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  1. Swansea batter Them

  2. Swansea batter Them

    Except for the peado coaches they employ?
  3. Club 1872 meeting

  4. Club 1872 meeting

  5. Club 1872 meeting

    Who are you proposing?
  6. Club 1872 meeting

    ANother 90 odd % vote coming up by any chance?
  7. Club 1872 meeting

    Corruption. You will not get anyone with morals to join and remain due to the sheer corruption involved by all at the top and those that helped to build this. anyone you do get to stand will either become another lapdog to the corruption, be corrupted themselves or will walk away.
  8. Club 1872 meeting

    We tried that already. He left due to the corruption in the board
  9. Club 1872 meeting

    He (CG) is not involved, never has been and has stated he wants nothing to do with it (formation of C1872 and its bastard lovechild of a working party. RST will never merge with RF. No one, with any COI will ever be appointed to the board of RF (C1872) We will create this (RF) to hold this, and all future boards, to account You are not a Rangers fan if you don't join RF Most of the above lies were spouted by one person. I really regret buying a life membership. All us fans really want to do is help the club yet we get shat on everytime by ego trips.
  10. Dave King

    And it's not like King hasn't got previous for lying either
  11. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    2-1 them with Morelos sent off (at least one of our players) and playing against all 12 men of theirs Pedro screams at the ref for helping out Hamilton too much and gets sent off and banned for 10 games
  12. Club 1872 meeting

    Who would have their names taken by Marshal and reported somewhere no doubt? Seriously, most these meetings would not allow a loud mouth, or, just ignore them.
  13. Dave King statement on "Big tax case"

    I am not keen on Mr King being Chairman of our great club but credit has to go out to him for that statement. Hopefully the wider Rangers community will listen to the chairman when he asks for boycotts of certain media publications, starting with the Rhecord.
  14. Dave King statement on "Big tax case"

    You've been away far to long. It's spelt Braai.
  15. Yep, as always, you can rely on me