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  1. Put me down for something/everything . Been too long but had a major change of circumstance and could not contribute for a while What else you got? .
  2. Shame there is not a "dislike" button. Have a word with yourself
  3. I do think refs are more inclined, consciously or otherwise, to award against us than other teams. Your thread does seem to prove that also despite the handwringers amongst us arguing for the refs (shakes head)..
  4. They lock you up for being an ex-para in NI though 😞 Are we paranoid enough?
  5. Will bite your hand of for a scrappy draw and just hope for a win.
  6. Delighted with any win🤣 but we really should be smashing teams like this. 5-0 would be glourious. If we win 1-0 I'll still be happy (but the moaners on here will bleat about something).
  7. Hard to crack open so either a 1-0 win after 89 minutes or we get an early goal and score 10
  8. Will take it to PM to leave the match thread alone ?
  9. Tenament I was born in was torn down years ago. Think they even ripped up the street. Probably a good thing to be honest.
  10. I only fleetingly visit the area that I was born in seeing as the whole family has moved away from the area or passed on now. The changes to the entire area are remarkable.
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