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  1. It will be whatever is the least convienient to us.
  2. NamibianBear

    Do you believe we’ll win the league this year?

    Can we? For the first time in 6 years, a definite Yes, we are (looking like) title challengers. Will we? Too many variables at the moment. One injury to a key player (such as McGregor/Morelos etc) and we could struggle. Scum get motivated and things all change. I want to be positive and realistic at the same time. Also, the feel good factor on the forum at the moment is fantastic. I hope it lasts if/when we get beat by someone daft and everyone starts clammouring for SG's head (again).
  3. NamibianBear

    Where are all the taigs today?

    Much as how I would like to see the demise of every single one of them, the Clyde does not deserve that much polution
  4. NamibianBear

    Battle of Arnhem

    And again, I agree with you 100%. For me, seeing things like Armed Forces day at Ibrox, or any display that salutes our troups always brings a bit of emotion out in me. It would be nice, not for me but for all serving and retired members, to get more appreciation. Oh, and fuck PC world shit. Does my head in 🙂 The Ozzies have it right - fit in or fuck off (although they are slowly getting PC too 😞 )
  5. NamibianBear

    Battle of Arnhem

    I agree with you. Luckily I was out before the 2nd Iraq war. I was referring to the first Gulf War in my post. We were also stationed in N.I. and I was there for the peace talks from around 1995 till 1998. The people of N.I. always seemed friendly to us and appreciated us more than people did in the mainland. Of course, by people I mean the normal people in Northern Ireland, not the fucking scumbag animals that pretend they are on some find of freedom fighting mission by killing mothers and kids. i think more should be done to support our Armed Forces as well as our veterans, especially those that need help. Maybe its a mindset in the people that has to change?
  6. NamibianBear

    Battle of Arnhem

    As a UK Veteran, I am still entitled to military discounts across the USA. I am not entitled to many (there is a smaller scheme but its like 10% of Sky subscriptions and stuff like that) in the UK. It's nice to be appreciated. Too many people in the UK could not care less about the very men and women sent out to protect them and their way of life. I have a US Marine (also a vet) buddy that I met during Desert Storm (Op Granby for us Brits) and he gets appreciated everywhere he goes yet we get very little.
  7. Will take it to PM to leave the match thread alone 🙂
  8. Tenament I was born in was torn down years ago. Think they even ripped up the street. Probably a good thing to be honest.
  9. I only fleetingly visit the area that I was born in seeing as the whole family has moved away from the area or passed on now. The changes to the entire area are remarkable.
  10. NamibianBear

    Armed Forces Day at Ibrox

    Stay strong. I moved to Namibia to get my head right.
  11. NamibianBear

    Armed Forces Day at Ibrox

  12. NamibianBear

    Armed Forces Day at Ibrox

    MIght apply next year to do the abseiling. Might be a good way to get a plane ticket and catch the game rather than watch on TV from 7000 miles away.
  13. NamibianBear


    Great game, the miss at the end was after almost 90minutes of non stop running so I think we should give him a bit of slack on that. Some of the turns and ball handling shows he is a fantastic player.
  14. NamibianBear

    Tav better than Hutton

    What do you epect? We just had another brilliant result and I am too happy to get upset at silly things
  15. NamibianBear

    Tav better than Hutton