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  1. Sons of the Sloth, Why the Silence?

    There is an oven cleaner apparently that can clean up after the "head in oven".
  2. Even a strong run in the Europa League alone isn’t going to help Rangers get back to the top of Scottish football if celtic can keep raking the in money from the Champions League. Who proof reads your stuff? Seriously, a good article, even if it is for a taig newspaper
  3. Questions for the AGM

    Would get the same answers from her as you would from DK. Both seem to live on another planet.
  4. Suprise - that he actually lasted the 20 mins in that OF game. Was a great player, maybe not the best (i will conceed that) RB but certainly a very good player for us
  5. BIggest suprises: Ricksen turning it round after that first OF when he was subbed after only 20 (ish) minutes. Went on to be one of our best ever RB Mols as I knew little about him before he turned up. Would have been one of the world's best if it wasnt for O. Kahn Rod Wallace - a nobody and did us great (including breaking Jim Leighton's jaw :) ) Too many flops to mention over the years but Flo and Barton have to be amongst the biggest
  6. Club1872 well done

    Don't know how any Rangers fan can enter that place after the lies from them two to further their own agendas and the willingness to shop your own.
  7. Swansea batter Them

  8. Swansea batter Them

    Except for the peado coaches they employ?
  9. Club 1872 meeting

  10. Club 1872 meeting

  11. Club 1872 meeting

    Who are you proposing?
  12. Club 1872 meeting

    ANother 90 odd % vote coming up by any chance?
  13. Club 1872 meeting

    Corruption. You will not get anyone with morals to join and remain due to the sheer corruption involved by all at the top and those that helped to build this. anyone you do get to stand will either become another lapdog to the corruption, be corrupted themselves or will walk away.
  14. Club 1872 meeting

    We tried that already. He left due to the corruption in the board