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  1. I am not keen on Mr King being Chairman of our great club but credit has to go out to him for that statement. Hopefully the wider Rangers community will listen to the chairman when he asks for boycotts of certain media publications, starting with the Rhecord.
  2. You've been away far to long. It's spelt Braai.
  3. No comments from him (really) on this site since the merger took place. Strange eh?
  4. What we need now is for someone to step up and run a concerted campaign to remove the present leaches and install some decent people before it fails completely Is there someone on here that will run this?
  5. The "Craig Houston" Stand?
  6. Good call
  7. S'funny cos it's true. More interested in a team you hate than the team you are supposed to support? Sad, sad wankers.
  8. @eskbankloyal@D'Artagnan Any chance of either/both of you together organising a EGM calling for a vote of no confidence in the complete current board? Try and save the shambles that was RF?
  9. Can we have our fans group back now Craig?
  10. It would be nice to hear what he really thinks about the situation now but he did a runner from here shortly after C1872 was formed. Hmmmmmmm........................... He was the one that pushed for people joining quoting ACT and OMOV etc, etc. Also the one that ensured us all that the RF could never merge, or become part of, or even work with, the RST..............
  11. Try asking TLT. I did and was fobbed off with the "I didn't personally envisage this" (or words to that effect) even after pointing out that the pair of them stated categorically on here that it could never happen. Since the creation of C1872 I note that they (I know the older is banned) are no longer on here. Is that a coincidence?
  12. RF had the potential. C1872 does not and is dying on its feet. When even the likes of Esky have doubts on continuing with payments, you know its a dead duck.
  13. RF WAS heralded as the biggest (might not be the most succesfu) fans group ever. You do know, reading back over both our posts, that we are agreeing with each other don't you? I think I have misinterpreted your original post and for that, apologies. Too many outsiders (to RF/C1872) say that we are unhappy because of personality clashes when it is far deeper than just that. Get those bad eggs out of C1872 and it could have been as good as RF. Now, if I could get a refund on the life membership in RF, I would. No one, except @govanblue is getting any more money out of me ever again.
  14. Pete, I am sure your point was a spur of the moment response and probably based on the large amount of negativity that the so called fans leaders get. (They deserve it all). My response was that it is not the case and your response is holding us fans, that are members of C1872 (and deeply unsatisfied), in a bad light. We joined RF to help try and save our club from the charlatens that were MA stooges, Green's assholes etc. We were PROMISED various things with RF. A few months down the line, the most succesful Fans Group ever gets hijacked and all the promises disapear. Add to that, the fact that the current board's stooges are getting stuck into C1872 and there is your proper answer. So yeah, still a load of bollocks