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  1. Is it not (normally only) 3% with the fat one applying for the extra 7%?
  2. A conspiracy theory nut could certainly add up all the numbers here
  3. I guess guys like those you mentioned have nothing to say. After all, some of those you mention told us this kind of thing could never happen as it would be the fans that voted for everything, not CH.
  4. Can we (C1872 members) collectively put in a vote of "no-confidence" on Mr Houstan?
  5. Ask TLT, they are the ones that always said there was "no chance"
  6. We have been told, by those in the know, that payments to RF were a "donation" so no chance ever of getting it back now :(
  7. The pair that said RF and RST would never merge also?
  8. There was - it was called RF but then it was hi-jacked even after we were promised (led to believe?) it wouldn't be.
  9. Dankie
  10. and squatting? (Old joke now but still makes me chuckle). Oh, and well done getting the Afrikaans one in there in honour of our absent chair
  11. Rangers or The Rangers please.
  12. I have never asked the question so am not stumped by it. I am sure in the fullness of time that someone will come along. Not really much I can do to influence it eiher way now is there (subject to me winning the Euro Millions of course)?
  13. It is but sadly, articles such as this are usually just used to point score (like I did :) )
  14. Awaits the "but who else is there to come in" brigade :)
  15. We will lose this one an'aw :(