, he's on fire for Chile right now!
  16. I'd get over it
  17. I personally thought Jason Cummings was a cunt the other day when watching the season review and he scores against us then does the "shhhh" and hulk hogan ear signs to our fans
  18. What wouldn't he be serious about?
  19. Messi was great last night, hope we sign him
  20. Eh? They would still be training with AS? Or they'd have a legal ability to stop them training up here?
  21. At a football stadium of all places
  22. If someone asked me "would we take him at Rangers?" I'd answer whether I thought the people who actually make the decisions at Rangers were going to take him. If asked "would you take him at Rangers?" it would be what I would do if I was in charge. Totally normal way to phrase the question, said it many times myself too.
  23. Upload a photo of yourself.
  24. If it's just one betting site it could easily be a publicity stunt. The bookie would have nothing to lose as it means them paying out even less on a bet that's unlikely in the first place and it's free publicity because websites like that will publish the story and loads of people will share it.
  25. I doubted we would have got Barton but not as much as I doubt we'll get Ings. Hopefully I'm proved wrong on this one too